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Emma Rosenblum is a Chief Content officer at Bustle Digital Group where she oversees strategy and content for several publications.

She oversees Bustle’s culture, parenting, lifestyle, and innovation portfolios including “Inverse,” “Bustle,” “Mic,” “Elite Daily,” The Dad,” “NYLON,” “Scary Mommy,” “The Zoe Report,” “Romper,” and “Fatherly.”
Prior to working for BDG, she had graduated from Tufts University and launched her career at “New York Magazine.” She was then an executive editor at the number-one fashion magazine in the world “Elle,” with more than 45 international editions.
Before that, she worked at “Bloomberg Pursuits” as an editorial director. Going back even further, she was employed by “Bloomberg Businessweek” as a senior editor and covered the ETC Section.

At “Glamour,” where she was senior editor, she covered everything from relationships, to pop culture and celebrities.

The source material for her debut work came to her from her experiences growing up with the wealthy communities on Summer Island. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was struck by how so many people were consumed by the HBO show The White Lotus.
She still remembers how she used to watch it and thought that it was really frothy and fun., People were clearly taken with the idea of rich people being train wrecks and she thought this would be a good genre to write in.

Rosenblum began writing “Bad Summer People,” her debut work when she was on Fire Island spending the summer with her family. It was the first time she was back on the island ever since she was a child.

Working from the familiar bedroom, she used to sleep in when she was a child she felt that she needed to find something creative to do in between the many Zoom meetings with colleagues.

Since she was now working mainly in managerial roles overseeing fashion, creative, and editorial teams, she was not really part of the nitty gritty like before.

With a little more time on her hands, she decided to try out fiction as she believed it would be easier than nonfiction. Following the age-old age of writing what you know, she decided to pen her novel from her experiences living on Fireland.
After doing her research, she realized that there were only a few books set in the beautiful, closed, insular, and funny community. Rosenblum thought it would be good to do a murder mystery set on Fire Island and she ran with the idea.
Within four months, she was done writing and before the book hit the shelves, the TV rights had already been sold. She did all this while still working on her many roles at BDG Media.

An interesting thing about Emma Rosenblum is that since has a very demanding job, she did not have the bandwidth to keep up with developments in publishing her book as compared to many other novelists.

She still remembers getting that call from her publisher at Flatiron with an offer and she told her that she was working on something else since Bustle was undergoing some very critical structural changes.

Nonetheless, Rosenblum’s background working in the media and journalism industries proved useful. Since she has written and edited numerous celebrity profiles writing fiction works about a similar profile of characters was not that bad.
Moreover, she could write with extraordinary quickness and could beat deadlines, even if she was very busy with other managerial duties.

While other novelists can sometimes take forever to finish, once she set herself a deadline she determined to beat it and she did. Her debut novel “Bad Summer People” was finally published in 2023.

Emma Rosenblum’s novel “Bad Summer People,” tells the story of how poorly behaved and wealthy White New Yorkers head to the Hamptons during the summer.

Fire Island is a place known for its nature-y spots and gay enclaves. But it also comes with several small towns that have all manner of heteronormative families that built or inherited gorgeous new builds and cottages.
These usually spend their summers observing wholesome annual traditions, drinking cocktails, and playing tennis. Kids are taken care of by full-time nannies and when they are not home they usually attend day camps.

It is a place where vehicles are forbidden and hence the boardwalks which are the pathways that connect everything on the island are full of bikes, which are the only means of transport.

In Salcombe, the boardwalks have been built three feet above the pavement since the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. As such, it would be very easy for someone to ride their bike over the edge and this is what happens right at the beginning of the novel.
The victim and the nature of the accident are a huge mystery as the author tells a darkly comedic, subversive, and stylish story of what is seemingly a picture-perfect place that is anything but perfect.

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