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Erin Lage is an award winning author from the United States who has written a couple of novels based on the Young Adult genre. Erin has an excellent writing sense which can be seen in her writings. Apart from being a successful author, she is also a journalist by profession and a compulsive-obsessive list maker. Erin has written only a couple of books in her writing career. The books, Butler and Dead Ends are based on stories revolving around the Young Adult genre. She writes about facts during the day as she has to work as a journalist, but she devotes her night time only to her hobby of writing fiction stories.

Erin is very much inspired by the real world issues and the news about the current events that she comes across as a journalist. She uses the information along with her writings to explore the impact of the issues on the lives of the teenagers. Erin was born as Erin Jade Lange and was the only child of her parents. Hence, she used to spend most of her time alone as a child, entertaining herself by getting indulged in reading books and writing anything that came to her mind. Erin had to rely on her imagination solely to develop something worthy of reading. This is probably the reason why she chose writing as a career. During the time of her growing days, Erin used to spend her time in the cornfields situated in the northern region of Illinois. The cornfields were located along the Mississippi River, at one of the few places where it flew from east to west.

As of today, Erin lives in Arizona beside the river water as she likes the sight of a river very much. She is also very fond of deserts and hence, she frequently gets torn between her love for deserts and rivers. When Erin released her debut novel, Butter she received critical acclaim from one and all. Her joy in the success of her first novel knew no bounds. She got a lot of motivation to write more novels under her name. Soon, she was able to release on more novel named Dead Ends. It was the result of the never ending beliefs of the fans of Erin in her writing sense that made her complete the second book. Erin is currently working on her future projects and is about to release a few novels any time soon. She remains in constant touch with the real world happenings as TV producer and journalist.

The first novel written by Erin Lange, Butter was published in the year 2012 by the Bloomsbury publishing house. The plot of the novel depicts the life of a young and obese boy who is called as ‘Butter’ by everyone. The opening sequence of the novel shows him lonely and depressed for being obese and called by the name Butter by one and all. However, he is on the verge of making history. The boy announces that he is going to eat himself alive to death through a live streaming over the internet and has invited everyone to watch how he eats himself and dies. At first, when he announces the event to his classmates online, he expects them to have pity on him or insult and sheer indifference, possibly. However, he is surprised to see everyone cheering him up for his act. He gets a lot of cheerleaders to his side who rally for his deadly plan.

As he gets nearer to executing his plan, he begins to feel a lot of popularity and begins to feel good. But, it is interesting to see his motive after getting closer to his deadline. On one hand, he feels great with the wide appreciations that he receives on account of his deadly announcement of eating himself live on the internet, and on the other hand, he fears the consequences if he fails to carry out his plans as announced by him. The novel is very well written by Erin Lange, showcasing both the faces of bullied and bullies. The readers are forced to think about the consequences of bullying, at least for once after reading the novel. Erin has also depicted the battle of a teenager with himself in trying to stop getting bullied by others. The novel went on to feature in the Top Ten lists of the YALSA Teens in the year 2013.

The second novel written by Erin, Dead Ends was published in the year 2013 by the Bloomsbury publishing house. This novel too deals with the social issue of bullying faced by some less fortunate teenagers. The central characters of this novel are Dane Washington and Billy D. In the beginning of the novel, Dane Washington receives his final suspension and is about to get expelled from the high school if he is found doing anything wrong. He feels deeply hurt by the fact that everyone else in the school belongs to the category of ‘haves’ whereas he remains a ‘have not’. He feels as if he is heading towards a dead end. On the other hand, Billy D. spends his days in high school in Special Ed and he also belongs to the category of ‘have not’ just like Dane Washington.

The biggest thing that he misses in his life is his father. HE believes his father has left some clues for him in the atlas which be helpful for Billy in finding his father again. With the bizarre turn of events taking place, Billy explains everything to Dane and asks him to join him in the search. The friendship between Dane, who is a bully and Billy D., who suffers from Down Syndrome seems unlikely. However, they work together through the clues left in the atlas which lead them to several secrets of the past and a few unmarked towns. Everything seems to be heading towards a dead end during their initial search until the final clue that leads them to an important secret that illy should not have come across. Author Erin Lange has described the character sketches of the novel in an honest manner. The interesting plot of the novel makes it a must read for everyone at least once. The readers enjoyed reading the book and appreciated the efforts of Erin in depicting the social issue related to bullying.

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