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Eric L. Harry is a renowned writer and lawyer from the United States, who is well known for writing fiction, horror, and science fiction novels. He is best known for writing his popular novels Invasion and Arc Light. The other successful books of his Harry’s writing career include Protect & Defend and Society of Mind. Author Harry was born on December 02, 1958 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States. He spent his earlier years growing up in Laurel, Mississippi. Harry has studied and received training at the Marion Military Institute, and then at the Marine Military Academy. Later, he joined the Vanderbilt University and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1980.

Author Harry also obtained an MBA degree from the Graduate Management School of Vanderbilt in 1983. His interest in law enabled him to study law for one year at the same university’s Law School. Immediately after he obtained his JD, Harry began practicing law in the acquisitions and mergers department in Houston. Initially, he started at the associate lawyer level and then rose to the ranks of a Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Senior Vice-President, General Counsel, and partner. Over the years of his law career, Harry worked for a number of law firms such as Bracewell and Patterson, Apache Corporation, El Paso, Sheridian Production Partners, etc. The latter was co-founded by author Harry in 2006 after he left El Paso.

Harry bid adieu to the law career in 2014 and started focusing on the writing career on a full time basis. Author Harry is happily married and resides in Houston along with his beautiful wife named Marina and 3 children. The family also owns a home in San Diego, where they visit from time to time to get away from their stressful and busy life. The books written by Harry have been published in as many as eight countries and have a large number of readers successfully. Harry likes to interact with his fans on social media platforms. He also answers their queries on his personal website and likes to give them updates regarding his upcoming releases. As of now, Harry is working on the development of his next book and is expected to publish it soon.

A very popular book series written by author Eric L. Harry in known as A Pandora Thriller series. It is comprised of a total of 2 books, both of which were released in 2018. The chief character mentioned by Harry in both the novels is Emma Miller. She is shown as studying and researching on various diseases in order to find cures for rare viruses. The other important characters mentioned by Harry in the series other than Emma Miller include Isabel Miller, the twin sister of Emma, who works as a neuroscientist; Noah Miller, the brother of Emma and Isabel, and several others. The debut book of the Pandora series is entitled ‘Pandor: Outbreak’. It was released by the Rebel Base publication in the year 2018.

At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a new and rare form of a virus called Pandoravirus hits different parts of the US. This virus is characterized by attacking the brain of the victims and making them go into an uncontrollable rage. They don’t feel any pain and become devoid of emotions. A mad hunt begins by the infected ones and they also get hunted by the law authorities. The infected do not show any mercy while attacking and create a havoc. With the rapid spreading of the virus, the number of infected people seems to be on the rise and no cure has been found yet. Emma Miller earns her living by studying diseases. Her world turns upside down when she gets infected with the virus.

The US government catches Emma Miller and performs research studies on her for finding the cure to Pandoravirus. Her neuroscientist twin sister Isabel is made the incharge of carrying out experiments on her. Meanwhile, the rival factions in the city indulge in debating whether the infected people must be treated with compassion or they must put down like the rabid animals. Isabel makes continuous efforts in saving the life of her sister, but she seems to get any positive outcome with any of her experiments. The infected rise to an immensely large number and begin to fight for their survival. Emma Miller leads the way of this fight and appears to be heading towards her end, with Isabel Miller still everything in her capacity to save her. The critics praised author Harry for his speculative mindset in creating this story. Many of them felt that his ideas seem quite engaging and keep the readers turning pages until the end.

Another exciting novel of this science fiction series is called ‘Pandora: Contagion’. This book was also published by Rebel Base publishers in 2018. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the human world undergoes a drastic change after the outbreak of Pandoravirus. Human nature’s essence gets changed because of the effects of this deadly virus. Whoever gets affected by this disease gets consumed by an adrenal rage, thereby erupting in violent activities even with slight provocations. With Emma Miller becoming one of the affected ones of the deadly disease, things appear to go out of hand at a much faster rate. She begins forging all the affected people into a big army of deadly and merciless killers, who will march all across America and destroy anything that comes in their way.

Isabel Miller, Emma’s twin sister and a hardworking neuroscientist, tries everything she can to avert this chaos. She fears that if this chaos is brought under control soon, then it will go on to consume the entire human civilization. Isabel has a good team of scientists on her side, who tirelessly work for days and nights so as to come up with an antivirus and stop the unrest in the country. They manage to stay a step ahead of the ravaging unrest and work towards the most important goal of bringing the situation under control. Noah Miller, the brother of Isabel & Emma, moves his family to a safe location in the Virginia mountains. But, all his attempts to safeguard the members of his family go in vain as Emma Miller arrives with her merciless followers at the safe haven created by him with. This gives causes the beginning of a conflict among the Millers, who seem to kill each other with the first chance they get. The nation has already been divided into several factions because of treatment of Pandoravirus victims and this conflict comes as another factor that has started to sweep the nation. The possibility of a large scale civil war looms over America. Its citizens live in fear and hope that the scientists come up with a solution to this nightmarish problem very soon.

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