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Finding Freedom: A Cook's Story; Remaking a Life from Scratch (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Lost Kitchen: Recipes and a Good Life Found in Freedom, Maine: A Cookbook (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big Heart Little Stove: Bringing Home Meals & Moments from The Lost Kitchen (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Erin French is a published author.

She is a chef and is known for owning and cooking at her very own restaurant in Freedom, Maine. The forty-seat eatery is called The Lost Kitchen and is very successful, garnering attention in various publications such as TIME Magazine, which named The Lost Kitchen one of its “World’s Greatest Places”. It was also picked as one of the top twelve restaurants that are worth traveling the world for by Bloomberg.

Erin was born in the state of Maine, where she grew up. There she learned at an early age about the simple pleasure that can come from cooking and eating thoughtful food as well as how important it is to gather your ingredients in order to make a meal. She always has had a front row seat to the beauty of Maine and loves to share Maine and its heritage through food and meals for her friends as well dinner party guests.

French has earned much acclaim as a chef and for her passion for sharing with others what Maine has to offer. She has been featured in publications such as Food & Wine, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart Living, and The New York Times, where their piece ended up being one of the top-ten most frequently read food section articles for the year of publication.

Erin has also talked about her story and has been featured on shows such as “The Today Show”, “CBS This Morning”, “All Things Considered” on National Public Radio, “Guy’s Grocery Games”, “The Chew”, “Weekends with Yankee”, and “Celebrity Page”. She also had the opportunity to work with Tastemade to feature in a short film that was part of a L.L. Bean partnership. The video would also win a James Beard Award.

Erin French is the author of The Lost Kitchen Cookbook, a cookbook packed with some of her favorite recipes. It was picked as one of the top cookbooks to buy by, The Washington Post, and Remodelista. It also had the honor of being nominated to receive a James Beard Foundation Award.

The Lost Kitchen: Recipes and a Good Life Found in Freedom, Maine: A Cookbook is a 2017 cooking book from chef and restaurant owner Erin French. if you love cooking, love food, love Maine, or just want to learn more about food in the context of Maine and more about Erin’s story, be sure to check this book out.

Chefs of every level are enjoying this beautiful book that focuses on cooking throughout the four seasons in the state of Maine. The book also includes a hundred recipes for readers to check out and try for themselves.

Erin is a native of the small town of Freedom, Maine. There may not have been many people in town, but Erin always had something to do since her father owned a diner. Of the 719 people that lived in Freedom, Erin would help her father out by working the griddle, which introduced her to the culinary world at an early age.

She taught herself how to cook and drew from various cookbooks to teach herself new recipes and how to cook. Cookbooks served as the foundation of her education in the culinary arts. Now with her own cooking book, French is providing inspiration to other self-taught chefs through her recipes, story, and instruction on how to make some of the best recipes she has.

Erin now owns and runs her restaurant in Freedom titled The Lost Kitchen, set out of an old historic mill. There she shares her love of food with others and comes up with meals that appeal not only to the locals but outsiders too, drawing tourists, foodies, and visitors to come sample Erin’s food. She says that the dining room there sometimes feels like it’s an extension of her own kitchen at home. Food & Wine raved about the food, calling its honest simplicity ‘brilliant’.

Full of great food you can try for yourself, Erin French has written a book that is fully about her style of cooking and features what she finds appealing. Simple yet delicious, pick up a copy of this cookbook and try one of the many great recipes contained inside!

Erin French is the author of Finding Freedom: A Cook’s Story; Remaking a Life From Scratch, a 2021 release from Celadon Books. Erin has come out with yet another book directly inspired by her life, this time in a memoir about her own experiences.

Focusing on surviving, going through renewal, and one chef’s discovery of community support, this is the story of Erin French before she opened up The Lost Kitchen and began drawing food lovers from around the world over. Now she has a wonderful restaurant with reservations that are very in demand. However, before all of that, Erin was just living on a farm of twenty-five acres, walking around in her bare feet and forming what would be a lifelong love affair with food.

She first found her passion for cooking while working at her father’s diner, first working the griddle and then the line. Through working at the diner, Erin discovered that she had an aptitude for cooking and would eventually find her calling in life working at her very own small restaurant in the town she grew up in.

This American memoir shows readers Erin as a chef as well as the small town that she loves. She may have gone through struggles, but her will to survive is the very thing that makes her story so intriguing. Telling all about victories, stumbles, and more, Erin also reveals how it all led to her arriving in a place that she believes she was meant to be.

From hitting rock bottom to living through anxiety and dark times, trying to survive with a child and no partner, struggles with addiction and intimate relationships, family, food, strength, and more. Read about Erin’s life and find out more about this chef and how she found a wonderful life for herself in Freedom, Maine after years of strife. Pick up Finding Freedom to find out more about Erin’s story!

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