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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Ghost Wood Song (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The River Has Teeth (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Restless Dark (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
All That Consumes Us (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Gathering Dark(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Erica Waters

An American author, Erica Waters is well-known for being a hugely popular and gifted writer of primarily Young Adult fantasy and horror novels. Her stories are highly regarded for their creative and innovative approach to the genre, showing lots of imagination and style throughout. Adopting a unique and interesting tone, she really makes it her own, speaking in a manner that is quite different from everything else. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she has something different to say and offer her many readers worldwide.

When it comes to world-building she’s unsurpassed, often placing and grounding her stories in a contemporary setting, while also giving them an otherworldly feel. Over time this has seen her reach a huge audience of readers from far and wide, all relating to her work and what she has to say. Instantly accessible, she delivers her fiction in a straightforward and articulate manner, making herself and her message be heard loud and clear. Knowing her audience well at this point, she also employs a confident approach, saying precisely what it is that she wants to say, while simultaneously entertaining the reader.

Another aspect that really grounds her work is that of her characterizations, as they also definitely speak to the audience. Feeling wholly real with fully fleshed out personalities, they essentially come alive off of the page, allowing the reader to feel as if they really know them. With three-dimensional personalities, they make a powerful impact, making sure people return for more time and time again. There’s a lot more planned on the horizon too, as she continues writing, with plenty of further titles planned for release in the near future.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in rural Florida’s pine woods, Erica Waters would be keenly interested in everything literature from an early age. Focusing on both reading and writing, she would nurture her craft, proceeding to develop both her voice and her style as an author. Over time this would develop into her passion for fantasy and horror, refining and honing her art-form, finding her own distinctive approach.

Gaining a Master’s degree based in English, she would focus on building up her experience, creating a niche for herself as a writer. Working at a university writing tutor herself now, she continues to teach others her craft, all while continuing to write regularly. Currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, she lives with her partner, as she will carry on writing for long time to come yet.

Writing Career

The first book that Erica Waters would write was a Young Adult fantasy titled ‘Ghost Wood Song,’ and it came out back in 2020. A stand-alone book, it would introduce her as a writer for the first time, establishing who she was and what she had to offer. One year later in 2021 she would publish her next novel called ‘The River Has Teeth,’ and this would also be a Young Adult fantasy story.

Her third novel was called ‘The Restless Dark,’ which came out in 2022, and it would provide a further Young Adult fantasy story. Not without critical acclaim either, Waters would also win the ‘Bram Stoker Award’ for her second novel. Maintaining a presence both offline and on, she continues to write regularly, as she continues to nurture her profile and craft.

Ghost Wood Song

Initially published through the ‘HarperTeen’ publishing imprint, this would first come out in 2020 on the 14th of July. A stand-alone Young Adult fantasy novel, it doesn’t need to be a part of any series as such, and it would also be the debut novel from Erica Waters. Establishing her style as an author, it would be a hugely accessible story, with its creepy and evocative atmosphere maintained throughout.

Inheriting the gift of being able to call ghost from beyond the grave, Shady Grove uses his fiddle to play haunting tunes that bring darkness. Once her brother is accused of murder she decides to risk it, not wanting the dead to keep their secrets, and the truth which will bring her brother justice. Now hoping to clear his name, she will see to it that ghosts sing, bringing to light what really happened, as the boundaries of reality are blurred. Will she be able to find out who the real murderer is, can she bring them justice, and what will become of the ghost wood song?

As a story it has a real ambiance, really immersing readers in its rich and dark world, fully enveloping them for the duration. From start to finish it’s a compelling and engaging read, with an interesting lead character in the form of its protagonist Shady Grove. There’s also a love triangle element to it, with some LGBTQ themes, making it a great book for both fans of the genre and newcomers alike to enjoy.

The Restless Dark

First published in 2022 on the 4th of October, this would again come out through the ‘HarperTeen’ publishing label to much acclaim. A Young Adult horror novel, it would bring together a number of different elements into one single thrilling stand-alone book. Also not a part of any series, it’s instantly accessible, with a dark undertone to it with its entirely self-contained narrative.

Hoping to find the remains of the infamous Cloudkiss Killer, the host of a podcast based in true-crime creates a competition to find them finally. While Carolina has a fascination in true-crime and is in fear of her own fury, Lucy narrowly missed becoming the killer’s last victim, and Maggie’s a student of psychology with secrets of her own. Looking for new identities and answers, and to put secrets behind them, there’s something more terrifying than they all possibly could imagine hiding within the darkness. Will they all be able to find what it is that they’re looking for, who will find the killer, and just what is lurking in the restless dark?

Dealing with dark and twisted psychology, this book doesn’t hold back when it come to tackling tougher subject matter. The story itself is well paced with plenty of interesting ideas along the way, making it a more than compelling and engaging read. All the characters manage to bring the story to life, giving it a real sense of vitality, as they each have the own idiosyncratic personality, making it difficult to put down.

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