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Emuna Elon is a published Israeli author of fiction. In addition to being a widely acclaimed novelist, she is also a journalist and a women’s activist. She is an internationally best selling writer. She has also composed children’s books and nonfiction works.

Emuna Elon was born in 1955. She was born into a family that had a lot of scholars as well as prominent rabbis. Her father Pinchas was a professor and rabbi and her mother was named Pnina. She grew up in Jerusalem as well as New York, in addition to living in Beit El for years. She also teaches Hasidism, Judaism, and of course, Hebrew literature.

She got married to Rabbi Binyamin Elon, who has since passed away. Her first name means faith. She is also a mother and has six children.

Elon first became a published author in 2007. This is when her debut fictional novel, titled If You Awaken Love, was published for the first time. It would then be more than a decade until her second full length fictional novel came out. It would eventually be released in 2020 for reading audiences and is titled House On Endless Waters.

If You Awaken Love is the first fictional novel to come out from Israeli author Emuna Elon. If you have been waiting for a dramatic book with tons of unique cultural details to check out, this is the right novel for you!

The main character Shlomtzion has been going through a lot ever since a fateful day occurred decades ago. She has been tormented by an inner question that she has been asking herself, about what she asked of Yair, and wondering what the reason could have been that he left her. It has been 21 years since the occurrence, and yet the questions haunt her to this day.

She was in love with her fiance, a man named Yair. Everything was going well and they were engaged to be married, something that made her very happy. Then it all fell apart as Yair called off their engagement and in the process broke her heart into little pieces. The promise that he had made to her for a happy future together was totally destroyed.

Together they had shared a life of passion and a nice life together in Jerusalem. The religious world was all that she knew, but when her heart is broken, Shlomtzion feels the need to leave it all behind and start somewhere again. So it is that she leaves Jerusalem and goes to Tel Aviv. There she remakes her life in a new image, working as an interior designer in the city.

It’s been years since her engagement ended, even though it feels like just yesterday. Now she is a mother raising her daughter on her own. Things start to get complicated when she finds out that her daughter Maya wants to go back to the world that she herself left all those years ago. She is further surprised when her daughter confides in her that she has become engaged.

It feels like that one moment is all that it takes for the trauma that Shlomtzion went through to all come rushing back. Not only that, but the plot thickens as she discovers that the fiance is someone that she never would have dreamed of being in a million years. It seems that fate has a tricky sense of humor as Yair’s son is the man that her daughter is engaged to.

It feels so strange to be hearing that information, but what other choice does this single mother have than to accept the news? National tensions start building one weekend, and so it is that the main character discovers that she is choosing to go journey to a settlement that Yair lives on. After all of these years and all of that pain, she is about to come face to face with the man that broke her heart and will now become the father in law of her daughter.

It’s almost too much to handle, but this confrontation has been a long time in the making. Before the past was all ghosts and echoes of what had been to her. Now she is about to face the love of her life as well as the possibility of what her life could have been if they had stayed together. All while helping to plan the wedding of her daughter and ultimately to attend it.

Can Shlomtzion deal with the baggage of history past? Will she be able to handle what emotions come up on this journey and maybe even find herself along the way? Find out by picking up a copy of Elon’s first novel and discover what happens for yourself!

House On Endless Waters is the second full length fictional novel from author Emuna Elon.

When a writer founds out unexpected truths regarding what his mother did in the war years during Amsterdam, he may discover a family secret that shocks him to his core and ends up becoming the main topic of a book.

Main character Yoel Blum is an author that is relatively well known. He has agreed to go back to Amsterdam where he was born in order to do some book promotion. This is at the request of his literary agent. In doing so, he has broken a promise to his mother, who has passed away. He told her that he would never go back to Amsterdam.

Yoel is with his wife walking around the Jewish Historical Museum when he discovers something completely unexpected. There he finds footage that shows Dutch Jewry prior to the war. The last thing that he expects is to see a young vision of his mother along with his father, sister, and a baby that he’s never seen before in his life.

At first he is unsettled, but then the discovery starts to get going within him, stirring up emotions. It results in a search for his family’s truth and in the process shows a lot about what Amsterdam was like during the war. There were the Jewish children hidden by underground networks as well as people who gave up others just to increase their chances of surviving.

The farther back that Yoel goes, the more he begins to relate to his mother and the past. Will he discover who he is through this process? Read this book to find out!

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  1. Eleanor Dahlstrom: 9 months ago

    I have read “House on Endless Waters”. It was one of the most beautiful well written books I have ever read. Yoel’s story was so sad because I know this happened to many Jewish children during the war. I have a large book collection but this book is my favourite. ❤️‍🩹

  2. Theresa: 1 year ago

    I just finished reading Emuna Elon’s House On Endless Waters and would love to drop her a line. My heritage is Dutch and my parents lived through the War before immigrating to the United States. Please let me know if she has an email address. Thank you.


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