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Erica Stevens is a bestselling fiction novelist who loves writing science fiction, young adult, horror, new adult, and romance fiction novels.

Writing under her other pseudonym Brenda K. Davies, she is best known for her bestselling historical and adult paranormal romances.

Erica published her first novel in 2012 and has since become one of the most prolific authors in her various genres. She now has more than two dozen works of fiction to her name, as she usually averages at least two titles each year.
In addition to several series, she is also the author of at least two collections of short stories, one of which she wrote alongside Chrissy Peebles and Kristen Middleton.

When she is not writing her novels, she can be found watching films and TV shows such as “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead,” doing jigsaw puzzles, horseback riding, golfing, and gardening.
She has said that if she was not a writer, she probably would have remained a landscaper since she loves working with her hands and enjoys beautiful landscapes.

Stevens was born in New York but spent much of her childhood in Foxboro Massachusetts and Monticello, New York.

Early on in her life, she went to schools in Foxboro until she was a junior, before she moved to New York, where she lived with her father and then graduated from a Monticello high school.
During this time, she got interested in and worked with harness horses which she still loves to do to this day.

She would then proceed to college where she spent a year before leaving New York to go back to Massachussets, where she went to Bridgewater State for several years.

While she had always wanted to become a writer, she always thought that it would be prudent to hold another job too. As such, she changed her major several times since she found everything fascinating except for IT.
Ultimately, she would major in English, science, history, anthropology, and teaching while minoring in English before she dropped out of college and never went back.

She would then become a landscaper and did that for about a decade before she began publishing her novels in 2012.

As for her earliest beginnings as a writer, Erica Stevens has said that she started very young. For as long as she can remember, she loved telling stories and needed to just get them out.

When she was just five, she was penning all manner of plays that she used to share with her friends. As she got older, she could often be found writing books and carrying the little notebooks that had all manner of plots and ideas.
While she has become one of the most popular authors in paranormal romance, she has sometimes said that it still feels surreal that she makes a living from writing.

The first real work she remembers writing was a book about an alien invasion while she was nine years old. While she lost the original version, she had transferred it to a disc and still has a copy of it in her home somewhere.

Erica Stevens’s novel “Captured” tells the story of Aria who has been kidnapped from her family and the woods she loved. Her biggest fear is that she may be selected to be a blood slave for one of the ruling vampires.

She is convinced that she needs to keep her identity secret from the monsters that have imprisoned her if she is to survive. The vampires have branded her a member of the rebellion but they do not know how much she was involved in it.
While she hopes for death, her world is upended when Braith one of the vampires claims her for himself. Even though this serves to postpone her execution, Aria is afraid that it is only a matter of time before he destroys her by draining her blood.
He happens to be a prince in the royal family responsible for the war that had reduced mankind to nothing more than slaves and servants.

She wants to hate Braith and not give in to him, even though his surprising gentleness and strange kindness throw her off-kilter.

Torn between her growing love for the enemy and loyalty to the rebellion, she is faced with a very difficult choice between love and everything she has ever known.

“Renegade” by Erica Stevens is a fascinating addition to “The Captive” series of novels that continues to follow the life and times of Aria.

She has recently been freed from being a blood slave and is out of the palace. Nonetheless, she is still haunted by the time of her imprisonment and the pain of Prince Braith who broke her heart when he betrayed her.

She struggles through every day and only finds comfort in her fellow captive and best friend Max. While Max is confounded by her bond to the prince, he is well aware of how much suffering she has gone through and wants to help her get better.
Slowly but surely, she begins putting together the broken parts of her wounded soul as she often visits the woods and basks in the reassuring and secure love that Max provides.

But then everything changes when a band of vampires destroys the cave where she had found refuge. Trying to find her family and stay hidden from danger, she is surprised when the monster Braith who broke her heart makes a reappearance.
Shocked by his unexpected reappearance, Arianna is not sure if he has come to kill her for daring to escape or to recapture her.

In Erica Stevens’ novel “Refugee,” there are horror stories, rumors, and whispers about The Barrens. Determined to destroy the remnants of the vampires that fought his father, Braith is well aware that it is deadly to traverse inhospitable lands.
However, they will need to travel through such lands if they are ever to have any chance of making allies to help overthrow the tyrannical king.

Even though he is well aware that The Barrens are believed to host some very powerful vampires, he does not know what he should expect once he runs into them. Still, he is determined to do anything in his power to ensure a future for Aria and himself.
On her part, Aria is afraid of entering the mystical land given all the cautionary tales, even though she wants to help Braith in his quest to find the vampires who may be crucial for their cause.

She is amazed and fascinated by the world in which they find themselves traveling, as it is so different from anything she has ever been exposed to.

But the more immersed they are in a world she has no understanding about, the more she realizes she may be the one who destroys her relationship with Braith rather than war or the king.

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