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Publication Order of Feral Souls Trilogy Books

Erica Woods is a published author of fiction.

Erica identifies herself as loving all types of animals and being addicted to coffee and chocolate. She resides in Norway, sharing her home with her pets, which include two cats. She is frequently writing and when she is not doing that she is spending time with her husband. When not busy spending quality time clinging to her husband, she can usually be discovered with some type of snack (chocolate) and holding a book to read.

Erica is not only in love with animals and obsessed with the genre of romance! She also loves hanging out close to the ocean, drawing as a hobby, teasing her husband, and thinking about what life would be like on different planets. She has a fear of spiders and thinks that books are so important that they essentially equal life.

The author has been reading ever since she got familiar with writing herself when she was 12 years old. She attempted to change a novel’s ending simply because the ending that it had was so sad that she wanted a different one from the ending involving the horse passing away that made her cry. Erica recalls that she was so mad about the way that it ended that she took the blank pages remaining at the book’s end and put down her own happier conclusion to the story. That was the start of her first step in writing!

She has since ceased writing in books and has even learned since then that when it comes to the ending of a story, sometimes just because you cry doesn’t mean that a story is written poorly. In fact, it may mean that the story itself is written very well! She’s always wanted to write something her entire life and there are many stories on her computer’s hard drive that contain the starts of stories or little scenes in her head that she couldn’t get out of her mind until they were written down. While sometimes she never believed that she could write her own book and it kept her just writing for fun for a while, she eventually sat down and attempted to write something and it changed her life. From that day on, Erica was a writer.

Erica is a fan of romance and loves everything and all things that are related to it. She chooses to read romance and when it comes to writing, it’s what she likes to put down. Her novels all are focused on romantic connections, and Woods loves to write relationships that slowly build as the story goes on, one of her favorite things of all time. She thinks that stories are driven forward by the characters, from their secrets, feelings, and interactions. She is a fan of the genre of paranormal romance and has enjoyed books such as Kelly Armstrong’s Bitten, the series Court of Thorns and Roses and the series Tairon Soul, as well as science fiction works like R.L. Smith’s Last Hour of Gann and Eden by author Louise Wise. She also loves historical and contemporary fiction.

Erica Woods is the creator and author of the Feral Souls trilogy. This series first became available for readers to enjoy in 2019, with the publication of the debut book, which is titled Hunted. The second installment of this paranormal fictional series came out in 2021 and is titled Assembly. If you are a fan of romance or paranormal stories, give this series a try!

Hunted is the first novel in the Feral Souls trilogy written by Erica Woods. Please keep in mind that this series is intended for readers that are 18 and older and for mature readers only.

In this story, readers meet Hope. She’s been through hell for 18 years thanks to Hunters that have tried to break her so that the monster would come out of her. Then one day, they finally cross the line and go too far.

Hope has a close up with death attempting to escape, and when she meets four strangers, she has no choice but to trust them. They’re also feral in nature, totally untamed and wild. The warrior vibe they give off and their hearts has the effect of making Hope’s wake up too. They extend Hope the chance to stay with them while she heals up and gets back on her feet, and she needs it so badly that she cannot turn down their invitation.

She also knows at the same time that she carries some deadly secrets. Everything about her past is terrible and she wants to leave it behind where it belongs forever. The strangers get more familiar with Hope, but if they ever really knew who they had let stay with them and what was in their close quarters every night, they might not forgive her. In fact, they may be very angry.

Can Hope keep her secret and the darkness at bay? Will she discover that they can accept her, or find out that she is not welcome once the truth is out? Read this novel to the last page to find out what happens!

Assembly is the second novel in Erica Woods’ Feral Souls, a paranormal romance series. The action took off in the first novel, and now Hope’s journey continues.

No human belongs in the Assembly, especially one on trial with lycans all around them that want them dead. With Lucien, Jason, and Ruarc all in the mix for her heart, Hope has her pick of men when it comes to her romantic life. Things have never been so good. She just doesn’t know which of them is the right guy for her.

They’ll do anything to keep her safe. But when she makes a choice, could it change everything? Can she stay in the present and leave her damaged past behind her? Catch all of the romance for yourself by picking up this sizzling sequel packed full of emotion and tension and read to the end to find out how this story concludes!

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  1. Pamela Philippus: 2 years ago

    I just read the second book; I am looking forward to reading the third book. I truly enjoyed the storyline.

  2. Funishia: 3 years ago

    When is the 3rd book coming out!? I feel like I’ve waited for ever! I love these books!!!


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