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Publication Order of The Split Worlds Books

Between Two Thorns (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Any Other Name (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Is Fair (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Little Knowledge (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Good Things (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Planetfall Books

Publication Order of Industrial Magic Books

Brother’s Ruin (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Weaver's Lament (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

20 Years Later (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

A Woman's Place (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Monstrous Little Voices Books

Coral Bones (By: Foz Meadows) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Course of True Love (By: Kate Heartfield) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unkindest Cut (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Even in the Cannon's Mouth (By: Adrian Tchaikovsky) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Twelfth Night (By: Jonathan Barnes) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monstrous Little Voices: New Tales from Shakespeare's Fantasy World (With: Adrian Tchaikovsky,Jonathan Barnes,Kate Heartfield,Foz Meadows) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Wild Cards Books

Wild Cards (By: George R.R. Martin) (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aces High (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jokers Wild (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aces Abroad (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Down and Dirty (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ace in the Hole (By: George R.R. Martin) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Man's Hand (By: George R.R. Martin) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
One-Eyed Jacks (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jokertown Shuffle (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Double Solitaire (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dealer's Choice (By: George R.R. Martin) (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Turn of the Cards (By: George R.R. Martin,Victor Milán) (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deuces Down (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Draws Five (By: George R.R. Martin,John J. Miller) (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Busted Flush (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inside Straight (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Suicide Kings (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan (By: Carrie Vaughn) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fort Freak (By: George R.R. Martin,Melinda M. Snodgrass,David Anthony Durham) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Button Man and the Murder Tree (By: Cherie Priest) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Elephant in the Room (By: George R.R. Martin,Paul Cornell) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lowball (By: George R.R. Martin,Melinda M. Snodgrass,David Anthony Durham) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza (By: Carrie Vaughn) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prompt. Professional. Pop! (By: Walter Jon Williams) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Discards (By: David D. Levine) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
High Stakes (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thing about Growing Up in Jokertown (By: George R.R. Martin) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Atonement Tango (By: Stephen Leigh) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
When the Devil Drives (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Evernight (By: Victor Milán) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Flight of Morpho Girl (By: George R.R. Martin) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Knaves Over Queens (By: George R.R. Martin) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Long is the Way (By: George R.R. Martin) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The City That Never Sleeps (By: Walton Simons) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Naked, Stoned, and Stabbed (By: Bradley Denton) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Cards X: Double Solitaire (By: Melinda M. Snodgrass) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
American Hero (By: George R.R. Martin) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Kings (By: George R.R. Martin,Melinda M. Snodgrass) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ripple Effects (By: Laura J. Mixon) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Joker Moon (By: George R.R. Martin) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skin Deep (By: Alan Brennert) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hearts of Stone (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grow (By: Carrie Vaughn) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Full House (By: George R.R. Martin) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pairing Up (By: George R.R. Martin,Melinda M. Snodgrass,David Anthony Durham,Kevin Andrew Murphy,Gwenda Bond,Marko Kloos,Christopher Rowe,Bradley Denton,Peter Newman) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleeper Straddle (By: Carrie Vaughn,Stephen Leigh,Mary Anne Mohanraj,Cherie Priest,Walter Jon Williams,Christopher Rowe,Max Gladstone) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

50 Stories for Pakistan(2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Creatures: The Legacy of Frankenstein(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emma Newman is an English author who writes primarily for Young Adults, though she might argue that her books have a much wider appeal than that.


Emma Newman isn’t especially open about her childhood or her life in general; at the very least, she is not as open as other authors who are often happy to let readers dig into the intricate details of their lives

Emma Newman will, at the very least, tell you that she was born in a tiny coastal village in Cornwall. It was one of the hottest summers on record, though that did little to impact her birth.

As far as Emma knows, by the time she was four years old, she was already writing stories. It is an activity she continued to pursue throughout her teens and adult years. In fact, Emma’s place at Oxford University to read Experimental Psychology was secured when she penned a rather impressive short story.

Her Debut book ‘From Dark Places’ was finally published in 2011. The book came about after Emma decided to write and distribute one short story set in her Split Worlds arena and distribute it for free to her mailing list subscribers once a week.

‘From Dark Places’ brought her short stories together into a collection. Not long after that, she released ’20 Years Later’. It was not long before her Split Worlds series finally came to light, featuring various novels that told a unique fantastical tale.

Emma Newman will tell you that she writes dark short stories and post-apocalyptic fantasy. She has also experimented with urban fantasy. However, writing isn’t her only pursuit.

When she isn’t producing her own novels and short stories, she is acting as a co-writer on other projects; the author has worked with people like Jonathan Barnes and Kate Heartfield.

A British Fantasy Society Best Novel Nominee (for ‘Between the Thorns’), Emma Newman also works as a professional audiobook narrator; though, literary pursuits are not her only passion.

Emma is an unabashed lover of tea. She also loves cake and singing chickens. Not many people know that she is into dressmaking or playing RPGs.

+20 Years Later

It arrived in 2012; that was when the world changed forever, becoming an endless graveyard of bones and memories.

By 2032, a new world had begun to emerge, one built out of the ashes. It was a world built on the foundations of loyalty and fear. It was a place where history brought with it great strength and raised those who sought to regain lost knowledge in a brutal battle for power.

It was a place where roving gangs took upon their shoulders the task of enforcing newly minted laws, ruling the streets with the iron fist even while determining to protect their own above all else.

For Zane, Titus, Erin and Eve, the world is far stranger. The Four of them have mysterious abilities. While on a mission to find Titus’ kidnapped sister in post-apocalyptic London, the Four will learn the truth behind ‘It’ and bring about a new reckoning for all.

Dystopian futures are all the rage. While not exactly breaking any new ground, Emma Newman definitely adds something interesting to a genre that is seemingly saturating the literary arena.

The story of this book focuses on ‘IT’. It takes a while for the book to finally reveal what ‘IT’ is, and Emma does a great job of building the mystery and suspense. In the meantime, the protagonists of the story keep things interesting.

There are so many elements in the story, so many curious aspects of the post-apocalyptic world that you never feel frustrated that Emma is drawing the mystery of ‘IT’ out.

Instead, you cannot help but enjoy the journey to the answers waiting at the end primarily because Emma’s enthusiasm for her story shines through every word. Emma’s writing is solid.

All her characters are well-rounded. The story is set in post-apocalyptic London, a setting that Emma brings to life. Survival is a central theme. Every character just wants to protect the home they have managed to carve out of their hellish existence.

The book ends organically, yet you can tell that it leaves plenty of room for a sequel.

+Between Two Thorns

The Master of Ceremonies is missing, and that is problematic because the new season is starting. It falls on Max to find him. Max is an Arbiter of the Split Worlds Treaty, and he isn’t alone in his task.

Joining him on his search is a dislocated soul and a mad sorcerer. Max has little to work with. The one witness at his disposal has had his memories bound by magical chains. Max finds that he has little choice but to look to a rebellious woman for help, one that is trying to escape her family.

Unfortunately, Max isn’t certain that he can trust her. The idea that she wants to give up eternal youth and her life of privilege makes absolutely no sense.

Between Two Thorns introduces the Split Worlds to readers which constitute the Mundane, Exilium, and the Nether. The mundane is where normal human beings live. The Nether stands in between Exilium and the Mundane.

Arbiters are peacekeepers that maintain the balance, ensuring that the fae, fae-touched and the mundanes to not harm one another. While the Mundane realm is set in modern day, the Nether seems to occupy a Regency Era.

Catherine is the heroine of this story, a lady that rebels against her family for reasons some readers agree with while others roll their eyes at. There are very varied opinions about this book.

Between Two Thorns actually follows four characters, though Catherine tends to elicit the most arguments. While some laud her for being a great heroine, others didn’t think much of her. The fact that the book takes place in four different eras that are not so obviously related at the start might confuse some people while amusing others.

Simply put, this is the sort of novel readers will endlessly debate about with regards to whether or not it is good. However, no one can deny the fact that the novel is definitely worth reading if only to provide a glimpse into Emma Newman’s unique way of thought.

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