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Publication Order of Monument 14 Books

Monument 14 (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sky on Fire (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Mario Scietto Says (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Savage Drift (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Dress Your Marines in White (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jake and the Other Girl (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Scream and Scream Again!(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

A novelist, screenwriter and a public speaker, Emmy Laybourne is also a former actress and a writing teacher. Emmy Laybourne began her writing career working as a playwright. The first ever play that she wrote and was also featured in was titled Miss Alphabet City Beauty Pageant. Upon its release, the book received mainly, positive reviews with, The Daily News terming it as hilariously clever while the New York Post saying that this book restored the faith in America’s comedic future. Laybourne’s subsequent play earned her a leading role in the Paramount feature film Superstar and adaptation of her original play, Superstar. As an actress, Laybourne managed to land various roles especially in several critically acclaimed movies such as Nancy Drew, Lucky Numbers, and the In-Laws. Emmy Laybourne was also a regular on DAG, an NBC sitcom and performed on a number of original comedy on MTV, Comedy Central, and VH1.

Recently, Emily Laybourne has completed the last installment in the Monument 14 trilogy, titled Savage Drift. Apart from the Monument 14 trilogy, last chapter, Emily Laybourne has also worked on a New York-based Thriller, Sweet. This new thriller tells the story about a luxury cruise, which is planning to launch a new diet sweetener, which goes first comically before going tragically, then terrifying wrong. This installment received a perfect score of 10 from Voya and was officially released on June 2, 2015. Emmy Laybourne is a graduate of UCLA with a Master’s of Fine Arts in Screenwriting. While at UCLA, Emmy was awarded an Eleanor Perry Award for her screenplay, Tulum.

Monument 14

The first installment in the Monument 14 book series by Emmy Laybourne begins as Dean’s mom, informs him that the school bus has already arrived, ready to pick him up. Thus, Dean rushes to the door, to ensure that he gets on the bus on time. As usual, the bus ride is uneventful. However, it does not take long before extraordinarily large hailstones begin to fall from the sky, and in the process destroying hapless cars and also causing the school bus to crash in an enormous wreck. As luck would have it, Dean together his fellow bus riding friends are picked up and saved by the middle and elementary school bus. They find shelter in a Greenway Store from the bludgeoning hailstones. The kids are left to fend for themselves, while Mrs. Wooly, the school bust teacher, and the only surviving adult heads out to find medical assistance for the students who were hurt during the incidence.

However, Mrs. Wooly takes long to return, and this is where things take an ugly turn. The internet and the network is inexplicably down. The group, which is an assortment of six children, six high schoolers, and two-eighth graders, are lastly able to get hold of a television signal, which explained how an exceedingly huge volcanic eruption had activated a tsunami, which had affected the entire East Coast. After the tsunami, some environmental catastrophes took place including Supercell storms and hailstorms stretching from Colorado Rockies to the Southwestern parts of the United States. As the kids try to come to terms with this information and also come up with their next move, an extremely huge and an extraordinary earthquake hits Colorado. This earthquake destroyed the North American Aerospace Defense Center and in the process causing a breach of information, and also the leak of confidential biochemical weapons. The kids do not only become panicked but also terrified, thus decide to seal themselves off from the contaminated air outside. With that being said, as Emily Turner’s debut novel, this book is irrefutably a page-turner. You are going to love the original cause of the apocalypse, which unlike most novels in this genre does not blame the death of our planet on anthropogenic activities.

This installment has been authored competently and has been narrated by junior Dean in the first person. Refreshingly, Dean is neither a hero nor a planner; he is also not a genius or a jock. In simpler terms, Dean is fallible and flawed, a character that most people can relate to. The reader is also going to love the manner in which the kids organize themselves especially when it came to the delegation of tasks, rationing of resources and power and also the struggle that each of the students faced externally and internally. After watching the world destruct, right in front of them, two brothers Alex and Dean Grieder decide to make a decision of saving everyone who is with them. The world that was just right outside the place that they were all trapped in had already become a barren wasteland.

The chemical compound, which was moving right through the air, and in the process causing immediate death, infertility, homicidal episodes and paranoid delusions. Since Dean decided to remain behind with an exceedingly small group of children in the superstore, Alex decides to head out towards the Denver International Airport with any person who was willing to tag along. Irrespective of the fact that each of the groups was not ready for the incredible journey, which was going to their physical and emotional capacities. At this point, Dean has already become the leader and a pseudo-father to the group. This in turn not only means by not only providing for their numerous needs but also repel any kind of threat, which could be trying to enter the superstore.

Matters thus, take a turn for the worse, after a high school boy who initially been a part of the original group. Some of the soldiers who had been affected by the leaked chemical compound decide to take over the store. Thus, Dean must be able to find a viable way to protect the people that he loves. Alex together with the group of kids who had headed for the airport find out that the journey is taking longer than they had expected. Some moldy substances had attacked all type of rubbers and in the process ruling out the possibility of traveling to the airport with a vehicle. Furthermore, not every person that the group encounters along the road is friendly. Through their interactions, both hostile and friendly, the tiny group of kids finally find the strength to get to the DIA.

With that said, Sky on Fire is a novel that avoids the pitfalls that often catches up with a majority of second installments in trilogies. Instead of marking time before an exciting conclusion, the diverged plots keeps on moving into new territories and in the process delivering scenes that are filled with action, tension and well developed and created characters.

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