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Publication Order of Lonely Street Books

Eòsa Cerne is the author of the Lonely Street series, where the first novel, Yesterday, was
published on December 20 2023. The novels in the series include Yesterday, New kid In Town
and Day after a Day.

Yesterday is the debut novel in the Lonely Street series. The story is set in 1998 and opens up as
Tim Regan is driving to Belfast for the funeral of his childhood friend. On his way, memories of a
long time ago keep flashing. Such memories include a time when the two friends accidentally
saw something they weren’t supposed to see when peeping though the door of a furnace
As curious as any child would be, after they finished peeping, they started running in fear of
being seen. They left clues behind about who they really were, and during the cheeky chase,
they tried to avoid what may become of their fate.

The two kids start being absent in school as they spent their days in the old drifters as the Provo
killers get close to finding them. They fear that if they go to school they might be traced. Along
the way, some people are killed in an effort to get hold of the boys before they could open their
All this was happening in the year 1971. Soon they learn that one of them had started talking
and told Tim’s young brother everything they ssaw. The killers started targeting him and even
though he were lucky to escape their outrage, he were to dies with his parents and sister after
the car went off the mountain. This is something that Tim planned on investigating and while
Belfast town might be a place holding so much secrets, its one place where people could
differentiate between rumor and the truth.
Now present in 1998, the terror of the past is interconnected with the present as he’s travelling
to bury Rod Whelan. There are similarities to the deaths of the boys over 20 years ago with the
earlier on being Rod’s brother. Whoever killed the kids murderd him too.

Now they have an army and Tim is no longer afraid because he is no longer alone in the war.
The angry Belfast residents wanted the killers to pay for every death they caused including that
of Tim’s parents and siblings.

Belfast is a city where people are living in fear and suspicion, and each new day, more deaths
bring chaos and riots.

New Kid in Town is the second instalment in the Lonely Street series. In the sequel, the setting
is more precise, as the author shows the gritty side of West Belfast, with a lot of violence and
criminal content represented by Republicans. Eosa Cerne also lets the readers see the shadow
people called the Shades from a different world.

A ghost-boy also find his way into the story as the prophetess reveals the Regan family’s link to
a past obligation. As mentioned in the first book of the series, their link to the ancient townland
gives a significant fantasy element to the rest.

The Provos soon launch their paramilitary style of serving justice on the teenagers who have
seen too much than they are supposed to. They start murdering them one after another as
they show their power to the anxious residents in St Peter’s Parish. They know that they are
protected by the corrupt authorities and this gives the power to do anything they want without
being questioned by anyone.

Day After Day is book three in the Lonely Street series. Tim Regan has already returned from
the south of Ireland and discovers that the Provos are targeting his family and Maggie Doyle’s.
He soon learns that his actions exposed them, and they are planning revenge for his

This saw King, a rival of Dan Shannon, flee from the Provos before he got executed, and Tim’s
family, the Doyles and their friends are thought to have played a role in the fat man’s revenge.
When Tim is told some secrets by Maggie Doyle that have stripped the light from her, Tim can
blame himself and often is tortured by the scenes in his mind that Maggie had to encounter.
Seeing a teenager haunted by his guilt, changing as days pass, Maggie can see how Tim is
tormented by his actions until he starts to hate himself and lust for revenge.

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