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Publication Order of Emma Harte Books

A Woman of Substance (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hold the Dream (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Be the Best (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Emma's Secret (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unexpected Blessings (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Rewards (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Breaking the Rules (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Man of Honor (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Man of Honor is a prequel to the series.

Emma Harte by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Emma Harte is the main character in a series of fiction books by New York best-selling author of historical fiction, literature and fiction books Taylor Bradford. The series is a set of books giving weight to the woman figure in society. Initially a citizen of England, Taylor relocated to New York from where she writes. She has authored many more books and has been awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2007 for her tremendous contribution to literature.
The series started with the Woman of Substance in 1979, and since then it has been known as an enduring bestseller. A few more pieces have been added to the series over the years.

Woman of Substance

The book Woman of Substance introduces the Emma Harte Saga Series. It is The dazzling story of a woman who defied the odds and limitations that came along the way and dared to live her dream.

Success does not find Emma Harte simply she has paid for the total price. Born in the humble, Yorkshire village, she remained to be that respectful and determined girl despite the oppression that she went through as a servant girl. It is at this point in life that she worked on the skills to survive as a woman and make the world recognize her worth.

From rags, she rises to riches in the wake of a tragedy making a thriving international enterprise. She has all that she had ever dreamed of and is among the wealthiest women in the world saved for that one man that she could never have. The journey is not easy for Emma, greed, revenge, and envy consumes those around her with the extremes of betrayal. She desires to outwit her enemies and become that person that she has lived to work for all her life. The book takes you through the life of a character who has set her mind to nothing else rather than achieving her dreams. Emma goes through dark times at some moments in her life, but this does not stop her from soldering on to her goals. Her commitment and determination make her achieve the goals that she has set out set by step.

Staying true to her plan to success makes it possible to achieve the vision that she sets way back then when she was a mere servant girl. Her willpower and strength is one that is incredibly inspiring.

The book woman of substance is one with a plotline showing the emotional turmoil of the main character Emma, through the path of success. It is a great motivation to not only women out there but also other people who are in a situation such as Emma’s.

Hold the Dream

The second book in this New York best selling author’s Emma Harte Saga Series is Hold the Dream. Emma has risen from rags to riches, and her story continues in this part.

Emma has built a considerable empire over the years, but a few things have to be set in order as she is also ageing. The first thing that she has got to do is create a legacy to share. Success is not complete until the moment a legacy is left which is supposed to stick around not only when one is alive but even long after they are gone. She has got to ensure that her legacy stands strong just as her business empire has grown and spread all over the many years that she has worked to build the same.

The other thing that she has got to put in order is leaving an inheritance to share. Harte has grown old and has children and grandchildren who are supposed to take over her empire once she is long gone. It is her responsibility to give something substantial to her generation so that they will not find themselves in that situation that she was years ago as a servant girl. Moreover, she got to prepare them into handling the empire as without the skills to do the same it will go down. She relinquishes control of her entire empire to Paula McGill as she believes she has what it takes to run the Harte enterprises.

Paula takes over a responsibility that comes with a considerable price. Paula goes through a tough time with instances of greed, betrayal, scandalous lies and even jealousy threatening the foundation.

Taylor Bradford has created a book that sounds almost real. It is a great life lesson to its readers. This will not disappoint you. It is an excellent motivation.

To Be the Best

To Be the Best is the third instalment in her Emma Harte Saga Series. Emma entrusted the empire to Paula, but life is not easy for her when she is in control. She has to fight tirelessly to ensure that it is not brought down by any malicious person.

A colossal conspiracy has hit the business, and she has to rush all over to put an end to this before it gets out of control. Being in charge of the overseer of this business empire is not an easy task for Paula as she consistently has to be in check to keep everything running smoothly and maintain the Harte legacy. It takes a different turn when an old enemy pops in and targets to bring the entire empire to its knees and Paula has to fight back as this is her responsibility.

Power and riches come with responsibility, and this Paula learns first hand as she rushes across continents to put an end to the conspiracy that has hit the empire. She learns of the sacrifices that one has to make so that they can get affairs in order when in a position such as the one that she handles in the business empire. Family and business can be messy and this she can attest to from the proceedings that she has witnessed since taking over the empire.
This book is overly compelling and will draw the reader into the lives of the characters. One can practically compare the events to normal life learning a lot from the story. It is a book that will remain permanently etched in your mind.

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