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Emma Fedor is a romance fiction novelist who is best known for her debut work of fiction “At Sea,” which she published in 2023.

As for her beginnings, Fedor spent much of her childhood in Connecticut and in her teenage years, she went to Kenyon College. At the college, she majored in English and Spanish Area Studies, focusing more on creative writing.
Before she published “At Sea” her debut novel, she started writing “Climb” her short story, and became an American Short Fiction Prize Winner semi-finalist in 2018.

Her debut novel would become even more popular, that it was named a Zibby Mag and GoodReads most anticipated work of 2023.

She currently makes her home in Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband, her little girls, and Homer her chocolate labrador.

An interesting thing about Emma Fedor is that she is very active on social media, particularly Twitter. On Twitter, she loves to interact with other authors and share the many challenges she usually faces.

But even though she is now a well-respected author ever since the publishing of “At Sea” her debut novel in 2023, she has shared that she is also prone to many common writing pitfalls.

Emma has said that some of the challenges she has faced include sometimes not knowing how to stretch reality to fit what she had already written. This she now believes was just due to laziness and not being creative enough as she ought to be.

Another thing she can be accused of is that she sometimes cannot bring herself to delete lines that she has grown too attached to. Lastly, just like the newer authors, she has made assumptions about editors or beta readers being responsible for fixing inconsistencies, holes, and mistakes later.
Nonetheless, she works hard on her manuscripts and is now one of the most promising voices in the romance genre.

Over the years, Emma Fedor’s work “At Sea” has received much critical acclaim. It has been called a mesmerizing and beautifully written debut about love. Mary Jane author Jessica Anya Blau called it those stories that people believe when they think they are in love, in addition to stories people tell themselves when they want to hold on to love.

Marjan Kamali who penned “The Stationery Shop” and “Together Tea,” the bestselling title also had a lot of good things to say about the novel. She called it an immersive and moving work that captures the irresistible and intense pull of first love and how figurative and literal oceans hide our greatest truths and swallow people up.

Overall, the novel “At Sea” has come to be known as a truly compelling debut, exploring the unanswerable questions and complicated layers of our romantic connection with refreshing grace and honesty.

“At Sea” by Emma Fedor is an intriguing work of fiction that is a haunting, wonderful story exploring the fierceness of first love and how far people can go to learn the truth about family.

When Brendan and Cara first met, the latter had just graduated from college and was still dealing with the devastating death of her mother. She has been living on “Martha’s Vineyard” and figuring out what to do next when she is swept away by Brendan’s charm and humor and intoxicated by his dangerous and thrilling secret.

The man can stay underwater for longer than just about anyone and he has told her that he is a member of a secret special experimental unit of the American Special Forces. Cara believes him, as she is struck by the man’s unstoppable charisma, his power of conviction the overwhelming evidence.

They soon get into a serious summer romance and soon Cara is pregnant and gives birth to Micah their son and is convinced she is going to have her happy ending. However, she is often thrown off balance by her husband’s unexplained disappearances, his dramatic moods, and the weight of his many secrets.

She remains determined to stay strong for her family but then Micah her baby goes missing, leaving her alone and desolate, even as she questions everything she once believed was true. Several years later, she is having it difficult but cannot move forward, even though she is newly remarried.

Things changed when she spoke to a local fisherman who said he spotted two people treading water in Nantucket Sound, one of them a small child.

The news rekindles hope that her little kid might still be alive, but she still needs to untangle reality from delusion and revisit a past she finds too difficult to reconcile with.

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