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Publication Order of The English Brothers Books

Breaking Up with Barrett (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling for Fitz (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anyone but Alex (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by Stratton (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild About Weston (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss Me Kate (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marrying Mr. English (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The English Brothers series of novels was written by the award-winning novelist and Amazon bestselling author from Stamford, CT, United States, Katy Regnery. The author has written the series based on the contemporary and Romance genres. The English Brothers series consists of six very interesting novels published between 2014 ad 2015. The series deals with the love life of the English brothers from Philadelphia, who are extremely handsome and all of them are on the search of their better halves, even though some of them do not realize it. The novels of the series are hot and midsection novels based on fiction and end in the signature style of author Katy Regnery as happily ever after. Katy had initially planned the series as a six book novel series. But looks like the series could be expanded, citing the huge positive response it is receiving from readers all over the world. The mid-length contemporary romances in the series consist of around 200 pages and are depicted in an intriguing manner by the author Katy Regnery. The success of the novel set the platform for Katy and with the help of it, she climbed the ladder of success in her career. The wide appreciations that she received by many critics and readers for The English Brothers novel series motivated her to write a few other novel series’.

The first novel of The English Brothers novel series was published in the year 2014 by the Katherine Gilliam Regnery publishing house. The novel was titled ‘Breaking Up With Barrett’ and showcases the Philadelphia based handsome English brothers. The English brothers are on the lookout of love in their life as they feel there is something missing in their life without a loving woman. Among them, Alex is a womanizing manwhore and does not believe in true love. He just likes to spend a few nights with the women and then goes on the lookout for other women. Also, his brother Stratton is super hot, but feels extremely awkward in the surrounding of girls. Therefore, he is too shy to express his feelings to a woman and does not think he can find his true love.

However, the eldest brother among the English brothers is Barrett English, who is quite fair and handsome. He is often called as ‘the Shark’ by his brothers and friends. Barrett is also the CEO of a prestigious investment banking company situated in Philadelphia. His nature is like a dominating boss, who likes to rule the boardroom and does not appreciate no for an answer. Barrett always gets it done what he likes by some or the other way. He controls the boardroom of his investment banking firm with an iron fist. The next character that enters into the plot is Emily Edwards, who is a first year student at the University of Pennsylvania, studying medicine. Emily grew up in the gatehouse situated on the outskirts of the childhood estate of Barrett English. She was also the daughter of Barrett’s family’s housekeeper and gardener.

Being close to the rich family of Barrett English, Emily always had the privilege of having a lifestyle similar to them. However, she is forced, not to forget that she was the daughter of a gardener and that her place was at the periphery of Barrett’s kingdom. Later, while on the dining table along with his business partners, Barrett is suggested that he should find a fiancee who would take care of him and help him to soften his image during business dinners. He asks Emily to be his fiancee and manage things for his business related meetings and dinners. Although he approached her to be his fiancee, he was not at all interested in love with her. However, he soon realizes that Emily was always interested in him and he is not able to deny her interest in him. Barrett thinks of using his boardroom tactics on her, but is not sure whether it will work on a woman like Emily or not.

The second novel of the English Brothers series was published under the title ‘Falling for Fitz’. This novel was released in the year 2014 and was also published by the Kathrine Gilliam Regnery publishing house, just like the first novel of the series. In this novel, the English brothers are shown not to be in search of true love in their life. However, there is an exception as the eldest brother Barrett had fallen in love at the age of eight and another brother named Fitz had found the love of his dreams when he was nineteen years old. It is also believed that the third brother named Weston was also in love with someone, only that he was not aware of it himself. The main characters of this novel are Daisy Edwards and Fitz English, who are in love with each other.

The introductory plot of the novel opens up with the two characters during one magical summer. They were just teenagers when they fell in love with one another. However, things turn ugly when something tragic happens between the two. At the end of the summer, they get separated and Daisy tells him that she will never see him gain in future. Fitz becomes devastated after hearing this and even though he has deep feelings for her, he respects her decision to separate and goes away from her. The two go on their separate ways and do not meet for almost a decade. After a decade, Daisy again meets Fitz when she moves back to her home in Philadelphia. The love and care that they had for each other ten years back was still real and deep in their hearts even today. The two are shocked to sense the same feelings for each other even today. However, things were not going to be as easy as they thought.

Daisy was engaged to someone else and she had moved back to Philadelphia in order to get married. Now Fitz has to undergo the difficult task of making Daisy fall for once again before it is too late. However, he is in a dilemma as he does not want to make things ugly again. Also, Daisy’s marriage is at stake and he does not intend to spoil the most important day of her life. Fitz just prays to God that Daisy comes back into his life and that she starts trusting him once again. Sometimes, he wishes that he had not broken her heart at the time of their relationship. If he had not done so, she would have been in his life and maybe he would have been the one with whom she would be getting married. But, he lets destiny to decide their fate and expects the things to happen smoothly.

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