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The Gates of Rome (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death of Kings (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Field of Swords (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gods of War (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blood of Gods (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Emperor” series by author Conn Igulden is a historical fiction five novel series that is about legendary figure of history Gaius Julius Caesar (who was a Roman general and statesman). The series shows Caesar’s rise and later fall throughout history. This is unlike Conn’s series about Genghis Khan, where he left a lot of the later parts out, only focusing on the rise of Genghis.

The series began in the year 2003, with the release of “The Gates of Rome”, and concluded with “The Blood of Gods”, which was released in the year 2013. This last novel actually takes place after Caesar has been killed, and stars Octavian, Caesar’s adopted son.

The series received a lot of acclaim upon publication, but at times, he changed historical facts to suit the narrative or because of ignorance. The biggest change is that Caesar and Brutus grew up as friends during their childhood. This could not have happened because Brutus was actually fifteen years younger and some thought he was Caesar’s (this is unlikely, though).

“The Gates of Rome” is the first novel in the “Emperor” series and was released in the year 2003. There is a new empire being built on lush Italian peninsula. Rome is at the center of it, it is a place of bloodshed, decadence, glory, and beauty. Two boys grow toward manhood, and they dream of glory, battles, and fame as they serve the largest empire the likes of which the world has not known. One is a senator’s son, and lives a privileged life and ambition; he has been given much and much is expected from him. The other is a bastard, a boy that is clever and strong; his love for his new family (especially his adopted brother) that adopted him will be the driving force for him.

Both Gaius and Marcus get trained in combat by the most fearsome gladiator in Rome. Rome is being pulled toward civil war because of a tug of war that Marius and Sulla (who are two rival generals) have gotten into with each other; it is full of ambition and treachery. Marcus sees it as a chance to prove himself as a soldier in Greece. Gaius sees the infighthing in the Roman Senate is the place where he will hone both his skill and courage. Both will have an extraordinary slave girl’s love, and it will be the honor both covet. Only one will win it, however.

This is a well written novel that comes alive and will make it quite difficult for you to put it down. Fans of the novel found that after reading just one chapter, they bought this book and the rest of the series on the spot. After finishing the book, you will want to know more about what happens to Julius in the next books of the series. As not much is known about Caesar at this part of his life, this provides some great information for those that would like to know about him at a young age.

“The Death of Kings” is the second novel in the “Emperor” series and was released in the year 2004. A group of soldiers are in North Africa and they turn to Julius Caesar for guidance. He is their leader, and they are Roman legionnaires. They have a quarry in the form of a band of pirates who actually tried to take Julius in an attempt to get money.

He starts to build a legend beyond Rome and get revenge. All the while, his friend Brutus, rises to power after a dictator was killed. Brutus and Caesar were like brothers, and devoted to the same thing. Not to mention, attracted to the same women, all of whom were forbidden. They are going to be united once more by a gladiator called Spartacus. It would seem he is putting an army together, which is comprised of seventy thousand slaves. The goal is to fight a big battle with Rome.

Some enjoy the insight these books give them on Caesar, both on his childhood and his early adult hood. Overall, this is a gripping read. Fans of the novel loved reading this story; it has likable characters who are well drawn and there is nice tension. This is an author that does a wonderful job of taking historical people, and making an entertaining story despite it not being entirely accurate.

“The Field of Swords” is the third novel in the “Emperor” series and was released in the year 2004. This novel is set during the first century B.C. Julius Caesar has to enter the awful political battleground that Rome has become. He proved his valor during the slaves revolting, and is made stronger by the vision and love of an older woman, a gorgeous one. He also has the sword of his always loyal friend, Marcus Brutus.

He is given a high position that gives him a lot of power, and he is able to capture the hearts of the Roman’s themselves, something that none of the other figures were able to do. He crushed a rebellion and brought order to the city, then, he makes a move that will alter history forever. He exits Rome and goes into the foothills of the Alps. He has an army made, in his image. He starts a daring charge that goes through Gaul, into the wilds that is tribal Britain.

Through the major clashes that he faces here, Caesar’s legend will be made. Caesar and Brutus put their lives and their men’s lives against the armies in the wilderness; at the same time, political adversaries of theirs in Rome get more fearful and even more formidable. After the fighting is over there, the greatest danger to Caesar waits for him on the Tiber, that pits him against a man that wants Rome for his own.

This series is great for those that are fascinated and wowed by ancient Rome and the great Caesar. Fans of the novel found that Iggulden does a great job of bringing this story to life, giving readers the smells, tastes, politics, and blood. You also get the many different details that come with war, which some enjoyed. Even though this is a historical fiction novel, you still get quite a bit of action, which some thought was incredible addition to reading about Caesar.

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