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Publication Order of An Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery Books

A Killer Read (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Read and Buried (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cover Story (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Book Fair and Foul (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Law and Author (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Erika Chase is the pen name of one Linda Wiken. Erika Chase is widely known for the Ashton Corners Book-Club Mysteries, which was published by the critically acclaimed publishers, Berkley/Penguin Prime Crime. Erika has also written several other books and series, under the name of Linda Wiken. Before she began her writing career, Linda worked as a mystery bookstore owner. Several of her short stories have been featured in 7 Ladies Killing Anthologies and also in the Over My Dead Body and Mysterious Intent magazines. Erika has also been shortlisted by the Crime Writers of Canada for the Arthur Elis Award. Apart from working as a bookstore owner, Erika has also served as a radio producer, advertising copywriter, community education worker and journalist. Apart from reading mysteries and writing, Erika’s other passions include choral singing, which led her to join two choirs. Erika shares a house with two Siamese cats, Mojo and Keesha.

This year, Linda has embarked to writing under her real names, Linda Wiken. She is planning to release a fresh series, the Dinner Club series that will be published by Berkeley Prime Crime. Her very first book in the series has already been published and is available on the market. The second book will be released in March. Erika served as a volunteer on Ottawa Police Service for 15 years and in the process she developed an exceedingly strong interest for police procedures. During this period, Erika wrote several weekly crime statistics for one of the local newspapers together with several stories.

Ashton Corner Book Club

The Ashton Corner Book club is one of the most interesting and intriguing book series by Erika Chase. The first installment in this series is a killer read, which introduces the reader to literary specialist and author, Lizzie Turner. The book begins as the first ever book club meeting has been scheduled. However, after the meeting an unknown person is discovered dead in his car. As the story continues, Molly Mathews, the proprietor of the mansion in which the book club is usually held becomes the main suspect. Once the police arrive at the crime scene, they discover that the newly placed police chief is Lizzie Turner’s old friend, Mark Dreyfus. Lizzie begins to find chapters, which belong to an unknown manuscript in her mailbox.

Toasting Up Trouble

In this installment, we are introduced to one Jennifer Tanner who works with Skye Drake. The two work together at a party planning business, Make it Happen. A party is being planned for the daughter of one of the most prolific businesspersons in town. However, before the first step is completed, a caterer backs out. Thus, Jenifer, contracts one, Antonio to cater for the party. Things begin to run smoothly, until the chef decided to include something, which would cost the business a lot of money. Jenifer decides to confront the chef about the addition. The dust did not settle until she left for home. However, upon returning to work the following day, she finds police all over the place.

Upon inquiring, she discovers that the chef did not arrive at his home and instead was found dead. Due to their earlier altercation, Jenifer is labelled as the prime suspect in the investigation. Jeniffer is a great protagonist who is not only persistent but also gusty and independent. Ever since she was a young girl, she did not only loves what she does but also loved to purchase cookbooks. Due to her love for cooking, she decided to join Culinary Capers Club. The club members eventually ended up being her friends. Every month, they select a cookbook and use the book to develop a meal using the recipe. Furthermore, the group members becomes instrumental in the investigations as they assist her to find the perpetrators who were responsible for killing the chef.

Apart from Jenifer, all the other characters in this book have been well developed. They are also fun and quite engaging. Allison is also another great addition to the book and she also uses all her resources in assisting Jenifer. P.I Devine begins to tail Jenifer, but as soon the two meet up, they begin to not only share but also work together. With that said, there are several mysteries in this installment, one focused on finding the mysterious killer while the other focused on who had been stealing Jenifer’s ideas. While working for one of her client’s Jenifer discovers that the client had received a similar proposal from another client, almost one by word. Despite the fact that this novel began on a slow note, it managed to pick up after the chef was found dead. There were several twists and turns which will undoubtedly grab your attention.

Read and Buried

The book begins as the Ashton Corner book club are hosting a critically acclaimed author. However, things begin to turn sour when the novelist is found dead inside Lizzie’s house. Once the body is discovered, the prime suspect in the investigation is Lizzie’s friend. Lizzie together with her friends begin to conduct their investigations, so that they can be able to find out who the real killer is. Finding out who the real killer is, will mean that Lizzie will not only go against the Police chief but also against Lizzie’s boyfriend and also unearth several well hidden secrets. However, as Lizzie was just about to get to the bottom of the case, an unknown individual who had been hiding in plain sight is more than determined to ensure that Lizzie does not succeed in her investigation. With that said, the characters in this book have been well developed and you will definitely love them. Lizzy and Molly have been well developed, while the main male characters are quite entertaining.

Cover Story

Cover Story is the third installment in the Ashton Book club mystery, which features Lizzie Turner. The book begins as Lizzie is working on her lesson plans. Her good friend Mathew calls Lizzie to tell her that her good friend had just moved to her city and would require her assistance in promoting her books. Teensy is an individual with a great personality, sense of humor and a great sense of clothing. To support her friend, Molly agrees to purchase more than one hundred books and then ask Lizzie to attend the book signing and book launch. However, once the books are delivered, a break-in is reported at Molly’s home. Molly discovers that the thieves did not steal anything apart from the books, which had been delivered. Cover story is an excellent read that will keep you fully entertained.

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