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Where the Missing Go (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tell Me Everything (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Can Trust Me (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbe (With: Gareth Neame) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Emma Rowley is an editor ghostwriter and author who started out in journalism before dipping her toes into the world of writing. Emma Rowley got her master’s degree in Classics and English from the University of Oxford and then got a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from City University. After getting her PGD, she went on to work as reporter, journalist, and editor for several prestigious publications and organizations. She started out as a video journalist and writer writing and shooting videos for features, backgrounders, and news before moving to work writing evening news for the Daily Express, the Evening Standard and the Sunday Mirror, where she famously broke the “MPs are on rations” story. As an editor, she has worked planning and commissioning first-person stories, news features, interviews, investigations and opinion pieces for “The Daily Mail” and “The Telegraph.” She is currently an assistant editor at “Grazia.” In addition to working as a journalist and editor, she has also been involved in ghostwriting nonfiction works that included real-life and celebrity projects that have gone on to become bestsellers. She is also the author of the mass market and Sunday Times bestseller
“Behind the Scenes at Downtown Abbey.” Her first novel was the Edgar award-winning novel “Where The Missing Go.” She currently lives in London.

With her background in ghostwriting and journalism, Emma Rowley is an expert at creating psychological thrillers that leave her readers wanting more. This is easy for Rowley since when she was a writer and editor at evening papers and magazines, she was charged with editing and rewriting stories to make them as alluring as possible. Every chapter and page that she writes comes with its own twists while developing the plot and characters. She writes lovable characters such as Kate and Olivia Hayes who show desperation and vulnerability in equal measure that the reader cannot help but root for them. Rowley slowly reveals the background and circumstances of her characters through subtle clues and red herrings and in doing so succeeds in making her readers imaginations run wild. There are also a lot of OMG moments which she does with a finesse that certainly adds to the overall suspense and tension in her novels. Full of devious and complex plots, and fantastic characters, Emma Rowley’s voice is sure to be a welcome new addition to the genre.

Emma Rowley’s “Where the Missing Go” is an unpredictable, and emotionally gripping suspense novel. The lead is a woman who is employed at a charity helpline where she perceives messages from runaway teenagers. But then her daughter calls in and leaves her at a loss as to why she would want to run away. For Kate Harlow who has worked with missing persons for years, she acknowledges that sometimes people go missing and do not want to be found. But she keeps looking for Sophie her daughter who went missing two years ago. The police have classified it a cold case and are no longer investigating the case given that Sophie had supposedly sent several postcards to her mother asserting that they should stop looking for her as she was fine. Kate’s days are increasingly empty and it is even worse given that she has to work at Message in a Bottle, the charity where runaways leave messages for their family and friends when they want to disappear. She still remembers that evening when her daughter called in to say she was not coming back home. Kate had immediately recognized the voice but before she could do anything she heard static as the call was disconnected. She does not believe her daughter is safe and is certain that somebody forced her to make the call even as she believes somebody has been watching her house and stalking her. She is scared but determined to do everything in her power to find her daughter.

“Tell Me Everything” by Rowley introduces Olivia an internet sensation that had only recently been a homemaker. She now has millions of online fans after she decided to share her picture-perfect life on her social profiles. She has made the decision to cash out on her popularity by writing a tell-all autobiography that will be written by a ghostwriter named Nicky. Nicky is an excellent ghost author who can coax out the most hidden details and now has been tasked with ensuring he gets the story of Olivia’s golden childhood and how a tragic accident had changed the trajectory of her life. But as Nicky starts digging into her life something does not add up as she seems not to have the glamorous life she showcases online. Her fabulous relationship with her husband is a farce as it could not be more strained in real life where they are having financial difficulties. Meanwhile, Olivia is getting more hostile to the ghostwriter though she won’t let up in her search for the truth. Olivia may have tried to escape the ghosts from her past but they just will not let go.

Emma Rowley’s “You Can Trust Me” continues the story of Olivia Hayes and Nicky. Nicky the ghostwriter believes that she can get the true story from anyone as long as you are prepared to listen. Nicky Wilson is a successful ghostwriter that has been writing autobiographies for television chefs, athletes, and actors. She is an expert at writing other people’s stories as she weaves in anecdotes and interviews into memoirs of loss, love and overcoming hardship. Once the novels are published, she gets her money and moves on to write more. She has been writing the autobiography for Olivia Hayes, a domestic goddess that has been deemed the Martha Stewart of influencers with a fine-looking husband, a gorgeous house in the English countryside and flawless taste. Her client had managed to enthrall her followers with carefully curated posts she shares all the time while still remaining mysterious. She had agreed to let Nicky follow her for seven days but she seems resentful of her ghostwriter’s presence in her house and frustratingly aloof. But Nicky is an expert at this and soon she is getting real-life insights into her client’s life beyond the carefully crafted glamorous façade. Being who she is, she soon notices the friction between Olivia and her husband, the weird parenting style and the money issues they are trying to keep under wraps. She also unearths a deeper secret about a tragedy and thinks these are just some of the juicy details that have to go into her book.

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