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Cracks in the Foundation (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Erica Ferencik is an American thriller novelist, a screenwriter, and a standup comedian. Even though Erica no longer does stand-up comedy, she performed in different clubs in New York and Boston for over ten years.

Cracks in the Foundation

This is Ferencik’s first nonfiction book that gives a witty view of the real estate business. The book features Ginger Kanadoo, a real estate broker and a mother trying hard to stay in business as well as be there for her daughter, Harvest. Ginger has had a successful career in real estate, and she has won the realtor of the year title for many years. However, just like the rest of the US citizens, Ginger is having a terrible year. With no closing yet, she is willing to go to extra lengths to close a deal.

Her current listing is a starter outhouse with nothing to offer but views to the mucky Squamskootnocket Lake. She knows all too well that selling this house will be an uphill task, but she is determined to see it happen, whatever the cost. The dynamics change when Dickie Kanadoo, Ginger’s boss, and brother, hires Tandy, a hotshot realtor from the city. Tandy is everything Ginger is not, and as if that is not enough, Dickie is forcing everyone to use the internet, and Ginger is no fan of the internet.

Ginger and Tandy are off to a rough start as Ginger is determined to retain her best realtor title, and she knows that if this is to happen, she has to beat Tandy to it. She teams up with her aunt Maxie Kanadoo, a 93-year-old woman who believes that she is the oldest realtor alive and Harvest. The trio employs different hilarious tactics to complete the sale, and it is funny how all of them attempt every trick in the possible to try and accomplish their shared goal.
Aside from the low business, Ginger and Harvest are dealing with a terrible loss. Harvest has lost her father, who was also a realtor, in a septic tank accident. Her father had fallen into the septic tank during an inspection, and even though there were bystanders, no one made any effort to save him. Ginger misses her father, but the fact that the family surrounds her makes the loss bearable. Her father’s death has quite had an impact on her, and Ginger spends her time either trying to make a sale or drinking herself to death.

Erica Ferencik’s nonfiction book Cracks in the Foundation story can be summed up as a journey of self-discovery. Ginger drinks a little too much and even has a stint in prison, and despite that, she’s determined to make it in real estate. Her dedication sees her through challenging times where listings are hard to come by, and selling a house is next to impossible. All things considered, Ginger handles Carl’s death well. Understandably, she is not the best mother or even the best employer at the moment but she is trying.

If you enjoy a light read that will leave you cracking, Cracks in the Foundation is a perfect book for you. The cast here is intriguing, to say the least, and the humor on every page is sure to make you laugh. All the characters, including the uptight Tandy, are relatable, and you will have a hard time choosing a favorite among the Kanadoo.


The Repeaters kick off with a short chapter where a bird selfishly takes the life of her young one. The chapter acts as a foreshadow of what is later to be revealed in the novel. We meet Dr. Astra Nathanson, a sexy yet murderous mother who used to be a snake. Dr. Astra is the true definition of selfish, and thanks to this, among other traits; she has a complicated relationship with her daughter, Kim.

Dr. Astra is the perfect repeater, and while she has lived many years, she has failed to learn the lessons that this earth has to offer. The only evidence of Dr. Astra’s long life is the ugly marks showing the way she died. Her failure to learn the lessons on earth explains why instead of dying and transitioning to another realm like everyone else, she comes back in another body. She gives birth to a daughter, Kim, in an effort to get the love she needs to get out of her cursed immortality. However, that’s not bound to happen as Dr. Astra abandons her daughter when she becomes too much to handle.

At nineteen, Kim gets engaged to Constantine, and following her fiancés prompting, Kim decides to reconnect with her mother. Dr. Astra convinces Kim and the fiancé to visit her, but this becomes Kim’s undoing. Her mother remains cold to her while she is overly sweet to Constantine. Kim reconnecting with her mother sets the pace for paranormal events, chilling events, and a tale so twisted that you will be thinking about it way after you have completed this book.
Besides Dr. Astra, you will meet more reincarnates whose lives were either taken violently, or never learned to love. These people come back as deprived human beings, feeder animals, or reptiles. Repeaters novel brings an entirely different angle to reincarnation as we know it. The story also touches on self-preservation, a dark yet common human behavior. Human beings are generally selfish, and through the reincarnates, it is easy to see the lengths that this selfishness can go from the different characters portrayed in the story.

While Dr. Astra is clearly a sociopath, it is easy to relate to her primal desires. In the end, she is one character you will love to hate but hate the fact that you love her despite her misgivings. The cast both secondary and supporting is exciting and the story features plenty of twists and turns that are sure to make your head spin. Additionally, this murderous love story comes with enormous suspense, and the way the story is written makes it hard to put down.

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