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Publication Order of The Enemy Books

This series by Charlie Higson is really mind bending and will keep you glued to your book all the way to the end. It also has a bit of some scares to get you to really admire the intensity in the situation facing the characters. Based in London, this epic supernatural novel blends the best of the living as they struggle for survival as well as the living dead who want to kill everyone in their wake. The Enemy is the first book in this series of novels that revolves around teens who apparently have survived a very devastating disease. The teens converge in one place and try to live it out there but they are soon running short of supplies. The disease did a good job of wiping out everyone above the age of 16 and the surviving ones have this terrible affliction that is just nasty. So, one day a stranger comes by where they are staying and he offers to take them to Buckingham Palace where there is plenty of everything that they actually need.

So, they go out with the aim of getting to Buckingham Palace. This group of teenagers had been staying at supermarket that was known as Waitrose, which was apparently running short of supplies. They realize that there is a far much greater threat that is within the palace walls than even the one which is outside and so they must proceed with caution. The survivors of the disease feed on human flesh and this is why the teens had locked themselves anywhere they could. There were more groups like this across London with all teenagers below the age of 16 years. This novel is filled with very many plot twists that actually make it a book worth reading. The content in this novel is just on a class of its own and you will be absolutely amazed at how Charlie Higson maneuvers across his characters, giving them life as well as making sure that they are as relevant as they need be.

This first novel in the series is as action packed as the others and you will absolutely love the fact that this novel is just amazing. It builds up a very strong foundation for the other books in the series to take shape and they eventually do and what you have at the end is just an epic read that will keep you glued from book one, up until the last one. The second book in this series by the name, The Dead delivers too an unexpected surge of adrenaline into the series that just takes it to another level wholly. The book is set, one year, before The Enemy. Students of a local boarding school have to escape the school after their teachers and subsequently everyone who is 16 years and above turns rogue and start eating flesh. Some students with the bus and the bus driver don’t seem to show any signs until they get somewhere as there are headed to London.

They escape this too and a fire is raging on which pushes them towards the River Thames. They are forced to still cross the river towards the Tower of London and this is where they meet up with the other teens from book 1 which was The Enemy to make book three that will be titled The Fear. This book is just as it should be, great apocalypse story and a lot of plot twists that are sure to blow you off your feet. The Dead just epitomizes what Charlie Higson is all about. The charismatic as well as really intriguing author that goes the extra mile to make sure that you actually do get a chance to experience this world as if you were there and it actually happened. The story is captivating and any reader would find the words just right for the occasion as well as making sure that they keep you glued to the book.

The adventures of the teenagers as they move around London headed to Buckingham Palace just sets the book on a level of its own. The characters are carefully and clearly chosen to give the best of both worlds and make sure that you fully understand what is going on in the book. The structure and vivid detail that is described for the city of London is just amazing and kind of makes you wish that you were there, but without the apocalypse stuff. The clear descriptions provided just makes this series a must read for any book enthusiast. This series just stands out for any generation be it the young or the old, gender notwithstanding. The portrayal of the living dead goes out of the norm that you have ever seen on TV or actually read before; this series just makes it amazing. You will basically love everything that is in this series because it was written with care and with the reader at heart.

There is no scene or character that is rushed. Everything is detailed and the words made to be really tantalizing. This series comes nothing short of perfect for any reader that is into this kind of paranormal stuff. Charlie Higson did a very splendid job of making sure that this book is read from the first page up until the final chapter of the last book in the series. The final book, Geeks vs. Zombies, brings out what this series has been all about and delivers a very fast paced as well as adrenaline pumping activity that just puts this book on a class of its own. All through the series, a lot is maintained while a lot new keeps flowing in with perfect harmony of what is already there and you will find this extremely endearing. Overall, the book gives some pretty good performance and makes sure that you never lack for anything through the series. You will love the energy as well as the plot twists that are associated with this book, just one epic read. Give it a try today and you will love all the amazing zombie stuff that you have ever seen.

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