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Emma Flint is a noteworthy author from The United Kingdom, who is well known for writing Historical, crime, fiction, mystery, and thriller novels. She was born in the year 1969 in Newcastle upon Tyne, located in the northeast of England. Author Flint completed her graduation from the St. Andrews University in the subjects of History and English. Later, she enrolled herself in a writing program at London’s Faber Academy and graduated with flying colors. Author Flint has developed her interest in crime fiction since her childhood as she was mostly involved in reading about true crime events. By the time she grew up, Flint had developed an encyclopedia of knowledge of the historical figures and real life murder cases. She also developed a fascination with some unorthodox from her past and present, as well as fictionally. Currently, author Flint resides in London, where she is employed as a technical writer. Flint published her debut novel under the title of Little Deaths. This book opened to great reviews from one and all, and helped author Flint to set up her writing career. She tries to manage her time between her day job and her novel writing. Due to the increasing demands from her fans, Flint attempts to take out as much time as possible so that she could work on other novels and publish them soon. Author Flint’s first job after obtaining her degree was in Edinburgh, where she stayed for 4 years. Now, she has moved back to London permanently. Flint says that her interests in crime and murder cases and the years of reading about such cases helped her to come up with the theme of Little Deaths. She was greatly inspired and informed about what she was writing and therefore remained focused throughout the course of the development of the book. This book, Little Deaths, is a heady mix of obsession, femme fatale, sex, and noir. Its story takes place in the suburbs of New York at the time of the 1960s and describes the horrifying true tale with a feminist slant from the modern times.

All the books that author Flint has written so far center around the historical episodes, Most of them revolve around a murder or serial murders. Each of Flint’s books are fictional versions of actual events and consist of relatable and strong female character at the story’s center. While author Flint still likes to read thrillers and crime fiction books, her interested in writing the crime stories from the past with new perspectives. She gains inspiration from the works of prominent authors like Tana French and Megan Abbott, whose works follow some of the necessary conventions of crime books, but are not based on just one genre. Whenever author Flint sits down to write her books, she likes to use her imagination to the fullest and explore the dark corners of the human mind, and while this goes on, she realizes that she actually enjoys the overall process. Her main attempt lies in exploring what the humans are capable of doing when put under extreme situations. An important aspect of author Flint’s writing is lingering on the physical descriptions of her characters exploiting the smallest of the details that help to make her characters look human. With this thing in mind, she likes to take references from the works of several popular contemporary authors such as Hilary Mantel, Maggie O’Farrell, and Sarah Waters.

The first book written by Emma Flint in her career is entitled ‘Little Deaths’. It was released in the year 2017 by the Hatchette Books. The book features the central characters as Ruth Malone, Cindy, Frankie Jr., and Pete Wonick. Author Flint has set the story’s plot during the year 1965, in Queens, New York. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Ruth Malone works for long shifts as a waitress in order to make her ends meet and take care of her children, Frankie Jr and Cindy, as a single mother. One morning, she wakes up to find that her children are not in their beds. Malone searches the entire house and the neighborhood, but couldn’t find her children. Later in the day, the police find Cindy’s dead body around half a mile from Malone’s house. It was clear that Cindy was strangled to death. And after a period of 10 days, Frankie’s body is discovered in a semi-decomposed state. In a shocking turn of events, Ruth Malone is suspected to have killed her children. As the police begins to investigate Malone’s past life, they come up with some important facts that make their suspicion on her even stronger. As the cops witness provocative clothing and empty bottles of booze littering in her apartment, and the numerous letters from anonymous men along with her small book filled with countless phone numbers, they label Malone as a loose, drunk woman. Quickly enough, she gets labeled as a bad mom. The investigating detective, a Catholic having the belief that women’s true place is in their homes, arrives at the obvious conclusion that as Ruth Malone was facing divorce and fighting for her children’s custody, she was finding it very difficult to earn for all of them. And so, the financial and emotional tension forced her to become a murderer.

A tabloid reporter named Pete Wonicke works to complete his assignments in covering murder cases in the town. When he learns about Malone’s case, he thinks of it as an opportunity to make a name for himself and therefore starts investigating on his own. Pete Wonicke’s interest in finding the truth makes him obsessed with Malone. He starts believing that there is something more to this woman, whom the press, the public, and the prosecutors have labeled a femme fatale. Pete believes that either Malone has become the victim of the circumstances or someone playing a sinister game with her. This compelling story has done a wonderful job in exploring the capacity of good & evil inside all of us. The book was nominated for the Desmond Elliot Award and for the Women’s Prize for Fiction, both in 2017. Another interesting story written by author Flint during the early days of her career is called ‘The Magic Lantern’. This book was published by the Createspace publication in 2015. Author Flint collaborated with Sophie Holmes for completing this book, who worked as an illustrator for the interesting plot. The story revolves around an old magical lantern projector. On the occasion of a ballroom dance, the old lantern comes down to the ballroom dance floor and ends up sending one of the dancers out of the screen.

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