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Publication Order of Jane Wunderly Mystery Books

Murder at the Mena House (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Wedgefield Manor (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Danger on the Atlantic (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intrigue in Istanbul (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Under the Mistletoe (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of a Scottish Isle (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Erica Ruth Neubauer is a historical fiction and mystery author best known for her debut novel “Murder at the Mena House”. Erica’s background probably had the most significant influence in her later career as an author of police procedurals. For more than a decade she worked in the military as a linguist specializing in the Korean language, then as a police officer before she taught high school for several years. Her father Scott Neubauer who spent more than two decades working as police chief in Palmyra raised her on old white and black mysteries including “Masterpiece Mystery” and Agatha Christie. Together, they would watch old detective shows such as Humphrey Bogart since absorbing mystery was something that they both shared. Somewhere while growing up, she became fascinated with 1920 Egypt, which she saw as a very romantic place. She used to have a picture of a fancy hotel full of elegantly dressed people where someone ends up dead. While reading “Murder At The Brightwell” by Ashley Weaver, she thought I would want to write something like that. Taking the advice to write what she wanted to read she decided to write an escapist novel set in Egypt during the 1920s. She spent years as a reviewer of crime and mystery fiction with magazines such as “Mystery Scene,” “Publishers Weekly,” “Milwaukee CrimeSpree Magazine,” and “Los Angeles Review of Books.” As such, she had a good understanding of what made a good mystery story when she started writing her debut.

Erica Ruth started her journey to professional authorship by attending the Bouchercon in New York. She then attended several more, where she made many connections and friends that would be instrumental when she started writing. They would provide the critique and encouragement she needed and offered her the feedback that was critical for the budding author. After several months of feedback and rewrites, she finally got Zoe Quinton as an agent. She was the one who helped her with character development, plot, and pacing until she was ready to start sending out queries. She was almost giving up when a friend looked at her list of agent names and recognized her agent, Ann Collette. She wrote a note telling the agent that she knew Erica. The agent asked to see her query anew and it was not long before she was working with Ann. Within a few months, she sold her manuscript to Kensington Publishing and has never looked back since.

Erica Ruth Neubauer’s debut novel “Murder at Mena House” is set in 1926 Egypt. The lead is Jane Wunderly, a fiercely independent woman who has decided that she is going to stay grounded while on her trip abroad. While her aunt has tried her best to interfere with her romantic life, Jane is not interested in love preferring to gaze at the Great Pyramids of Giza rather than lock her arm into that of a stranger. But her plans to remain indifferent and cool go out the window when she meets the enigmatic and roguish Mr. Redvers. While the story has all manner of charming characters, Anna Stainton has never been known for her charm. She is a socialite and she does not intend to share the limelight with any other inmate, particularly not Jane. But Jane soon hogs the limelight when Stainton ends up dead with her rival found standing over her body. She is dire straits in a foreign country and needs to determine who she can trust and fast. But first things first he has to find the man who could have committed one of the most brutal murders. Between the inscrutable Mr. Redvers, a creepy playboy with a distasteful smile, and her unusual new acquittances there is someone with a dark secret. Will she be able to find out the answers to the complicated mysteries?

“Murder at Wedgefield Manor” by Erica Ruth Neubauer is a novel set in the 1926 England. It is a manor in the remote reaches of Essex that provides Aunt Millie the matchmaker and her niece, Jane, a tranquil spot to spend some time before heading back to the US. While her aunt is spending time with Lilian her long-lost daughter, and Lord Hughes their host, Jane spends her time taking flying lessons and reading mystery all of which her aunt disapproves of. But the tension is overshadowed by a tragedy in which Simon Marshal, an Air Force veteran and estate mechanic gets killed in a motor vehicle accident. Investigations reveal that his brake cables had been sliced but there is a long list of suspects and nailing the culprit may prove almost impossible. Some strangers have been seen prowling the compound during the night, visiting relations, secretive servants. The inscrutable Mr. Redvers who was critical in resolving the mystery in Egypt arrives to help Jane once again. It seems that everyone at the manor expects Jane to protect the family of their host. But while she is looking for answers, could the killer be hiding in plain sight.

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5 Responses to “Erica Ruth Neubauer”

  1. Patricia Johnston: 5 months ago

    Enjoy your books immensely but now I want to read Danger on The Atlantic but it is an audiobook. Will you be releasing it asan e-book.
    Thank you

  2. Diane: 1 year ago

    Love your books looking forward to more

  3. Sherry: 1 year ago

    I have read all 4 books through my library and Libby. They are very entertaining and I have enjoyed them very much. Please add me to your email list. Thank you

  4. Barbara Kennelly: 1 year ago

    Have read the first three of the Jane Wunderly books and enjoyed them all. I eagerly waited for the next one, “Intrigue in Istanbul” and was excited to see it on the Barnes & Noble website. That was until I saw the price for the ebook. It brought me to a sudden halt. The $7.00 increase over the last book hit me hard. Am a 77 year old Air Force widow and live on my SBP pension and Social Security.That kind of an increase is not as easy to swallow. I hope the $16.99 price for an ebook was a mistake. If not, I am sad to say that it is one book that I will not be purchasing . Thank you for at least reading my post. I did want to let you know that I did enjoy the first three and did look forward to the 4th. After having lived in Turkey (not too far from Istanbul), when husband was stationed there. I was really excited to be reading a mystery about an amazing nation. Am a big fan of all mysteries but especially love all those written by Rita Mae Brown, Deanna Rayburn, a lot of the cozy mysteries, Historical mysteries and Romances

  5. Ann Styles: 2 years ago

    Enjoyed reading Murder at the Mena House. I found it intriguing, well-written, fun travel log, and a bit romantic.
    I am also reading books by Charles Finch. I think I found both of you while searching Agatha Christie groups.
    Please keep on writing your series. I have ordered your 2nd book in the series.
    Ann (age 76)…yes, old, but not beyond hope


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