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Tweet Cute (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Have a Match (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
When You Get the Chance (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Begin Again (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Getaway List (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Break-Up Pact (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emma Lord
Emma Lord is a romance young adult writer who also doubles as a digital media editor. She is known for her debut novel, Tweet Cute, a sweet love story of two teenagers in a contemporary setting. Lord is a university of Virginia graduate who enjoys listening to music and running during her free time. She is currently based in New York City, and fans can interact with her on Twitter, among other social media platforms.

Tweet Cute
Tweet Cute is a wildly romantic story featuring two high school students, Pepper and Jack. The two teens get entangled in their competing family businesses, and a viral twitter war ensues. As the online war continues, the two frenemies are falling in love with each other on yet another online platform. How Can two people who hate each other in real life have so much in common? Will their online romance amount to anything serious in the end? With beautifully rendered scenes, a diverse cast, and delightful humor, the author lets you into Jacks and Pepper’s lives. Get to meet these two stars’ families, businesses, and get a taste of their daily lives.

Pepper is an overachiever who strives for perfection in every area of her life. As the swim team captain, this young lady also has a lot going on outside the classroom. Pepper feels alone and lost in New York City, and she throws most of her efforts into her studies. Her intensity is unmatched, and even though she is in a highly competitive private school, she still emerges the top among her peers. While her family is falling apart, Pepper puts on a brave face and performs all duties expected of her diligently. The truth is that Pepper is struggling. First, there is schoolwork and her mother’s fast-food chain. Business at Big League Burger’s is booming, and that can only translate to more on Pepper’s plate. The young lady has to keep up with the business’s twitter account and ensure all customer issues are solved satisfactorily.

Jack, on the other hand, is the class clown. Smart, tech-savvy, and hilarious, Jack is the whole package. However, the boy is a twin who often feels like he has to walk under the shadow of his more popular brother. Jack finds it fun to throw a few gags in Pepper’s way, but this doesn’t work to his advantage. The two teenagers are continually arguing and have a love-hate relationship. While he is not in school, Jack and his twin Ethan help their parents run the family’s deli. Jack also runs an app he developed, and this serves as his only escape from the hassle and bustle of life.
The twitter war between these two teens and their families start when Big League Burger announces an additional line of cheese sandwiches. Jack is surprised to find that one of BLB’s specialty sandwiches is exactly like his grandmother’s. From the name to the ingredients, the sandwich is precisely like what Jack’s family business has been selling for decades. It is clear that BLB stole this recipe, and Jack’s family is not about to take this lying down. The family knows all too well that stealing the most popular item in their menu will negatively affect the business. This is where Jack and Pepper’s war starts as the two fight to protect their families’ businesses.

Once these two figure out what is happening, they turn the rivalry into a game. The banter between the duo is epic, and the chemistry between them is evident from the start. You will love seeing these two become friends and later connect on a deeper level. Thanks to the App that jack built, the two get a place to vent and get the solace they need at the end of a hard day. From funny memes and tweets, the teens turn serious as they air their fears, worries, and the struggles they are dealing with at a personal and family level. Under their pseudonyms, Bluebird and Wolf, the two also engage in flirty banter they both look forward to. Jack eventually finds out Bluebird’s real identity, and everything suddenly makes sense. How does the smitten young lad transition the budding relationship from the App to real life?

Aside from the romance, this is a coming of age story. Jack and Pepper grow from regular high school students to be the face of their parents’ businesses. The two teenagers are also going through different personal battles as they try to figure out what is best for them. Jack and Pepper do not anticipate the emotional and physical toll the twitter battle will cause in the end. From lost sleep to hurt feelings, the twitter fight affects the teenagers and their families in different ways. Their feelings about the war change as the two get talking, and at some point, they both wish they did not choose that route to solve the differences in their businesses.

Jack and Pepper are just lovable. Their characters are well developed, and it is easy to identify with their journey of growth. The two handle the challenges life throws at them well, and they are both quick to acknowledge their weaknesses. There is also an element of family drama but nothing out of the ordinary. Family is among the story’s most significant influences, and it great that both the main characters are fully engaged in the families’ affairs. The relationships between parents and their children will warm your heart, and it is amazing to see the extremes these characters are willing to go for their families’ sake.

Filled with humor, heart, and great food, Tweet Cute is simply a delight. While this is a young adult read, the story will cast a spell on you, whatever your age. There is just too much to enjoy. From witty banter to great friendships and impressive character growth, this book has it all, and so much more. Get a lighthearted feel of Twitter Wars, teenage angst, secret apps, sibling rivalry, and much more in this intriguing piece. The author’s writing style is unique and alternates between heart-warming realness and humorous talks. Simply a breathtaking romance story you will enjoy from start to finish.

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