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Erich Segal was one of the noteworthy novelists from the United States, who used to write novels based on the romance and literature & fiction genres. Born as Erich Wolf Segal, he was very famous all over the world for his literature works. Author Segal was born on June 16, 1937 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Along with being a popular author, he was also an educator and screenwriter. Author Segal was best known for the developing the romance novel titled Love Story. This book was a bestseller, which also enabled him to work on the motion picture based on the book having the same name. Even that was a big hit all over the world. As a child, author Segal attended the Midwood High School, located in Brooklyn. Then he moved to Switzerland to undertake summer courses. Later in his academic career, author Segal joined the Harvard College and graduated as a Latin salutatorian and class poet in the year 1958. Following this, he earned his master’s degree in the year 1959 and then a doctorate in the year 1965 in the subjects of comparative literature from the Harvard University. Right after his graduation, author Segal got involved in teaching Latin and Greek literature as a professor at the Harvard University, Princeton University, and Yale University. Along with this, he was also a Supernumery and then an Honorary Fellow at the Oxford University’s Wolfson College.

The initial academic book written by author Segal is called Roman Laughter. It revolutionized greatest comic playwright from Rome who is well known as today’s inspiration for Broadway hits. During the late 1960s, author Segal collaborated on a few screenplays and also wrote a romantic love story based on the life of a Radcliffe student and a Harvard student. But, he was not able to sell it initially. Later, he was suggested by a literary agent named Lois Wallace from the W. Morris Agency to change his script in the form of a novel. Doing as per his suggestions worked wonders for author Segal as his novel went on to become a literary as well as a motion picture success. During the 1970s, the book became the top seller in the United States in the fiction category and was later translated into as many as 33 foreign languages all across the globe. Even the motion picture based on the novel was a number one hit at the box office in the year 1970. Following the grand success of this novel, author Segal went on to write several more screenplays and novels in his career. One of the novels included the sequel to Love Story titled Oliver’s Story, which was released in the year 1977. Author Segal was also involved in teaching at the same time at the university level. He used to work as a visiting professor at the Munich University, Dartmouth College, and Princeton University. His works were widely based on the Latin and Greek literatures. A book titled The Class, that author Segal had written in the year 1985 based on the 1958 Harvard Class, also became a bestseller and received the literary honor in Italy and France. Author Segal was an accomplished runner and sprinter during his high school days. He had participated in a number of marathons in the later stages of his life. Segal’s wife was Karen Marianne James, with whom he had a couple of daughters named Francesca and Miranda Segal. Before his death, author Segal was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and eventually died due to a heart attack. His death occurred on January 17, 2010, and he cremated in London. At his funeral, Francesca said that his father fought to live and breathe till the end. It was his obsession to fight that helped his pursue his writing, teaching, running, as well as his relationship with his wife.

The book, Love Story, written by Erich Segal is set in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, and features Oliver Barrett and Jenny Cavilleri in the lead roles. It was published by Avon publication in the year 1970. The beginning plot depicts that Oliver is a wealthy person who is on his way to a prestigious law career as he is pursuing a degree from Harvard. Jenny is introduced as a working class, sharp tongued, and a beautiful lady, who studies at the Radcliffe College. The two are shown to be opposites in each and every way. They seem to be spirits from different worlds. But, falling in deep love with each other changes everything for them. Oliver and Jenny begin to share a deep passion for each other. Soon, they begin to experience a wonderful love, but seem unaware that it is going to end soon. The novel was considered to be one of the most loved ones during the time of its publication. It helped to define a lovers’ generation. On the whole, the novel is about the uncompressing devotion and loves the helps to change everything in life. The novel gives a true reality of life as it is in today’s world.

The next book by author Erich Segal was also released by the Avon publication and is titled as ‘Oliver’s Story’. In this book, Oliver Barrett is shown as someone who found the true soul mate of his life after meeting and falling in love with the very beautiful Jenny Cavilleri. The love between the two of them seemed to be purely magical and exhilarating. But, as it ended as a brief affair, it proved to be heartbreaking for both of them. In spite of that, Jenny and Oliver thought of it as enough for their lifetime. A period of two years passes by after Jenny gets separated from Oliver. He seems to have gone in such a condition that his heart won’t be able to love anyone again. But one day, a mysterious and beautiful girl named Marcie comes into his life. And in no time, it appears that Oliver’s future is assured with a golden promise to him. As the novel comes to an end, it described a beautiful journey of a man who comes out of his dark loneliness and grief, and begins to embrace love once again in his life. They story depicted in the book by author Segal became successful in capturing the hearts of the readers as it went on to become a bestseller just like its prequel novel.

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