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First & Then (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Adventure Ends (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Foolish Hearts (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Famous in a Small Town (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lucky Caller (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Something Close to Magic (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emma Mills is a noteworthy author from The United Kingdom, who is well known for writing romance, paranormal, and young adult novels. She is particularly famous for writing the WitchBlood series of novels. The debut novel of this series, WitchBlood, is also the debut novel of her career. This young adult fiction novel was released in 2012. Mills finished the series in 2016 with its final book called WitchWar. In 2015, she started a new young adult project, whose first book is known as Flying With Fire. Author Mills is happily married and is blessed with a couple of sons. She likes to be a stay at home mother along with writing novels, and look after the upbringing of her children. She and her husband reside in the beautiful Somerset county, United Kingdom, along with their two children. Author Mills is also very fond of pet animals. Her house is filled with 3 cats, a dog, several fishes in a tank, and a house rabbit. Author Mills began her writing career only when her youngest child started going to school in 2010. After moving to Somerset from her previous home 200 miles from there, author Mills released the book WitchHunt and intended to finish the WitchBlood series with this book. She even penned a prequel novel called WitchFire in 2014, as a means to satisfy the needs of her fans. But, they did not settle for this much. Mills’ fans kept asking her to write a few more books in the young adult series. Seeing the devotion of her fans towards her books, author Mills decided to write one last book. At the same time, she came up with an idea which did not take much time to take the form of a story. And as a result, Mills published the final novel of her successful series under the title of WitchWar. She has set the plot of this novel 10 years after the events in the previous book. Author Mills believes that her books have everything as per the needs of the readers. They have supernatural elements, heartbreak, resolution, and fear. Mills considers herself as an avid reader and writer. She developed an interest in reading and writing from a very young age. She developed an obsession for supernatural teen stories and is a big fan of the Twilight series. When author Mills decided to write for the first time, she wanted to develop a story that was based in Manchester, close to the place where she used to live and grew up.

The WitchBlood series written by author Emma Mills is comprised of a total of 5 novels and 1 novella, which were released between the years 2012 and 2016. Each and every book of this paranormal & young adult series depict the lead character in the form of Jess, Luke, and Daniel. Author Mills has done the setting of the book series in Manchester, UK. The first book of the series is entitled ‘WitchBlood’. It was self published by author Mills in the year 2012. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Jess visits a nightclub in Manchester, where she steals a glance at a charming man. At that time, she did not realize that this gorgeous guy is going to bring about a lot of changes in her life forever. The man, named Luke, is a vampire and his clan is worried about him as he has run away from them without informing anyone about his wheraebouts. After indulging in a passionate night with each other Luke and Jess take different paths and move on in life. Later, Jess realizes that she has been turned into a vampire like Luke, and the reason for this change is none other than Luke. The vampire clan doesn’t seem to have any idea about what is happening between the two. And for Jess, as Luke has become ‘off-limits’ and the vampire blood simmering inside her, she cannot afford to forget him and move on. Jess sees Luke as the love of her life. The clan of the vampires fears that Jess will end up exposing the whole of the Northern clan to unseen dangers. They can take such a big risk by letting Jess live out her life as she wishes to. Later, a point comes in Jess’ life when she wonders whether Luke is actually the way he seem to be and whether she is doing the right thing by trusting him? She also wonders if she is going to succumb to the attraction that she doesn’t want to feel about Daniel? Also, Jess wants to know why she has started craving for crisp packet, far more than the tasty blood of a teenage boy? She can get the answers to all these questions only after finding Luke, who still seems to be out of reach of everyone.

The next installment of this exciting series is called ‘WitchCraft’. It was released in the form of a Kindle Edition in 2012. Once again, the primary characters are shown as Luke, Daniel, and Jess, and the story takes place in Manchester. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Jess is not an ordinary vampire. She is protected by the vampire clan of Manchester and is initiated by the American coven of the east coast of her family. Because of her superpowers, Jess is the most sought after vampire by the warring factions of the vampire world and the dark witches. Now, if Jess worries about her sanity, her friends, and her existence, and wishes to hold on to them, then she must put up a fight against the dark forces. After a short while, numerous human dead bodies of girls are found from different corners of the city. This situation worries Jess a lot as she thinks about the safety of her family and friends. Also, the recent vampire boyfriend of Jess has landed in prison, which makes her even more worried. In order to take her mind off from all such unhealthy situations, Jess decides to go on a forbidden, crazy trip to the city of London. There also, the problems do not leave her. She is forced to race against time to save one of her old friends. Also, Jess gets indulged in solving the mystery behind the re-incarceration of Daniel. In the event of battling against her new enemies and helping herself find new friends, Jess wonders how many members of her friends and family will she end up losing. She knows that in order to prevent this happening, she must help her confidence find some room for growing. Only then can she become strong enough to face the difficulties and overcome the challenges thrown at her from every corner.

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