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Forged By Iron (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Eric Schumacher is an Amazon bestselling author of six historical fiction books, all of which are set in the Viking Age. During the day, Schumacher works as a P.R. consultant and storyteller for video game and tech companies. By night, he wanders into the past, crafting some of the best Viking stories you’ve ever heard about people living in one of the most turbulent times in human history.

Schumacher was born in Los Angeles and devoured books about warrior kings and castles from the earliest age. His fascination with reading Tolkien’s books about Middle Earth, playing Dungeons and Dragons late at night, and a knack for writing drove him to complete Hakon’s Saga, a Viking book series set in the 10th century Norway. His debut novel, God’s Hammer, published in 2005, tells the story of a young Norwegian King named Hakon Haraldsson and his struggles to unify, win and protect his kingdom.

Haakon’s journey with us begins after he is taken to York to live with King Athelstan of “Engla-Lond” as a foster child. We experience his new world through the viewpoint of a child who feels twofold unwelcome, as his biological father sent him across the ocean, and he is now forced to survive as a heathen among Christians. Ultimately, he earns the affection and admiration of his adoptive father after years of battling with these two dreadful realities. Motivated by his need to please Athelstan, he is baptized and rapidly matures into a young man. He is even sent to battle to witness the responsibilities of a king firsthand.

However, this critical event is interrupted by the death of his biological father, Harold the Fair. Rather than riding into war with his adoptive father, he travels to his birth father’s homeland to reclaim the throne from his brother, who murdered his other siblings. Haakon struggles with his newfound faith, which places him in conflict with the citizens he has come to lead. To further complicate matters, it becomes evident that each of his ‘loyal’ members has their agenda. Haakon then makes remarkably prudent decisions that earn him recognition and more military men. Sadly for Haakon, but luckily for the tale, he also commits a number of errors that continually threaten to derail his efforts.

Mr. Schumacher’s historical knowledge is prominently displayed throughout the entire narrative. He brings the historical period to life, including the conflict between paganism and Christianity. Hakon is a misfit everywhere he goes; his tale starts as a Pagan child who comes to serve a Christian king. Hakon returns to his motherland as a Christian leader of Pagan’s after his father’s death. And it is at this point that the most significant conflict arises, which is handled quite well. There is no magical transformation of the nation as a whole by the novel’s final chapter, so there is potential for continuing tension in the sequel.

This novel will have you hooked from the first chapter to the last. The further you read the story, the harder it is to put it down. The story’s appeal is more than immersion into the Viking world, medieval England, and the conflict between the pagans and Christians. The author does a fantastic job in both character development and storytelling, allowing the readers to connect with the main character and those he comes to care about as the story progresses.

Eric Schumacher’s prowess in the historical fiction genre is displayed throughout the novel. He made this period come alive, including the conflict that emerged as Pagans and Christians clashed. God’s Hammer is highly recommended if you enjoy reading low-fantasy books or historical fiction.

Forged by Iron is the debut novel in The Saga of King Olaf series set in 960 A.D. during a Nordic adventure. The Viking-era novel is centered on the stories of King Olaf but is narrated in the first-person perspective by Torgil, a twelve-year-old boy who has vowed to protect the eight-year-old Prince Olaf. The tale kicks off when the timid but brave Torgil rescues Olaf shortly after the young prince runs off a cliff because of a dare by his older companions. Torgil’s resentment for Olaf becomes apparent at the story’s beginning as the Norns construct the young boys’ destinies. Both are entangled in the political schemes of Holger, who compromises and executes Olaf’s father. Under the watchful eye of Torgil and their father, Queen Astrid, and Olaf are compelled to make an unsafe trip through Norway, Sweden, and present-day Estonia to save their lives. The boys’ hardships transform them into callous, vengeful young men.

Author Eric Schumacher expertly depicts the core characteristics of the characters as he weaves a gripping journey and coming-of-age story about two boys who must overcome nearly insurmountable obstacles. Torgil is an intriguing individual. Torgil protects the young prince despite his occasional jealousy of Olaf, even though he and Olaf occasionally conflict. This story is distinguished from others in its genre by the author’s ability to depict the lifestyle of Vikings and the harsh terrain vividly they must transverse. The narrative is packed with colorful and exciting descriptions, all of which are presented from the point of view of a young boy.

Torgil and his traveling companions encounter countless extreme challenges and adversity. Through the novel’s many years, Torgil and his ward, Prince Olaf, attain adulthood. This is the first installment of the series titled “The Saga of King Olaf.” In bits and fragments, we learn about Olaf throughout the story. We are left with the impression that there is something else that we have to know about him. The conclusion of Forged by Iron is intriguing and will leave you yearning for more books in the series. Near the book’s conclusion, Torgil asks another character, “Would you serve a lord who can’t wield a sword?” Not to fret. Prince Olaf is proficient with both swords and throwing blades. Overall, Forged by Iron is an excellent coming-of-age story interspersed with plenty of gore and blood. Eric Schumacher’s inspiration from famous authors makes his books stand out.

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