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You'd Be Mine (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Maybe (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Saw You Coming (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Built to Last (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Friends Don't Fall in Love (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Even If It Breaks Your Heart (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Catch and Keep (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Erin Hahn is a published American author.

She first began to write her own stories thanks to her younger sister, who had shaded her regarding a fan fiction about Twilight with a country music theme. Although she first started enjoying writing when she was in college. Hahn wrote for the paper on campus. While she was there, she covered a variety of topics that stretched from everything from ice fishing to drag shows.

Hahn spends her hours during the day working with children of the kindergarten age, usually helping them to come up with their own innovative shapes and animals made out of Play-Doh, like snakes. When she is not busy working her day job, she takes the night to write her own stories, usually swoon worthy romances.

When it comes to romance in her own life, Hahn married her love interest. She met him on the first day that she was at college. Now they are married and have two children. She says that when it comes to her kids, they are much cooler than she remembers ever being when she was the same age.

The author resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She describes her home as being very green. She also has Gus, her cat, who is skilled at playing fetch. She grew up in northern Illinois in a small town where she spent much of her time daydreaming.

You’d Be Mine is the first novel to come out from this author. It was published in 2019 and was recommended by as one of the best romance novels of the year. Cosmopolitan also recommended this book to its readers, saying that they would love the new romance book from Erin. The second novel to come out from this author is titled More Than Maybe and it was published in 2020.

You’d Be Mine is the debut fictional novel to come out from author Erin Hahn. If you are looking for a new romance book to check out then be sure to check out the first story to be published from Hahn.

In this story, readers get the chance to meet the main character of Annie Mathers. She’s not just like any other celebrity. She’s known for being America’s sweetheart. On top of that, she is the heir to a legacy in the world of country music. This is a world that has plenty of the things that her grandmother specifically warned Annie about dabbling with.

One of the things that she was warned about was men. Clay Coolidge, a man known for being a super star, he definitely fits into that category. Clay thinks that Annie is interesting, but he also has another reason for being interested in her. He’s got a lot of pressure riding on him. So it happens that he needs to convince Annie that she should take part with him in his summer tour.

If he can’t get her to agree to tour with him and get that added exposure, he knows that he will be dropped by the music label. Clay used to have an image as a bad boy, but it turns out that his reputation as the bad boy has started to affect his reality. For Annie’s part, she has been trying to avoid attention and the spotlight ever since her parents tragically died. Except for her channel online, she has been keeping mostly to herself.

Clay’s not the only one after her, however. His label desperately wants to sign Annie on and have her be one of their recording artists. They’re counting on Clay to try and be the catalyst for this, but if he can’t get it done, he might just get let go of. He does his best to try and convince her, using all of his good lucks and considerable amounts of natural charm to try and win Annie over.

All of his charisma and pleading works, and Annie signs up for the tour along with the band. However, it appears that the world has their own fantastical ideas about what they want the two artists to be. Their fans want to buy into the image that Clay and Annie are not just pals on tour but romantically intertwined. They’re so set on the pairing that the two of them start to wonder whether the fans might be onto something.

The last thing that Annie truly wants is a relationship with another celebrity. A high visibility romance would seem like she was repeating the up and down marriage that her parents had. But when it comes to Clay, can she tell herself to ignore her attraction and keep focused on the music? This road trip summer might prove that when it comes to true love, attraction and what the heart wants win out over doubts and past pain. Will Annie and Clay come together? Find out by picking up a copy of this novel for yourself!

More Than Maybe is the second fictional book to come out from Erin Hahn.

Luke Greenly is just eighteen years old, but he already knows what he doesn’t want in life. This is mainly the life of fame, since he grew up in the shadow of his dad, a punk rocker. He doesn’t love being in a crowd but prefers the page instead. He’s been writing songs secretly at night.

He also prefers to co-host his podcast, which is fairly popular. He hosts it along with Cullen, his twin brother. His brother is happy with his boyfriend. But Luke has another secret. He’s got a crush on Vada Carsewell, a blogger that focuses on music. Vada has it all, and plans for the future. Her plan is to get a job to learn about music. She also wants to take over the music blog run by Phil and get into the music journalism program at Berkeley.

On top of that, she wants to get an internship at Rolling Stone and manage a concert series during the summer for Ann Arbor. A relationship is not in the plans. But when she meets Luke, her plans might change. He knows music and is charming, and she can’t help but wish that the song he was singing released on the podcast were her.

Will Vada and Luke get together? Read this romantic novel to find out!

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