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Erin Kinsley is a British full-time author of crime thrillers. She was brought up in Yorkshire and currently resides in East Anglia. She used to publish her Novels with Bloomsbury but now writes her crime thrillers under a pseudonym. Her work has received critical acclaim from several publications across the UK and she has made the long list for the Desmond Elliot Prize among many other notable awards. Her debut novel is “Found,” which she first published in 2019.

Erin has always loved book clubs as she believes that they get a person out of their comfort zone and expands their thinking in unexpected directions. As a child, she was lucky that her parents used to take her to the local library every weekend to get a new set of adventure books that she would read over the coming week. She has said that the library was great for her development since she had access to all manner of authors that allowed her fantastical imaginations to run free. Erin Kinsley has continued with the reading habit even in adulthood and frequently heads to the library any chance she gets. She loves the limitless access to the curated stacks, where she gets her ideas for new adventure and crime thrillers. Given her love for the library, it was quite an honor to learn that the Reading Agency had chosen her novel Found as a best read. It was quite the compliment and she did not stop smiling for weeks after receiving the news. “Found” is an unconventional and dramatic story on the aftermath of a crime that is just as gripping as the crime itself. Erin hopes readers will find Evan’s journey inspiring and compelling and that the novel will provoke lively debate.

“Found” is a police procedural that is unconventional in that it is an emotional family-led compelling story. A child going missing is every parent’s nightmare and Erin really brings out the pain that Claire and Matt suffer when Evan their son goes missing. It is a heartbreaking story that would make even the most hardened person cry about the devastation of the parents especially when the child clamps up after he is found. Erin writes the novel in something of a split-screen so that the police investigation runs alongside the family story. Throughout the story, she chronicles the months, days and hours following the disappearance of the child. It is a fantastic police procedural as it does not follow the tropes common in the genre where the detectives usually are able to unearth all the answers in a cinch. The lead team of Detective Sergeant Hagan and Detective Inspector Naylor are quite likable. One cannot help but identify with them as they try to find Evan and later investigate what happened to him. It is obvious that they care not only about Evans but also that what happened to him should not happen to anyone else. They have the heart and drive but their progress is frustrated by the fact that their resources are spread too thin.

“Erin Kinsley” is an unconventional crime thriller that blends several genres rather than staying within the strict boundaries. The novel is a police procedural with frustration and drama at its center as well as a family trying to survive while at breaking point given the circumstances they have to deal with. Kinsley writes highly relatable characters that one feels the distress and heavy emotion jumps right out of the book’s pages. Nonetheless, she takes a sensitive approach to her writing as she does not sensationalize the crime with gory scenes given the heavy subject matter. She does not go into detail on what happened to Evan as he was in the custody of the kidnappers and leaves what was forced upon him to the reader’s imagination. For the author, it is more important to respect the victim’s silence as a survivor of abuse just like we would expect if it were to happen to us. There is a constant drive for the detective to bring to book the people responsible for the reprehensible crime even as Evan’s family does the best it can to ensure he lives a life that is as normal as can be. It is a devastating and compelling read that is sympathetically and beautifully written.

“Found” by Erin Kinsley is an emotionally charged thriller that opens to the abduction of a child, one of the most dreadful things a parent could ever have to deal with. However, unlike your usual missing child procedural, this is not a race against time story to find the child. Rather it is the story of an eleven-year-old Evan, who went missing but has now been found. He went missing for several months only to be discovered inside the boot of a car trying to get out. He was so traumatized that he has refused to speak. His parents are now confronted with the fact that the new Evan may have permanently replaced the happy go lucky boy they once knew. Detective Inspector Naylor is charged with finding the people responsible. He is desperate to resolve the case as he knows the kidnappers will strike once again. But the department’s resources are stretched thin and he is moved to another department once the child is found as his superiors no longer believe the case is a priority. But he is not one to be so easily stopped and hence he recruits a retired cop named Ron and teams up with Detective sergeant Hagan to work on the case off the books. They are hoping that they can crack the case before another family and child are put through the pain that Evan and his family had to suffer. The novel is about the devastation of the family and the consequences for both the child and his parents. It is a beautiful and heart wrenching thriller that eloquently highlights the relationship between Evan and his parents, and particularly that with Jack his grandfather.

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  1. stephen frankling: 6 months ago

    I have bought the book, “Found”, from Guildford Library on Monday, I sometimes buy ex library books, but do buy new books from bookshops such as Blackwell’s in Oxford, or W H Smith’s, I live in deep countryside 10 miles from Guildford,I read rather a lot as I like radio but not TV but do used my laptops and mobiles, Thank you.

  2. Xan: 2 years ago

    Just read found, fabulous!!!

  3. Tracey Weston: 2 years ago

    Just finished reading “found” sensitively written aand I couldn’t put it down. I will certainly be on the lookout for more books by this author.

  4. Linda Smith: 3 years ago


    Just read Missing. First book I have read of yours. Great read. Will be looking for other books of yours to read. Found a new author to me, I will no doubt be reading other of your books.


    • Shanette Blair: 1 year ago

      Just read Found. A very good book with marvellous characters, am now on the hunt for the other books she has written. Can’t wait !


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