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The Equalizer (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killed in Action (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Equalizer: Requiem (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Equalizer Series
Equalizer is a thriller series by Michael Sloan. It’s based on a 1980s classic television series by the same name. Sloan was also a co-creator in this TV series, and this explains his understanding of the protagonist and other supporting characters. The series stars Robert McCall; a CIA agent turned hero fighting crime on the streets of New York. Prepare yourself for intriguing vigilante stories, epic fight scenes, and just the right amount of cuss words. You do not need to have enjoyed the TV series to understand these books. People who watched the series find the installments more detailed, and there is plenty of time to interact with all the characters.

The Equalizer
The series debut novelintroduces Robert McCall, a former CIA agent trying to live a quiet life in New York City. It has been nine months since Robert retired. After a former agent and a woman he was close to is killed in the line of duty, Robert is so mad at the system that he decides to quit. He was sure that their rendezvous was compromised, possibly due to a leak, and was lucky to be alive. Robert is determined to learn and settle in his current community, but the more he interacts with the people, the more corruption he sees all around him. He chooses to take action, which explains why this former CIA agent will be taking on bad guys and rescuing damsels in distress.

His services are free. Most of the time, Robert acts as a protector, investigator, and troubleshooter for those who are at a disadvantage. People in need of his services can find him on the internet or through a newspaper ad. Anyone who thinks that the odds are against them stands to benefit from free investigative service by an agent who had completed many missions. Even with his talent, Robert often has to ask for help from his colleagues. While the agency is still mad at him for quitting, this former agent has some friends who often help him fight the bad guys. His job also attracts old enemies and some mysterious contacts.

This exciting thriller story features a confident and skilled ex-CIA agent who is always fighting for the underdog. When he takes on a case involving a young woman forced into prostitution, Michael never thought that he was declaring war on the Chechen mob. What follows is an exhilarating ride as Michael tries to defeat a gang organizing assassinations throughout the world. Michael’s character continues to grow as you go deeper into the story, and you cannot help but hope that he will emerge victorious in all his endeavors. You will also meet many beautiful ladies on these pages as Michael works to get them out of trouble.
The Equalizer is an action-packed, fast-paced story that will keep you at the edge of your seat. You will have loads of fun following Michael through his adventures and many near-death experiences. The writing style is engaging, and the descriptions are detailed and done in a way that everything from the protagonist to the setting comes to life. There are some unexpected twists in this story, and the one towards the end will send you looking for the next installment in this series. This exciting book is for you if you are a thriller fan and enjoy stories with talented yet flawed protagonists.

Killed in Action
Killed in Action is the second installment in the Equalizer series. In this book, Robert will be helping a distraught mother find her daughter. This talented ex-CIA agent quickly finds himself drawn into the world of white slavery with a client who is nothing like she seems. At the same time, Michael is approached by a UN diplomat regarding her son, who had been reported KIA. The diplomat’s son, a US Army Captain, worked with Syrian Rebel forces on their fight with the Jihadists before he disappeared. Like every parent, the diplomat wants to find out whether her son is dead or alive. What happened to this American officer?
Robert embarks on what seems like a suicide mission to Syria. Here, he stumbles on a plot that could harm the US. Mercenaries are protecting terrorists targeting key officials, including Robert’s former boss, and it seems like the CIA is unaware. The head of The Company is also missing, and all his intelligence and personal records have been deleted. Can Robert save his former boss and friend, or is it too late for him? Is there a way to stop these terror attacks that terrorists want to carry out on American soil? As if Robert doesn’t have enough on his plate, he will also be dealing with a psychotic imposter trying to be a hero in New York.

This is another exciting installment in this series. There is a lot that Robert will be dealing with, but it is easy to follow the different storylines and understand what is going on. Even in this installment, this talented agent will be fighting for those who had lost hope. Fortunately, he still has his razor-sharp instincts, and he doesn’t shy away from a fight when the occasion calls for it. All supporting characters are well developed and help make this read like a true story. Curious to find out what happened to the Army captain who went missing or Robert’s former boss? Read this tale for this and more.

Killed in Action is a fascinating story with a well-convoluted plot, great fight scenes, and an exhilarating pace. The plots come together beautifully at the end and set the pace for the next book in the series. Sloan’s descriptions remain exceptional, and you can almost feel the heat as Robert goes against seasoned terrorists who are ready to kill anyone who stands in their way. While this story comes with many subplots and characters, it is easy to follow, and the flow is excellent from start to finish. You will enjoy the mayhem, the relationships between the characters, and the sexual activity.

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