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About Erica Katz

The American author Erica Katz is a somewhat mysterious author writing under an assumed pseudonym, as she has turned the heads of many throughout the publishing industry. Looking at the world of law, she has provided fresh insight into the inner-workings of the legal system, providing a window that is quite unlike any other. This alongside her well drawn characters has really gotten people talking, as she definitely doesn’t hold back with her no-holds barred approach to her writing. Honest and evocative, she definitely has a way with words, allowing the reader to feel as if they’re really there, invested in the action and the world.

Her page turning approach to fiction has really altered the way readers think about the contemporary legal thriller. Combining genres, Katz has shone a light on another side to the profession of law that has so far remained unseen by the public. Said to be from New York as well, she has created a world in her work that really comes alive, feeling wholly real and tactile upon the page. This has attracted the attention of not only critic, but the general public too, as her brand continues to draw in a worldwide audience on a global scale.

Early and Personal Life

Originally coming from New Jersey before moving to Manhattan, her background definitely shows within her work. Depicting a world that’s infused with modern city living, the fiction of Katz would very much be representative of who she is and where she’s come from. It would be here that she would also get many of her ideas, with her work inspiring her, giving her the material and ideas she’d become famous for. Interested in law from early on, she’d also be gifted at writing, both interests being what would propel her forwards in her career.

Studying at Columbia Law School, the legal professional now known as Erica Katz would graduate before going on to work in Manhattan. It would be here that she would work for a major law firm, looking at some big cases, all of which would help provide her with material. Gaining a strong background would provide her with the foundations she needed, giving her a unique insight into the world of corporate law. Having studied and experienced it, her stories have proven to be a huge success due to their authenticity, along with her own thoughts and ideas on the profession.

Continuing to work in law, Katz enjoys her two separate lives; one as a high-powered lawyer, and the other as a well established writer. Balancing these two professions has proven to be hugely successful for her, as they both feed into one another inspiring her. Still living in New York to this day, she continues to work for another high-profile law firm, with more novels expected on the horizon.

Writing Career

It would be 2020 on the 4th of August that Erica Katz would write her first novel, releasing the stand-alone title ‘The Boys’ Club’. Not a part of any series, it would tell the story of a high-powered law firm set in New York, not unlike Katz’s own story. Drawing heavily from her own life, it would be an exciting account of the world of law, drawing the reader in with its exciting pace and style. It would also quickly gain the attention of many critics, as it would say something different in it too, giving it a unique take on the genre.

Not only does Katz entertain and enthral the reader, but she also has something to say as well, with many important themes and ideas in her work. Exploring what it’s like to be a woman in the world of law, she examines how the system is stacked against the individual, holding women back from progressing. This is also something that has proven to strike a chord, as it relates something important, with Katz giving her own perspective on this. Dealing with issues, she’s adept at clearly speaking her mind and saying exactly what it is that needs to be said.

The critics have had a lot to say about her work too, with many singing her praises and lauding her style. Writing for the Trapeze publishing imprint, she continues to make a name for herself, as more find out about her and her work. Whilst many might not know the author directly, her sense of self through her work is clearly evident, as she writes confidence and wit.

The Boys’ Club

Initially released on the 4th of August in 2020, this would come out through Harper and Trapeze, reaching a worldwide audience. It would be a stand-alone title, with its story being an entirely self-contained one, not being a part of any ongoing arc. This would be the first book published under the pen-name of Erica Katz, introducing her and her work to the public for the first time.

With this being the first book to come from Erica Katz, it’s definitely one that makes a strong impact on the reader. It has also been optioned for Netflix, making it a highly successful first entry for the author, both in terms of story and character. The world is one that Katz is definitely well accustomed to, as it really comes alive off the page, allowing the reader to feel as if they’re really there.

Starting out with Alex Vogel, it sees her heading off for a successful career, following her graduation from Harvard Law School to take up a position at Klasko and Fitch. At first it all seems new and exciting, as she enters the world of high-powered corporate law, dealing with wealthy clients and immersing herself within the world. That’s when she starts to notice a darker side, one that seems set-up against women, as she seeks to uncover the truth behind it all. Not only that, but her handsome co-worker is drawing her in too, despite her having a loving relationship with her long-term boyfriend at home. Will she find what it it is that she’s really looking for? Can she discover the truth? What is actually going on behind the boys’ club?

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