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Emma Tallon is a mother to a young son and bestselling author that embarked on her writing career several years ago, when she started working as a ghostwriter doing freelance.

Over the years, she has become known for writing the most heart wrenching, edgy and adventurous stories in the mystery genre. In recent years, she decided to get out of the literary shadows when she published “Life Game,” her debut novel.

She finds inspiration for her novels from a combination of an active imagination and her own observations. She usually paints larger than life and very colorful characters whose stories result in an interesting recipe of violent grit and deep emotions.

The author is a deeply passionate woman who loves writing and often writes her stories deep into the early hours of the night. She has said that this is the best time to get inspiration.

Just like many authors, Emma Talon has had quite the long journey to become a published author. Similar to many authors, she used to love reading from when she was a child as she found it an escape from the banality of everyday life. She always felt that she could hang out with people from other worlds and this gave her a lot of joy.

It was during this time that she started making up stories and writing them down for fun. For several years, she wrote as a hobby as it was something she amused herself with when she had some downtime. The big change was when she needed some side income and was pointed to a freelancing website by a friend.
She initially wanted to work as an administrative assistant but applied for a ghostwriting job which had caught her eye. Even though she did not get the job, she started looking for similar jobs and for a while did a ton of low paying ghostwriting gigs and got some great reviews.

From there she went from strength to strength to become a full time ghostwriter. She thought she was very lucky to get paid doing what she loved and did not mind that she would never get credit for her work. It was enough that her days were fulfilling, happy and inspiring.

When Emma Tallon got pregnant with her first child she started taking fewer ghostwriting jobs. But she was so fond of it that she nearly went back to writing when her son was a few months old. She soon started thinking that she needed to do something tangible with her life that her son would look back to.

Even though she had been content as a ghostwriter, she suddenly believed it was not enough of a legacy. With her child growing really fast, she was inspired to do something more. Sitting back to think things over, she thought she could make it on her own as an author.

Since she had the encouragement and support of her husband and did not have to go back to work for several months, she decided to finish her manuscript. Tallon still feels the fuzzy and warm feeling when she typed “The End” when she was done writing the manuscript for her debut novel “Life Game.”

But what would follow was a series of rejections from agents and publishers alike. She finally decided to self publish her novel in 2017 and has never looked back since. Emma now has more than ten titles to her name and shows no sign of slowing down.

Emma Talon’s novel “Runaway Girl” is the story of a woman named Anna Davis. For years, she has been with a sadistic gangster boyfriend who she has always been terrified of.

She is frightened that he will one day kill her right up to the moment she flees in the middle of the night knowing that her life would be forfeit if he ever found her.
As she embarks on a new life, she stumbles into two strangers and her life will never be the same again. The first of these friends is an East London stripper named Tanya Smith, who is surprisingly as big hearted as she is gorgeous. Anna likes Tanya’s positive attitude to life and it is not long before the two become business partners that are always seen together.

On the other hand is Freddie Tyler, a rich man from the East End that is caring, kind and nothing like her ex-boyfriend, who only wants to make her happy. But could they be hiding some dark secrets.

Just as Anna is beginning to believe in a brighter future her past comes roaring back with a vengeance. If she does not act fast, she may just lose everything she has worked so hard for. But Anna is a different kind of person and she will never give in and intends to put up a fierce fight.

“Dangerous Girl” by Emma Tallon sees Anna finally happy as she is now the newest co-owner of the hottest new club in London. She has also managed to get rid of her abusive ex. But she is worried about Freddie, her boyfriend who has been keeping secrets from her and usually disappears in the middle of the night.
Meanwhile, Freddie is flying into a rage as a girl has disappeared from one of his clubs and law enforcement believe he is the prime suspect. Things get interesting when someone threatens him, telling him to either find the missing girl or his girlfriend would die.

He risks everything trying to save his girlfriend’s life but time is running out. But he has been known as a determined man that never gives up. It is a story that grabs its readers right from page one as it hurtles towards an explosive conclusion.

Emma Tallon shows her exceptional skills as it is impossible to guess who might be responsible for the disappearance right until the very end.

Emma Tallon’s novel “Boss Girl” opens to Anna Davis under a lot of pressure. She was happy to be co owner of a nightclub but the workload is getting to her. Every night the nightclub is usually packed and since there is another club set to open just down the road, she cannot afford to slack off.

Freddie Tyler, her boyfriend, is practically the owner of much of the West End. He is currently working on a deal that could just make his family one of the richest and most influential in London.

He intends to work with Frank Gambino, a notorious crime boss but the man says the only way he will work with Freddie is if he gets “Anya,” the club co-owned by Anna and her friend Tanya. There is a growing tension between Freddie and Anna and because of this, she fails to notice that she is being stalked by a very dangerous man.

Freddie becomes hugely worried when she fails to come back home one night. He vows to find the only woman he has ever loved even if that means he has to go against the entire underworld in London.

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