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Emma Murray is a general fiction novelist originally from Dublin in Ireland who is best known for the “Time Out Trilogy” novels.

The author moved to London when she was in her early twenties and has spent much of her life since then in the English capital.

While she had always wanted to become an author ever since she was a kid, she decided that she was better off starting a more stable career. Emma started by working in banking then moved to ghostwriting and non-fiction.
Ultimately, she got married and the birth of her two daughters would push her once again toward writing fiction, which had always been her dream.

She published “Time Out,” her debut novel as an uplifting and humorous novel about motherhood, and how it impacts family dynamics, women’s friendships, and romantic relationships.
While she has worked in some hard career paths such as banking and ghostwriting, she still believes that fiction writing is the most worthwhile, even if hardest thing she has ever done.
Emma currently makes her home in Southwest London, where she lives with her husband and their two kids.

While Emma Murray has made a huge splash with her “Time Out Trilogy,” she still writes non-fiction. In fact, she has been a coauthor in the writing of several academic textbooks and several on entrepreneurship.
From the latter, she got data and information that was vital in the creation of the lead character in her second novel “The Juggle.”

Murray has always been interested in entrepreneurial psyches and for many years, she did a lot of research on their mindsets. She is now a bestselling author and well-sought-after ghostwriter who has written very many works of fiction.
One of the most rewarding parts of her job as a fiction author is to explain how motherhood impacts other relationships.

As a ghostwriter, she believes that one of the most rewarding aspects has been when she gives talks and workshops to young adults and children on the different aspects of writing.

“Time Out” by Emma Murray is an interesting work of fiction that introduces the lead character of the “Time Out Trilogy.”

At the beginning of the novel, Saoirse the lead is requested to write a manuscript on the idea of the real truth about motherhood.

She is a work-from-home mother with one child and was actively on the hunt for a project that she could put her name to since she had been ghostwriting for several years.
The complication is that she believes her experiences as a mother might just be too real.

They are varied experiences from how she keeps her kid sweet with a combination of iPad use and sugar, her interactions on social media with a local mum group, and bonding with her best friend Bea over their parenting disasters.
Add in an adorable husband who she sometimes wants to kill for being too much of a neat freak and she is not so sure that she is the right person for the ghostwriting project.

Traveling through Saoirse’s life, we get some interesting peek into how she struggles to write a pitch for a project she is not so sure she wants.

From County Wexford to London’s Wood Vale, the author encourages us to punch in the air, grimace, and laugh alongside the sweary, honest, and irrepressible Saoirse.

Emma Murray’s novel “The Juggle” opens shortly after the end of the first novel of the series. Anna who is Saoirse’s daughter has just enrolled in primary school and now has to be picked up from the school gates rather than from the nursery.
In addition to having to pick up her kid from school, Saoirse’s husband David had recently lost his job at the most inopportune time. She now needs to find something to do so that she can help with the bills.
Since she had once worked as a ghostwriter, she feels the pressure to accept a well-paid ghostwriting project, even though she knows the client to be very eccentric and demanding.

Saoirse now has to juggle several writing projects, a demanding kid, rivalries, and friendships, which take her almost to breaking point.

There is sure to be a problem since she has too many balls in the air and in such cases, an important ball soon falls to the ground. When such a thing happens, it is likely that it will have some significant consequences.
It is a work full of great characters with sadness and laughter all through. It provides insights into how critical it is to choose your battles with just about anyone and how sometimes it is best to settle for a quick win or draw.

“Winging It” by Emma Murray is the last of the “Time Out Trilogy.”

The novel opens with some good news as Saoirse’s husband will be heading to New York where he will be taking up a new job and she could not be more thrilled.
She pictures herself living the chic lifestyle of the Big Apple as she takes in the shopping and cultural experience of New York City.

She cannot wait to leave her old life behind and begin afresh in the big city, even though Anna her five-year-old daughter hates that she has to leave behind her friends.

She is hoping that a massive apartment in Manhattan will clear any doubts she has about the move only to be hugely disappointed. Their apartment in Manhattan could not be tinier and her husband is working all the time.
To make things worse, she has to take up all the responsibilities of childcare not to mention the unbearable heat. Nothing has gone according to plan but she will not throw in the towel.

Anna is expecting her to give her the best experience of the Big Apple and she intends to fake it until she makes it. Ultimately, she decides to listen to her instincts and her own voice which may just be her salvation.
But in the heat of a New York summer, she may learn that sometimes it is prudent to just wing it rather than follow a rule book.

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