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Endellion Palmer is the pen name of a Scottish born American writer named Susannah Stubbs. She is well known for writing mystery and suspense novels. Endellion is particularly famous for writing the recently-started Alistair Carr Mystery series. Her birth and upbringing happened in Scotland, after which she lived in France, London, and Atlanta, Georgia. Endellion currently resides in Atlanta with her loving husband and a daughter. She claims to have been an avid reader and fan of Golden Age mystery stories from her childhood days. When she decided to try her hand at writing novels, she first tinkered with numerous other genres and finally zeroed down on the mystery stories of the Golden Age set in the classic period of the inter-war era. And as Endellion finished writing her first two books, she felt that her selection suited her the best.

The other interests of author Endellion besides writing include film & music, social history, travel, and ballet. These interests have often provided backgrounds for her novels’ settings and characters. Endellion’s creation of the chief protagonist Alistair Carr has been praised by many renowned critics as well as her fellow authors. Even her settings in the Scottish Highlands have been liked by one and all. In addition to her writing interests, Endellion writes and maintains a blog. She feels that the hardest part of writing anything is the first word or the first sentence. Endellion finds it comparatively easy to write the final page of her books than their first one. She has already thought the last line of her upcoming Southern pulp fiction short story that she is currently working on. Endellion took a few hundred tries to think of the first line, but the last sentence came up in only her first try.

Endellion’s experience in writing her debut book, The Dead Woman Who Lived, was filled with a lot of thrill. She felt extremely proud of herself when she was able to successfully finish, edit, and publish the book. Endellion says that she has been writing since her primary school days and has mostly written fiction. She accepts the fact that her argumentative essays were quite useless, but her descriptive work and short stories were excellent. Her mother has kept a copy of her first well-reviewed work. The headmaster of her school gave her a special mention for that work. Endellion’s list of favorite modern authors includes Alan Furst. She has read all his books and is a fan of each one of them. Endellion has followed the career path of Alan Furst very closely and has tried to copy his style of work in writing her novels.

The nonfiction tastes of author Endellion include 20th century’s social history from its first half, with a special focus on nursing, female education, roles played by women in the World Wars, and the WI. She combined these tastes with her interest in culture and clothing, her liking for inter-war literature, and her passion for thrillers and murder mysteries and finally came up with the decision of writing period mystery stories. Endellion finds many such works being published by other writers as well and is indebted to Kindle for enabling the re-issuing of a lot of contemporary books. Before the Kindle, she used to scout numerous bookshops to find the books of her favorite authors to read and gain inspiration. Now, she is happy to have found her mark and hopes to write many more exciting books in the years to come.

The Alistair Carr Mystery series written by author Endellion Palmer is comprised of two books released in 2018 and 2019. The debut novel of the series is entitled ‘The Dead Woman Who Lived’. It was released as a Kindle book. Endellion has set this novel in England in the year 1925. The central characters mentioned in this book include Juliana Creed, Alistair Carr, and several others. Initially, it is depicted that Juliana Creed was presumed dead for very long. After managing to somehow live, she comes back to her home located in Cornwall. However, she does not have any memory of the life that she previously lived there. Juliana also faces a lot of struggle to get along with her husband. Later, she comes to know about the strange circumstances in which she had disappeared and begins to doubt whether her comeback is actually welcomed as it initially appeared.

With the abrupt return of her memory, it becomes clear to Juliana Creed that falling from a cliff 3 years ago was not an accident. She also seems pretty sure that someone pushed her from the back with the intention of killing her. Juliana Creed doesn’t know whom she should trust in her own hometown and decides to take the help of a family friend named Alistair Carr in this matter. Alistair Carr has a knack of solving mysteries and agrees to help Juliana in finding out who tried to kill her. After listening to Juliana’s story, Alistair seems certain that it is linked to a recently committed murder. He races against time to find the culprit before another innocent victim comes under his knife.

The second volume of Endellion’s popular series is known as ‘Which to Cross and Which to Burn’. It was also published as a Kindle edition in 2019. In this book, Endellion has featured the lead characters in the roles of David Grant and Alistair Carr. The book opens by mentioning that Alistair Carr returns to her family home in the Scottish Highlands for a long-pending family reunion. Alistair seems happy to be back in the comfort of Menna Castle and looks forward to enjoying the summer holidays. Shortly after, a dead body is discovered that threatens to downgrade the reputation of the Carr family. Alistair’s eagerness to find the answers and get rid of the tensions in his home makes him become a part of the police inquiries and help them in the investigation. At first, he tries to establish the identity of the deceased. Alistair takes the help of his close friend named David Grant in this regard. They run into problems in the very beginning of the investigation, which makes it very difficult for Alistair to proceed ahead. Everyone in the town wonders who could be the one who committed the brutal murder of the man and hid his body deliberately.

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