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Dirty Lovely Broken (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked Charming Cruel (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Emmy Chandler
Emmy Chandler, a sci-fi romance author, likes lattes and tee shirts. She firmly believes that every woman deserves an arm chair in front of the window, close to an outlet that is near enough to power a mug warmer and charge up an e-reader.

Her perfect afternoon includes thick blankets, cold weather, warm soup, and a good book.

“Guardian” is the first novel in the “Prison Planet” series and was released in 2018. Audra Copeland is among dozens of these newly convicted felons that were dropped off on the prison planet of Rhodon, where she learns that the women from zone four have this long-standing arrangement with the men. If they just hand six of the new arrivals over, the men will not raid. And Audra is one of the ones that has just been drafted. She can select a guardian or she can take her chances on her own.

The deal is simple, if barbaric: sex, in exchange for safety and food from the other two hundred men in zone four. This is a horrifying proposal. These men are violent, filthy degenerates. And then Audra sees Tyson at the edge of the crowd. He is a scarred and hulking figure, the other guys call him a savage, however his clothes are clean, and he is holding this freshly caught rabbit.

He is clearly able to protect what is his. Tyson is just as powerful as he is compassionate, and he ignites something fierce in Audra, and their connection is white hot. Only problem is that she must pick a new guardian every 30 days. Now that he has found Audra, Ty has got every intention of keeping her for himself. Even if he must destroy the fragile zone four peace treaty in order to do it.

This is set on a planet that is populated by violent criminals, so readers should expect a gritty tale about characters that have to fight in order to protect one another and their relationship.

“Hunter” is the second novel in the “Prison Planet” series and was released in 2018. Maci Bishop was recaptured during her escape out of zone four, and she wakes up in the heavily fortified and mysterious zone two, where these wealthy citizens come to sate their homicidal and sordid appetites by hunting down death row inmates in this wooded enclosure. Live on camera, for spectators that watch from the Resort.

Maci is just a rented plaything for some guest at the Resort, however once she murders her first customer in self-defense, her life sentence is soon turned to a death sentence. In order to teach these other women a lesson, the warden tosses Maci into the enclosure, so that she can be hunted right alongside Callum, this vicious death row inmate.

Even though he at first believes this half-naked and beautiful woman is just bait that was intended to lure him out, Callum saves Maci from a pretty brutal death. While they battle their way through this enclosure, taking on guards, hunters, and ruthless hounds, he falls hard for this clever and tiny hellcat and learns that she might just have the skills to get both of them out of this enclosure alive.

However Maci is not going to just abandon the other women to pay for her escape. Not again. She is not going to be satisfied until she is able to shut down the whole Resort: hounds, clients, guards, all of it. There is no way in hell that Callum would allow her to walk right into the lion’s den by herself.

“Escape” is the first novel in the “Project Vetus” series and was released in 2018. Captain Carson Sotelo and his team were sentenced to death for war crimes that they did not commit, and they were given this choice: live as something totally new, or die in disgrace. Several dozen procedures and a medically induced coma later, they awoke on this prison planet as super-soldier prototypes, spliced with genes that come from an extinct alien species.

Sotelo’s altered body comes with these odd abilities and some built-in weapons, and when Universal Authority tests him out in the field, combat awakens these violent instincts and cryptic genetic memories out of the beast that they installed in his genetic code. He is able to keep this beast on a leash, at least until the day that he meets Lilliana Malone, and his inner alien decides that she is his mate.

Even though Sotelo resists the beast’s barbaric courtship style, he cannot just pretend that he does not want Lilli. Her fiery spirit and protective nature remind him of why he went to war to begin with. But unfortunately, catching Sotelo’s eye also brings her to the attention of that ruthless team of scientists that turn his whole team into monsters.

Universal Authority didn’t have any idea what it was that they were unleashing when they went and turned Sotelo into a weapon, and now that he’s got somebody to fight for, he will bite off the hand that feeds them all, if that is what it takes to get the team that he leads, and the woman that he loves off of this planet.

“Dirty Lovely Broken” is the first novel in the “Twisted Kingdom” series and was released in 2019. Peace comes at a price that just women can pay.

Jude Camden slaughtered thousands of her soldiers. He even executed her brother right in front of her. And he was just willing to accept an end to the war, which included harmony across the planet Syrus, on just a single condition.

Maari Delayne was taken by the famous princes of Camden (Malac, Jude, and Orlann), and has to cement this fragile planetary peace by merging two rival bloodlines. The Camdens are insatiable, powerful, and remorseless. They’re just as irresistible as they are infuriating, as they ruthlessly wring pleasure out of their captive one night after another.

But Maari is far from helpless in these men’s grasp. She has this gift which will let her deny the brothers what they need the most from her, just so long as she does not allow any of them into her heart.

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