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Publication Order of Emma Frost Books

Itsy Bitsy Spider (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miss Polly had a Dolly (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Run Run as Fast as You Can (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Peek a Boo, I See You (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tweedledum and Tweedledee (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Easy as One Two Three (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
There's No Place Like Home (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Slenderman / Needles and Pins (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where the Wild Roses Grow (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Waltzing Matilda (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drip Drop Dead (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Frost (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Emma Frost series is a series of mystery thrillers by bestselling suspense, fantasy, mystery, paranormal romance, and horror author, the Danish born Willow Rose. Rose published the first novel in the series of novels “Itsy Bitsy Spider” in 2013 to much acclaim from critics and fans alike. Emma Frost an amateur sleuth is the lead protagonist in the series, who investigates a series of mysteries in her hometown, where she moves to after inheriting a house on Fanoe Island. “Itsy Bitsy Spider” was one of the most popular mystery thrillers in its year of publication, that it spawned eight more titles in the series by 2014. Finding her inspiration from the likes of James Patterson, Anne Rice, Agatha Christie, Isabel Allende, and Stephen King, the Emma Frost series of novels is one amazing series. The detective mystery series of novels is set in the Danish Island of Fanoe Island, where disappearances, kidnapping and murder wreak havoc on a terrified populace. The idyllic island town while seemingly tranquil and the perfect spot for a holiday harbors some very dark secrets that come back to haunt its residents bringing with it horror and death. Willy Rose who grew up in Denmark before immigrating to the United States has a very good grasp of the Danish small town, writing highly realistic narratives that touch at the very root of Danish society. Moreover, having been brought up on a diet of horror movies such as Nightmare on Elmstreet, the Exorcist, and the Next Psycho, Rose incorporates such dark detail into the series making the Emma Frost series one of the most enthralling novels for the detective mystery buff.

When the novel opens, Emma Frost has just moved from Copenhagen to the rural countryside of Denmark, where she has just inherited a house on Fanoe Island. One of Willow Rose’s most beloved protagonists, Emma Rose has left the big city behind to try out a life back in her hometown. She is looking forward to a quiet life in the small town on Fanoe Island, together with her children who as expected do not like that they are moving from Copenhagen. Even as she is one of the most reserved people in Fanoe Island, she always finds herself drawn into a range of murder mysteries that are related to some dark secrets connected to her small hometown’s history. She soon finds herself an amateur sleuth helping to resolve a range of mysteries ranging from kidnapping, cold cases of disappearances, and murders. Emma Frost is a strong character even as she has a multitude of private issues including having a moody daughter and teenage daughter, all of which just makes her life even harder. Being a single parent is particularly hard for Emma Frost, as she has to deal with money and parenting issues in addition to being drawn into several abusive situations over the course of the series. Emma Frost’s personal situations form part of the plot lines in most novels in the series, particularly the situation of her autistic son and her moody teenage daughter that pushes her buttons all the time.

Apart from the Rebecca Franck series of novels, the Emma Frost series of novels is one of Willow Rose’s most popular series. The novels are thrilling action paced reads following Emma Frost one of Rose’s most relatable protagonists. As opposed to the previous series, the Emma Frost series have greater focus on the personal issues of the lead protagonist rather than the intrigues and mysteries. Nonetheless, while Emma Frost gives more emphasis on the personal problems of her protagonist, she still writes interesting narratives of murder, kidnapping, and violence that still have all the gore, horror, and terror typical that we have come to expect from her. Combining the classic murder mystery that comes with all the accompanying red herrings, the stories in the series keeps one guessing as to who is the villain in the series, only to go for the big reveal in an explosive ending. Introducing Emma Frost’s messy life from the very first title in the series, the novels move in an arc as she moves from amateur sleuth to experienced private investigator with personal issues. Nonetheless, while most of the novels have the same characters recurring in the different novels, they may be read as standalones given their different plotlines. The plotlines of the novels in the series range from the family issues in Frost’s life to intricate murder mysteries. However, all the novels are connected by the fact that all of them have a dark secret that Emma has to uncover in her quest to keep the family safe.

“Itsy Bitsy Spider” the first novel in the series is a hair-raising novel that tells the story of Emma Frost a single parent woman moving to Fanoe Island, Denmark from Copenhagen. Emma has just learnt that she is the heir to her grandmother’s house on Fanoe Island, and being broke and unemployed is heading back to her hometown to claim her inheritance. Arriving in Fanoe Island, she awakes to sirens in the streets and soon learns that a neighbor of hers just a few doors away had been the victim of a gruesome murder. Intrigued by the incident she decides to investigate and write a story about it. But things get even more interesting when more murders follow. It is not long before Emma finds herself embroiled in a dark mystery that runs deep into the ancient history of the island and that of her own family. Itsy Bitsy Spider is an exhilarating novel that will have any detective mystery fan up all night flipping the pages.

“Miss Polly had a Dolly” is the bone chilling second novel of the Emma Frost series of novels by Willow Rose. Miss Polly had a young beautiful daughter that she had nicknamed Baby Doll. She would brush her hair and dress her in dresses before going to show her off to her bemused neighbors. But even as she was so careful not to let her Baby Doll out of her sight, standards will sometimes slip. One day while Baby Doll was talking to a boy on the playground, she gets distracted when one of the neighbors begins telling her how beautiful her daughter was. Turning back to find her precious daughter, she finds Baby Doll has disappeared without a trace. Years later, Emma Frost learns about the disappearance of Miss Polly’s little girl. From the many stories going round the island, she is not the first and only one to have disappeared from her hometown during the 90s. Digging deeper into the legends, she soon finds herself embroiled in a tangled web of dark and disturbing events that forged the history of her hometown.

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