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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

All That's Left in the World (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lose You to Find Me (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Only Light Left Burning (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Erik J. Brown

An American author of Young Adult romance novels, Erik J. Brown is a gifted novelist with a keen insight into the human condition. Knowing his subject matter well, he provides a fresh perspective, immediately getting to the heart of whatever he’s writing about. Over the years this has seen him build a worldwide following of fans, as his work appeals to readers both far and wide from around the world. Pushing at the boundaries of what the genre can achieve, he’s always taking his work to bold and exciting new heights in terms of creativity and innovation.

Coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time, he’s really made a name for himself as a novelist with something distinct to offer readers. With not only the critics singing his many praises, but the general public as well, he’s become a household name for many around the world. Letting his work essentially speak for itself, he manages to draw in readers from all backgrounds, providing his own message loudly and clearly. Setting himself apart from other writers within his field, he offers something quite different, engaging and entertaining his audience.

Another key aspect of Brown’s work is that of his characters, as he creates memorable protagonists that make a real impact. Staying with the reader long after they’ve put the book down, his characters are fully fleshed out, feeling three-dimensional and whole. Reaching a Young Adult audience, his books are wholly relatable, resonating with his readers regardless their background or where they’re from. With a lot more to come still, he definitely wont be putting away his pen any time soon either, as there’s plenty more planned upon the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in America and hailing from Philadelphia, Erik J. Brown would grow up with a keen fascination with the written word. Developing his creative streak for much of his life, he would always have a strong interest in storytelling, finding his own unique voice and style. Attending Temple University, he would graduate with a degree based in Film and Media Arts, primarily focusing on Writing for Media.

This discipline would allow him to develop his craft, establishing his own distinctive approach to writing fiction. Always on the lookout for fresh new exciting ideas, he’s constantly taking inspiration from the world around him and putting it back into his work. Winning awards for his work, he continues to write regularly and consistently to this present day, with lots more set for the future.

Writing Career

The first book that Erik J. Brown would publish was the stand-alone novel ‘All That’s Left in the World,’ which would come out in 2022. It would be a Young Adult romance, with a page-turning quality that would instantly appeal to a wide-range of readers from all over. He’d later follow this up with ‘Lose You To Find Me’ published just one year later in 2023, which would also be a Young Adult romance novel.

Both of these books would help to establish a name for him as an author, as he would quickly become recognized for his work. Selected for the Lambda Literary as an Emerging Writers Fellow in 2021, he’s not without critical acclaim either, also getting Kirkus starred review. As a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection author as well, he’s hugely successful, maintaining a profile offline and on.

All That’s Left in the World

Initially released on the 8th of March in 2022, this was the debut novel from Erik J. Brown, introducing him to the reading public at large for the first time. Establishing his style and overall tone, it’s a science-fiction romance for the Young Adult demographic, and it’s entirely stand-alone. Published through the ‘Balzer and Bray/Harperteen’ imprint, it’s more than easy to pick up yet also difficult to put down at the same time.

A deadly pathogen has killed off most of the world’s population, as Andrew stumbles into Jamie’s house starved and injured. While it’s difficult knowing who to trust, they both instantly find themselves drawn to one another, and they must now head off together after danger breaches the shelter. Heading south in search of civilization, the two of them have a dangerous journey ahead of them, as they begin to find one another. What isn’t adding up about Andrew’s story, does Jamie have a secret to tell, and can they find their place together among all that’s left in the world?

Combining romance and science-fiction with expert precision, Brown weaves an engaging story about two individuals finding hope and love with each other. It’s heart-warming an compelling, really allowing the readers to fully invest themselves in the two central characters relationship. Keeping its audience glued right until the very last page as well, the story itself is hugely engaging, making this a must for any and all fans of the genres.

Lose You To Find Me

First published in 2023 on the 2nd of May, this would be the second novel from Erik J. Brown, with this being another stand-alone romance. Aimed at a Young Adult audience again, it’s set within the real-world this time, centered around to young men and their relationship. Released through the ‘Balzer and Bray/Harperteen’ publishing house again as well, it would provide a well-thought out and engaging story on multiple levels.

Working at Sunset Estates retirement community, Tommy Dees is hoping to get a letter of recommendation from his sadistic manager, which he needs to attend the best culinary school in the world. In order to get that he must train the new employee who, it turns out, is none other than Gabe, his summer-camp crush from when they were children. Now both older it seems that Gabe doesn’t remember Tommy at all, while meanwhile it appears that the deadline for the application is looming ever nearer. Will Tommy be able to complete the training in time, is Gabe going to remember Tommy, and what will become of them both as Tommy questions to himself what it means to ‘lose you to find me?’

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