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Publication Order of A Dark Mafia Romance Books

Eric Steele is a reputed author of the young adult, fantasy, adult fiction, romance, dark fantasy, and contemporary stories. He is particularly popular for writing the Polizzi Crime Family series, which is also known as A Dark Mafia Romance series. In this series, Steele has described romance stories set in the background of mob influence. The lead characters of each of the books are shown as the members of a mob family. They are depicted as coming across their destined lovers and fighting all odds to have them in their lives forever. Each novel revolves around a different set of central characters. Although Steele has written the books in order, each book refers to an independent story. So, they can be read as standalone books as well. All the books penned by Steele are widely popular. They are liked by readers in huge numbers across the globe. His fan-following increased greatly right from the release of his first book called Zayn.

After that, Steele kept climbing on the ladders of success with each new release. The year 2020 was a great year for him because he released his first six books in that year through the online platform and all of them have managed to become immensely popular. Steele has been noticed by the prominent names of the literary world. He has started getting offers from the leading publishing houses with multiple-book deals. Author Steele thinks that the publishing world has finally realized his potential as a writer of young adult and dark romance stories. He intends to write many more exciting books in the years to come and earn more success and popularity. Many noteworthy critics have taken note of his work and have reviewed them with good comments. They have appreciated his writing skills, character developments, wonderful settings, and storytelling abilities.

Even several of his fellow writers have come forward to praise his work. Many of them see him as a future star-author with a long list of successful books to his name. Steele wishes to achieve fame in foreign countries as well. For that purpose, he has started meeting foreign publishers and is in talks with one of them to release his books in different English-speaking countries. Steele is also looking forward to the translation of his novels in foreign languages so that readers from the leading countries can also enjoy his work. He is quite satisfied with the success he has earned so far and wants to continue doing the good work for as long as he can. Steele is hopeful that his fans will keep reading his already published books and help to make them more popular until the next book comes out.

The Dark Mafia Romance series written by author Eric Steele began in 2020 and the first six titles were released in the same year. Some of the lead characters created by Steele for this series include Lucas, Zayn, Damien, Zoey, Nathan, Heiden, Everly, Mariana, Mateo, and several others. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Zayn’. It was released as a Kindle book on February 10, 2020. This book revolves around the lives of the step-siblings Mariana and Mateo and shows how Zayn’s involvement helps save Mariana from her evil step-brother. Initially, Mariana is introduced as a woman who does not trust men easily. She lives with her stepbrother named Mateo, who treats her like his property. When things begin to go too much out of hand and Mariana is unable to take the sufferings anymore, she decides to run away from her home. Mateo comes after her and he doesn’t let her live freely.

While on the run, Mariana comes across Zayn and gets attracted to him immediately. Zayn is shown as a rich man with a bad boy image. He doesn’t care about anything in life and only likes to enjoy living each moment on his own terms. When Mariana sees Zayn for the first time, she suspects that he could turn out to be another trouble for him. Her mind tells her to not get involved with him and keep running. But, her heart makes her feel the other way. She couldn’t help but fall in love with the bad boy because of his charming looks and handsome personality. Zayn and Mariana go on to indulge in a passionate love affair, sharing nights of romance and wild sex.

Later, Mariana becomes pregnant with Zayn’s child. It gives her more reasons to consider him her soulmate and spend the rest of her life in his arms. But, her future with Zayn still remains uncertain as her stepbrother is desperately looking for her. Mariana hopes that Zayn can stop the danger before it harms her and their unborn child. She cannot wait to start a family with Zayn and live the rest of her life happily with him. If only Mateo can stop from coming after her, all her problems can go away. When the evil stepbrother doesn’t stop from posing as a danger to her lady love, Zayn decides to take the matters into his own hands and teach him a lesson that he will never forget all his life. Seeing Zayn care for her makes Mariana love him even more. She doesn’t care about his bad-boy personality or the fact that he is a member of a dangerous mob. Zayn also accepts her for what she is and decides to live with her thereafter.

The second volume of the series is known as ‘Damien’. It was also published in the Kindle format on February 26, 2020. This novel tells the story of Everly and Damien. The book opens by showing that Everly is the daughter of a mob boss and she hates to be living with him. She wants to escape from him and live her life on her own. When an opportunity comes her way in the form of Damien, Everly decides to take her chance and move far away from her father. Damien is introduced as an ex-Navy SEAL, while Everly works as a nurse. They came to know each other through Damien’s sister Penelope, who knew Everly from school and work.

When Everly learn that Damien is a close friend of Zayn, she realizes that he is also a mob member. It breaks her heart to know this, but does not realize that Damien will leave everything to be with her. He loves her as much as she does and doesn’t want her to go away from his life. Everly thinks that her soul belongs to Damien and wants to spend her future in his company. When Everly’s father comes to know about her plans, her life falls in danger. She expects Damien to come up with the decision of starting afresh with her soon or risk losing her forever. Damien decides what’s best for him and Everly and goes against the mob that he works for.

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