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Publication Order of The Secret Books

The Secret Island (1938)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Of Spiggy Holes (1940)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Mountain (1941)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Of Killimooin (1943)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Of Moon Castle (1953)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Valley (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

In their infantile innocence, children can be a mischievous lot. Yet behind that facade, witty characters may exist, something which may augur well for them during collective decision-making. The Enid Blyton Secret series is all about child characters who are past masters at brainstorming. They come up with creative ways, sometimes to the chagrin of their antagonists, to counter their problematic lives and other social ills. The late English children’s books scribbler Enid Blyton authored the aforementioned series. Did you know that author Blyton once wrote under the pen name Mary Pollock prior to divorcing her then husband Hugh Alexander Hughes? Incidentally, this literary series is simply called The Secret Series because the titles of the several books contained therein notably begin with the words “The Secret…” By referring to it as the Enid Blyton Secret Series, it distinguishes it from similarly titled literary works.

There is no specific featured main character in the Enid Blyton Secret Series. Instead, it comprises of child characters whose roles are more or less of the same magnitude when juxtaposed. Even though there are over twenty editions of the first book in that series, the first one was originally published in 1938, titled The Secret Island; and this series is classified under the juvenile literature, mystery, classic literature, paranormal, and European literature genres.

There are different aspects covered in the Enid Blyton Secret Series. They include seemingly orphaned children whose guardians, albeit close relatives, subject them to abuse and allocate more duties to them than they can deal with prompting them to run away. The children also conduct search and rescue operations, most notable where they save a royal member and their parents who have been abducted. They also deal with kidnappers and work out the goings-on in an apparently haunted castle.

Meet the child characters. First of all, Peggy Arnold is the eldest among two other siblings namely Mike and Nora; the last two are twins. Their mother and father have reportedly passed away as a result of aircraft accident, but it is revealed otherwise in subsequent books. Consequently, they are being taken care of by their uncle alongside aunt. There is also Jack, who is an orphaned boy. Peggy and the other two siblings are angling for leaving their uncle’s homestead because they are being subjected to cruel actions and being assigned arduous household chores. Their plan becomes a reality when they befriend Jack. But soon the four child characters realize that the independent life they longed for, albeit fun-filled, has series demerits. However, after being reunited with their guardians, they are bitten by the bug and run away yet again.

The first book in the series, The Secret Island, is all about the child characters resolving to run away from their troublesome homes. They seek refuge in an isolated island hemmed in by a nice-looking lake. They build crude shelters and forage for bedding. By and by, they start practicing subsistence farming, keeping livestock, and poultry farming. They sell the surplus farm products in a market. Jack, who is mandated to take the products to the market, realizes that they are being sought by the authorities. Worse still, life out there is shockingly hard; for instance, during the winter season.

Enid Blyton Secret Award and Commendation
Author Enid Blyton’s books have attracted admiration and won prestigious awards. First, the Costa Book Awards’ 2008 survey showed that Enid Blyton is the most adored among all UK authors. Blyton also won a notable award. For instance, The Island of Adventure, a book published in 1944 and titled Mystery Island in America, received a reward from the Boy’s Club of America. That book is the first one in the Enid Blyton Adventure Series.

Enid Blyton Secret into TV Shows and Movies
There is a TV series adapted from this series by Enid Blyton. Referred to as The Enid Blyton Secret Series, its first episode aired in December 1997. Jeremy Brudenell played as Thaddeus Arnold, the father of three siblings. Daniel James appeared as Jack Trent. Peggy Arnold’s role was played by Jennyfer Jewell. Tom Pizey was Mike Arnold while Tineke Van Der Walle appeared as Laura Arnold.

Other series written by Enid Blyton have respective adaptations. David Taylor and Alexis Jackson were among the stars in the 1996 TV series titled Enid Blyton Adventure Series. Valeria Eisenbart starred in the Famous Five adaptations but for the 2008 animation, Famous Five: On the Case, wherein Jennifer Thanisch starred. Brit McKillip was the starring actor in the 2002 series Make Way for Noddy while Sophia Munster starred alongside Jana Munster in the 2010 film entitled Hanni & Nanni.

Best Enid Blyton Secret Books
The best three children’s books in the Enid Blyton Secret Series are The Secret Island, The Secret of Spiggy Holes, and The Secret Mountain. The first has been tackled. In the 1938 book The Secret of Spiggy Hole, the child characters have been returned to their guardians; they accompany a family friend for a vacation in a coastal destination wherein they chance upon an abducted young royal family member whom they rescue. The abductee, who is a prince and king-in-waiting, eventually becomes their schoolmate. In the 1949 book The Secret Mountain, the three orphan’s parents have allegedly been involved in an air crash in a far-flung African region. The child characters along the then abducted prince fly to Africa for a search and rescue mission amid a hostile African tribe.

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