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Enid Blyton Adventure Books In Order

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Publication Order of Adventure Books

The Island of Adventure (1944)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Castle of Adventure (1946)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Valley of Adventure (1947)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sea of Adventure (1948)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mountain of Adventure (1949)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ship of Adventure (1950)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Circus of Adventure (1952)Description / Buy at Amazon
The River of Adventure (1955)Description / Buy at Amazon

Children can be exceedingly savvy. When such like-minded children make common cause with each other in a bid to achieve a similar objective, it can not only be an eventful endeavor but also a wow factor. This is a quick glimpse of the scope of Enid Blyton Adventure series, wherein the featured child characters strive against all odds to solve mysterious events without necessarily seeking assistance from grown-ups. This series was penned by the late English woman of letters Enid Blyton. The said scribbler also adopted the pseudonym Mary Pollock, but she dropped it after divorcing her then spouse Hugh Alexander Pollock in the 1940s. This literary series is formally called Adventure Series and eight books are contained therein.

Philip Manning is the featured protagonist in the Enid Blyton Adventure Series. Even then it is hard to pinpoint the out-and-out main character because the child characters prevail throughout the eight-pronged series. There are over fifty editions of the earliest book in the aforementioned series. Nonetheless, the very first edition of the first book was initially published in 1944, titled The Island of Adventure; and the serialized Enid Blyton Adventure is shelved the children’s literature, mystery, and adventure fiction genres.

The Enid Blyton Adventure Series chronicles the adventurous lives of especially four child characters alongside their pet parrot. These adventures are: exploring clandestine undersea passages, dealing with untrustworthy spies, quest for seeking missing treasure, searching for one of their own who cannot be accounted for, and dealing with an eminent coup.

Meet the child characters in the Adventure Series. The first one is called Philip Manning who is nicknamed Tufty by virtue of his hair style; this teenage loves animals and has a soft spot for orphans Jack Trent and Lucy-Ann Trent. Second, there is Jack Trent; in the formative scenes of the series, Jack Trent’s age is around fourteen; this boy is nicknamed Freckles because of his facial features. Third, Dinah Manning: she is Philip’s younger sister, is twelve years old, and has a penchant for crawling animals. She is astute despite the fact that she is often mocked by her older brother for being hot-tempered. Lastly, there is Lucy-Ann Kent; she is aged around eleven and warmhearted. She and Jack Trent have been orphaned; the two of them are the adoptive children of the Mannering family.

Their clever pet parrot is named Kiki. Notable adult characters are Bill Cunningham and Mrs Allison Manning. The former is an inspector while the later is a widow and doubles up as the mother of Philip Manning and Dinah Manning. Along the way, these two adults get married.

The first book in the series, The Island of Adventure, is set in the wake of a summer holiday. Schools have closed and the said children are spending their holiday in Craggy-Tops, which an old seaside building. They spend their time birding and strolling along the beach. A strange island further away into the sea, which materializes now and then, weather permitting, rouses their interest. By and by, they start scheming how to reach it. Fortunately for the children, they chance upon a series of clandestine undersea paths, leading to the island. But they had not bargained for the eerie goings-on at the island and this prompts them to find a way of returning to their safe haven.

Enid Blyton Adventure Award and Praise
Children’s book writer Enid Blyton’s books have been praised and won her prizes. For example, in 2008, Costa Book Awards found out that Blyton is the most beloved writer in the UK. But winning a notable prize overshadowed the praises. Closer home, the 1944 book entitled The Island of Adventure, which is alternatively known as Mystery Island especially in the US market, won an award from Boy’s Club of America.

Enid Blyton Adventure into TV Shows and Movies
There is a television series called Enid Blyton Adventure Series and which first aired in 1996; ordinarily, it is based on Blyton’s literary work. The following is the cast. David Taylor played as Jack, Alexis Jackson appeared as Dinah, Jennyfer Jewell was Lucy-Ann, and Peter Malloch appeared as Philip. Malcom Jamieson and Kirsten Hughes appeared as Bill Cunningham and Allison Mannering, respectively.

The following are more film adaptations, the year they were produced, and the starring actors. Valeria Eisenbart starred in the Famous Five (2012 film), Famous Five 2 (2013 film), and Famous Five 3 (2014 film). Jeniffer Thanisch starred in the Famous Five (1978-9 TV series) while Clara Johnson starred in the Famous Five: On the Case (2008 animated series). Sophia Munster and Jana Munster starred in Hanni & Nanni (2010 film). The 2002 animated series called Make Way for Noddy starred Brit McKillip.

Best Enid Blyton Adventure Books
The first, second, and third books in the Enid Blyton Adventure Series comprise of the best therein. The best of the best is The Island of Adventure. The second and third are The Castle of Adventure and The Valley of Adventure, respectively. Initially published in 1946, The Castle of Adventure is all about the child characters being prompted by a light signal to start investigating the goings-on in a feared fortress which is perched on a hill. The 1947 book The Valley of Adventure features the child characters’ nightly flight into a wrong destination wherein the mysterious pilots land the aircraft in a valley which abounds with hidden treasure.

Other Book Series You May Like
Readers who liked the Enid Blyton Adventure Series acknowledged the following three series. The first one is titled Oracles of Delphi Keep which is authored by Victoria Laurie; this series features protagonist Ian Wigby, an orphaned boy, who marshals other orphaned but talented children to fulfill a millennia-old prediction to save the earth from dark forces. The second one s simply titled Sophie Series and is penned by Nancy Rue; it features prospective filmmaker Sophie LaCroix who uses her imagination to frustrate a shocking plan and rescue her friend from being humiliated.

The third is entitled The Navigator Trilogy and is written by Eoin McNamee; it features protagonist Owen whose enemies are intent on tampering with time–reversing time, buying and selling time, and obliterating time.

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