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Buzzfeed writer and author Erin Chack was born on October 24, 1989 in the state of New Jersey, which was also where she grew up. It was while she was growing up here that she formed some big opinions on bagels (she thinks toasting a bagel is the same as putting ketchup on steak). At one time, she enjoyed whittling spoons out of wood, cooking, and running. At her home (which is in Astoria, Queens) she has some plants that are totally alive, and not dead. She is surprised that people would even think that they are dead.

She has wanted to write books from an early age, which started right about the time she was able to read. Her father is responsible for her love of reading because he would read to her before bedtime; he did an especially good job reading Sunday comics to her. Even years later, she would still break into laughter over how funny it was when he would do it.

She went to Boston University, where she got her Bachelor of Science in Journalism in the year 2012, and her grade point average was 3.62. In the year 2011 is when she did her semester abroad, which she did at the London chapter of Boston University.

Her posts at Buzzfeed (where she is a senior writer) have gotten more than a quarter of a billion views. They are known to be quite funny, say some. She writes different kinds of posts, either she comes up with quizzes for people to take (to see what Destiny’s Child member they are, based on their clothes). Since she is a tall girl, one of her posts was a checklist to show how tall people are. She even wrote about the months and ranked them from worst to best (it would seem that she hates the winter months, as February was twelfth, January was eleventh; while the month of June is first). One time she penned an article about her and a co-worker trying drinks that someone made up. Or she writes about wedding movies and why she will not watch them (based on only what she believes they are about).

Erin Chack started working for Buzzfeed in April of 2013, where she worked as Editorial Fellow, and then became a Senior Editor. In her life, she has also worked as an Intern, Editorial Fellow, copy editor, correspondent, and Art Director, Contributing Writer/Photographer for different print and online publications.

Her debut book, “This is Really Happening” was released in the year 2017. She wanted to write a book that captured how sad and funny life could be and how the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. She even narrated the audio book for this one herself. She did not like reading out loud in school because she was never all that great at it, but she still enjoyed the process. Erin Chack said that she thought some of the dialogue parts came through better in the audio version because she could capture the voices of her family and friends better.

Some of the essayists that she likes are Sloane Crosley, Jenny Lawson, and David Sedaris. These three really helped her with certain essays that found their way into her book.

“This is Really Happening” is the first book Erin Chack had published and was released in the year 2017. This is a collection of essays that is meant for the Snapchat generation, and is from the genre of non fiction.

In this book, Erin talks about meeting her soul mate when she was only fourteen years old (which she had with a boy named Sean) and her first chemotherapy session that she had when she was nineteen. She also talks about the things that really happen at a major Internet media company. For example, she can tell how much the employees love a certain celebrity based on how many of them make coffee to catch a glimpse of them while they are there. Like when author John Green (writer of such books like “The Fault in Our Stars”) was there to do a profile, a lot of coffee was made on that day.

Erin talks about things in an authentic way like the millennial experience (both the great and awful). Like her first kiss (she describes what her boyfriend’s tongue felt like in her mouth) or her problems with anxiety. She also talks about universal themes with a fresh view on things like being resilient and love. This is as she writes about beating cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and learning that her mother had cancer the same year. She also talks about keeping the news she had cancer from her friends so that things would not get un-normal. She also talked about the feeling of losing her hair while going through chemotherapy. She had her head shaved, with about eleven people watching it happen.

Fans found that the book lived up to the hype that they had built up for it. A lot of places have talked about it, praising it in some way, some have said that it should be on their summer reading lists. They also liked the sharp insights about different things that she makes on each and every page of the book. The book was conversational, smart, and full of power. Readers found that they were pulled into this and hooked from the very start of it. The book was hard to put down and some were able to read it in about a day. This is a funny and emotional book that will make readers alternate between laughing out loud to crying. It feels as though Erin Chack is able to take you to the places that she went and make it feel like you are there with her as she experiences it. You have all the feelings that she had, either happy or sad, good or bad. She is able to talk in a way that makes it seem like a college kid sharing stories the night before a big exam and no one is able to get around to studying.

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