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About Erin Sterling

The American author Rachel Hawkins is also fast becoming known for writing under her pen-name of Erin Sterling. This has allowed her to become a hugely successful and influential within a whole new literary market, producing work for more readers around the world. A bestselling novelist, Hawkins was previously largely known for her mystery and Young Adult novels that a number of readers could easily relate to. Producing multiple books, she’s really managed to resonate with readers both young and old, reaching a worldwide audience that continues to grow.

With a fun and engaging presence upon the page, Hawkins really understands what’s needed in keeping the audience hooked. She manages this with expert precision, whilst also making sure that her books are well paced every step of the way. Allowing her stories to come alive, the narratives that she creates flow effortlessly along, capturing a number of different themes and ideas. All of this goes some way towards explaining why and how it is that she’s come to have so much success, both nationally and internationally.

The stories that Hawkins has created are equal parts engaging and entertaining, providing a sense of escapism and excitement, as well as having something deeper to say. With contemporary ideas that really ring true, she doesn’t shy away from saying exactly what it is that she wants to say. Carrying the readers along at a brisk pace, she has also proven to be a master of suspense and tension, creating a thrilling and exciting ambiance. This is definitely the case with her Erin Sterling pen-name, as she’s shown another side to herself as an author and as a creative.

Creating characters that fully stand out too, she creates fully three-dimensional people who really feel wholly authentic and real. Many readers around the world have responded positively to her characters and protagonists too, regardless of their background. Reaching bestselling status with many of her previous books, she has managed to find some level of universality through her work.
With a lot more to come in the future as well, she definitely will not be finishing any time soon, as her writing career builds from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Virginia and raised in Alabama, Rachel Hawkins would grow up with a love of English and the written word in particular. This interest of hers would develop for throughout much of her life, as she would come to create the style she’s largely known for today. Finding inspiration in the the writing of others, as well as from the world around her, she would use it to establish her own voice and tone. Over time this has seen her become a wholly singular and unique author, inhabiting a space and niche that’s very much her own.

Teaching English in high-school for over three years prior to becoming a full time author, she would further develop her approach to writing. In time she would gravitate towards writing for a younger audience, as she would come to understand what they were looking for whilst teaching them. Later on she would go on to establish her ‘Erin Sterling’ pseudonym, which would enable her to write mysteries for an adult audience. Currently living in Alabama with her husband, a geologist, she has a son, whilst also continuing to write to this very day.

Writing Career

In 2010 Rachel Hawkins would begin her career as a writer, starting with the novel ‘Hex Hall,’ which would also begin a series of the same name. There would also be a ‘Hex Hall Spin-Off’ in 2013 with ‘School Spirits,’ along with the ‘Rebel Belle’ and ‘Royals’ series in 2014 and 2018. She would also write a number of stand-alone books too, starting with ‘Journey’s End’ in 2016, followed by ‘Ruby and Olivia’ in ‘2017.’

She would later go on to write her first novel as Erin Sterling in 2021, which would be titled ‘The Ex Hex’ with it being an entirely stand-alone novel. This book would be a romance novel aimed at adults, with some fun wit and humor featuring along the way as well. Getting a lot of critical acclaim for her work, Hawkins continues to write and maintain a presence both online and off, with a lot more to come in the future still.

The Ex Hex

Originally published in 2021 on the 28th of September, this would also be the first in the ‘Ex Hex’ series of novels. With a stand-alone story, the book and its narrative are entirely self-contained, making it easy to pick-up, but difficult to put down. Taking place in Georgia in the United States, it’s a supernatural romantic comedy with plenty of jokes and romance.

Looking to get back at the ex who broke her heart, Vivienne Jones uses her skills as a witch to put a small curse on him. This curse soon proves to be more than she thought it would be, as her small town of Graves Glen is soon under attack from killer wind-up toys, angry ghosts, and talking cats. Teaming up with Rhy Pennhallow, who’s just arrived for the Fall Festival and to recharge the town’s ley lines, they work together to stop the chaos. Can they put aside their more than obvious chemistry though, will they be able to stop the chaos, and what will become of the ex hex?

Fun and irreverent, the book has a lot of humor and heart to it throughout, making for an easy read moving at a brisk pace. It’s engaging, along with characters who feel real, as the reader really feels invested in Vivienne Jones and her relationships. The story itself is definitely entertaining, as it keeps the reader hooked every single step of the way, making it a must for any fans of supernatural romantic comedies.

Work as Rachel Hawkins

Going under the pseudonym of Erin Sterling, Rachel Hawkins has managed to establish another side to her writing profile, Using this particular pen-name to produce romance titles, making a move away from her markedly different Young Adult and mystery novels. This then allows her to further explore her versatility as an author, with her work under her own name of Hawkins appealing to a different demographic. Writing under both simultaneously, she continues to expand her profile as an author both online off, with a lot more to say and write about.

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    What a fun book! Thanks KS for writing it!

  2. Sue Smith: 2 years ago

    Just finished The Ex Hex and holy moly! This was so much fun! Fabulous story, great characters! I look forward to many more books from you! Thank you for such a witchy time!


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