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Publication Order of Erin Solomon Mysteries Books

All the Blue-Eyed Angels (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sins of the Father (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Southern Cross (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before the After (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Book of J. (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Lullaby (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Erin Solomon Mysteries are a series of detective mystery thrillers by Jen Blood the renowned American author from Maine. “All the Blue-Eyed Angels” that Blood published in 2012 was the first novel in the series that introduced the title character of the series Erin Solomon. Jen Blood went on to write four more novels in the series to make it one of the bestselling pentalogies in the genre. The author asserts that her background working as a freelance journalist in the mid-coast Maine heartland made it possible to write her mysteries full of serpentine plots, character, romance, action, and atmosphere. The series has been hailed by readers and critics alike for its well-drawn characters and sharp wit, going on to top many best-seller lists in the thriller, suspense, and mystery categories. Growing up in mid-coast Maine, the author of the Erin Solomon Mysteries grew up on Gothic Romance and Gothic Mysteries from the likes of Victoria Holt and Daphne Maurier, which are a significant influence on the series. Apart from the lead character Erin Solomon, the setting is a strong element in the novels and could arguably be said to be a character in the series. Over the course of the series, the lead character Erin Solomon, an investigative journalist investigates the mysterious happenings in her small hometown of Payson.

When we are first introduced to Erin Solomon, she is an investigative journalist that has just returned home to once and for all deal with an incident that has been haunting her for years. Years ago, when she was 10, an alleged cult suicide happened in Jonestown, a small town in Maine. She was haunted by the incident given that aside from herself, her father was the only member of the religious cult that survived the mass suicide. She is now the sole heir of Payton Isle, the island where the religious community had been based and had met its untimely end. Going back to her hometown, she has to deal with the memories of her past and try to figure out just what had transpired on that fateful day. The character goes through a journey from the first book through to the fifth in an arc that leads her towards an understanding of what transpired. Over the course of the series, she comes to an understanding of her weaknesses, and reconciles herself to her struggles as she attains maturity. Despite being one of the nicest characters and an effective detective, Erin Solomon has some dark stuff going on in her life. Together with her sidekick Daniel Diggins, she goes back through the centuries of American history to uncover scandal and conspiracy, which sees them engage in a diabolical game of cat and mouse with mysterious assailants.

The Erin Solomon Mystery series of novels are an exhilarating set of narratives following the irrevocably fallible and tough talking investigative reporter Erin Solomon. Erin is on a quest to find out the truth about her father’s involvement in an alleged cult, and his mysterious past that had led to the death of tens of people. Each novel in the series delves even deeper into the strategy inextricably drawing in Solomon and her sidekick Diggins into one of the darkest of American history. The story begins with the lead character coming back home after learning that she has just inherited the haunted Payson Isle, the setting for all her terrible childhood memories. The novels start out with the story of the cult suicide, with the first novel giving the background of the story and the beginning of the investigation. The novel peels back the layers, particularly focusing on Erin father’s role in the cult suicide. Over the following titles, they investigate a northern Maine serial killer that has been on a four-decade murder spree. They travel to Maine where they try to figure out just who could be responsible for the murders. They find someone imprisoned for the killings who adds a twist to the story by saying he is innocent of the charges. The third novel takes a detour as the two detectives look to resolve bizarre ritual murder in Kentucky before the explosive fourth and fifth novels go back to the resolution of the Payson Isle mystery. With an epic story, sharp writing, wit and a mystery that will keep you guessing right to the very end, the novel is sure to appeal to the fans of authors such as Iris Johansen, John Connolly, and JD Robb.

“All the Blue-Eyed Angels” is a scandal, conspiracy, and violence filled novel that introduces the lead protagonist, investigative journalist Erin Solomon. The Payson Church of Tomorrow joined the ranks of the infamous cults such as Heaven’s Gate, and The Solar Temple in 1990 when thirty-four of its members go up in flames on Payson Isle off the Maine coast. Erin Solomon who had been ten years old at the time watches the church and its members reduced to embers and ashes. Two decades later, Erin is a well-known investigative journalist who learns that she is the sole heir to Payson Isle and all its history. Going back to Maine, alongside Diggins her rakish mentor that has been working with her ever since she was a teenager, she learns the truth about the incident that had haunted her since her childhood. While she works to unearth the darkest secrets of the Payson Church of Tomorrow mass suicide, someone is determined to kill to make sure those secrets remain buried.

“Sins of the Father”, the second novel in the series is the second exhilarating novel in the series picking up in where the first novel left off. Solomon is forced into visiting a man in prison for killing and raping his daughter. She has to visit the man as he has information on her father, who has been missing and had been presumed dead for over ten years. But the man has his own demands – he claims he is innocent and will not give up the evidence he has on her father’s case unless Erin looks into his case. Things get even more interesting when the bodies of five people that have an uncanny resemblance to the murder of the prisoner’s daughter are found. But even more interesting is there is evidence that Erin’s father may have had something to do with the killings. Tagging along her colleague and mentor Diggins, the tension mounts as Diggs and Erin find themselves fleeing from a psychopathic killer.

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