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Emma Mieko Candon loves to call himself an escaped academic and queer author who is drawn to tales of mediocre robots, cursed linguistics, and devouring ghosts.

She published “Star Wars Visions: Ronin” in 2021 and this would become a blockbuster work that would make her massively popular. The novel was a Japanese remake of the “Star Wars” mythology.

She would then follow that up with the bestselling speculative fiction work “The Archive Undying,” which tells of funny mean queers and sad giant robots dragged screaming toward revolution.

Mieko Candon says that she is an actual cyborg and that her blood has been drawn for the purposes of science. Still, she is grateful that she gets to make her home in Hawaii where she was born and brought up as a fourth-generation Japanese settler.
When she is not penning her novels, she can often be found working for “Seven Seas,” editing anime nonsense. Sometimes, she can also be found haunting the corridors of academic works reading on topics such as imperialism, ideology, and identity.
For much of her day, she is beholden to the whims of her two felines.

Mieko Candon has never shied away from proclaiming that for more than 34 years, she was very shy about her writing. It was only when she published her debut novel that she ripped off the bandaid so that she could talk to people about her work.
For a very long time, Emma never let herself take her writing seriously even though she was always doing it. Right from when she was in the seventh grade, she had started dabbling in writing but was never serious about it.

A bunch of her friends had launched some tiny forum on the internet and they would usually post short stories that somehow became very popular. It was from writing these short stories that it suddenly occurred to her that maybe she could write.
Nonetheless, she was still caught up in the capitalist mindset that she needed a real job if she was to make a living. As such, writing was for the most part something that she did in her spare time.

While in college, Emma Mieko was introduced to some very interesting people who were into publishing as a career. It was then that she began to have a shift in her thinking, as she thought she could have her day job and still have writing as a side gig.

A few years after graduating college, Emma Mieko Candon fell so sick that she was hospitalized. While she suffered a lot and had some of her internal organs particularly her lungs destroyed, what she suffered from was a virus that is very treatable today.
For more than four months she was on an ECMO and a respirator in Japan. She was very lucky that she was taken to a research hospital with very ambitious and devoted doctors who did many experimental things in an attempt to save her life which they did.
Half a year after her hospitalization and rehabilitation, the doctors believed she was strong enough to go home. She spent about one and a half years recovering and then decided to go back to school.

She needed to relearn how to socialize with people, learn the language, and even do simple things like walking.

It was at this point in 2013 that she finished writing her debut novel which she would then send to her agent. After several rounds of revision and editing, her debut novel “Star Wars Visions: Ronin” was finally published and she has never looked back since.
Since Emma Mieko Candon had gone back to college, she was fast becoming normal once again which was particularly important if she was to be good at marketing her new work.

She now makes it her business to write every day since it is one of those things that significantly reduces her anxiety. As such writing is not only a way to earn a living but also something she does as a way of tending to her health.

Emma Mieko Candon’s novel “Star Wars Visions – Ronin” is the story of a wandering and mysterious member of the Sith. Ask anyone and they would tell you that there is no one that is more loyal than the Jedi.

Twenty years ago, Jedi clans found themselves fighting each other while working for feuding masters. Disgusted by the endless cycle, one sect had rebelled as they sought to regain control of their own fate rather than fight for immoral masters.
This small sect who call themselves Sith has succumbed to betrayal and infighting and their rebellion spectacularly failed.

In the aftermath of their failure, the once feuding lords came together to create a massive empire even though this new realm is riddled with violence.

On the outer edge of the rim, a former member of the Sith sect is wandering with his only companions a ghost from a less civilized age and a faithful droid.

On his waist is a lightsaber even no he asserts that he does not descend from any clan of the Jedi and is not loyal to any lord. Hardly anyone knows anything about him since he never speaks of his regrets, or his past, or even mentions his name.
He meticulously guards his history just like he does the blade he never leaves behind. Things become interesting when he has to face off with a mysterious man claiming to be a Sith which forces him to come out of his self-imposed exile.

“The Archive Undying” by Emma Mieko Candon is a work set on a faraway planet.

On this planet, AI that used to have absolute power over the city-states has been designed to be able to physically interface with archivists who are select humans trained just for that.
However, many of the artificial intelligences become corrupted and begin to cause all manner of destruction and carnage.

The human rulers of the city-states salvage some of the spare parts from the dead AI, which they use to build some mechanized form of AI that humans can control.
A dissipated wanderer named Sunai who is employed salvaging the AI has kept secret the fact that at some point he was an archivist.

Since he used to interface with the AI even while it was corrupted, he was corrupted too and now cannot suffer any permanent physical damage and is even immune to death.
Sunai finds herself on a dangerous mission against the Maw when he meets another former archivist named Dr. Veyadi Lut.

Sunai has to face his conflicted loyalties and troubled past with old lovers and friends navigate a complex new relationship with Veyadi and contend with forces brought together by a crime syndicate, the Maw, the Harbor, and a nameless AI attached to his mind.

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