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Erin Stewart is a young adult fiction author from the Rocky Mountains who is best known for her debut novel “Scars Like Wings,” which she published in 2019.

Over the years, she has developed a reputation for writing realistic and relatable fiction while tackling some very tough topics.

In 2022, she published “The Words We Keep,” which was a critically acclaimed novel that won the American Library Association’s Schneider Family Book Award for its excellent portrayal of the experience of disability.
“Scars Like Wings” her debut was also an award-winning title that cemented Erin as one of the most promising young novelists in the young adult fiction genre.

The thought-provoking novel was the winner of the Outstanding Works of Literature award by Bookpal, an Amazon Editor’s Pick and Junior Library Guild Selection.

The author loves to call herself a young adult contemporary fiction author from Utah who is also a hot tamale addict, and heart failure survivor.

When she is not writing her novels, she can often be found speaking with students and readers about the importance of story, the writing process, and how to use writing as a way to spread information about mental health issues.

Like many novelists, Erin Stewart started writing while she was in kindergarten where she used to write pages and pages when her teachers expected her to pen just a few lines.

She was lucky that her teachers always encouraged her to keep writing and exercise her creativity. Somehow most of her stories usually ended with a sort of tragic explosion or death that her mother at some point believed she needed a therapist.
When Stewart went to college, she took a detour and decided to study journalism, which is something she did in her early career, even though her love for creative writing never went away.
Since she has always struggled with different kinds of anxiety throughout her life, she felt that she could have something to write about in that vein.
What particularly stood out for Stewart was her anxiety with perfectionism, which often tells her that she is not good enough.

During her teenage years, she was plagued with negative intrusive thoughts that were something of a background track to her life.

She would later come to understand that mental struggles were not part of her and hence decided to help teenagers like her by penning a novel they could resonate with.

While Erin Stewart wanted to pen something that teenagers could use to deal with their anxieties, for her debut novel, the inspiration was something entirely different.
She was inspired by a friend of hers named Marius, who was severely scarred as a child when her house caught fire while he was living in Romania.

The fact that Marius decided not to let the tragedy define him was always a source of intrigue and inspiration. Marius has had people call him Freddy Kruger to his face while children have run screaming from him.
As such, Erin set out to write a novel that would go to these lonely and dark parts of tragedies that also have hopeful and beautiful parts just like Marius’ story.

To pen her novel, she felt that she needed to present a respectful and accurate representation of the burn survivor community. She read all manner of stories from survivors and spoke to them and to doctors about recovery and wound care.
Overall, she immersed herself in the inspirational but wonderful reality of being a burn survivor. Ultimately, she learned all about the emotional and physical anguish.

She also went beyond the stereotypes to present the reality of what it is to live with emotional and physical scars in her debut novel “Scars Like Wings.”

“The Words We Keep” by Erin Stewart is a work that tells the story of Lily a young woman who found Alice her elder sister on the bathroom floor after hurting herself.

Since that time, Lily has been struggling to keep things running for herself in addition to her family. However, she is thrown a curveball when her sister comes home from treatment earlier than she was expecting.
On the other hand, there is Lily’s partner Micah who is working on a school art and poetry assignment and has also been in treatment with Alice. There is also Micah, a young Latino man who wants to help Lily process Alice’s experience and her own.
Lily also comes with her own secrets and working with Micah may just be what may bring them to light. She has compulsions she cannot seem to be able to drown out or let go of.

When Micah and Lila finally embark on their school project, they begin to find poetry and art in unexpected places. She comes to the realization that the many words and expressions she had been swallowing have been trying to desperately break out.
The author presents the subject matter in an authentic manner as she addresses aspects of the negative including self-harm and the stigma those with mental illness have to face.

Erin Stewart’s novel “Scars Like Wings” is the story of a young woman named Ava Lee who has lost just about everything. She has lost her home, her best friend, her parents, and even her face.
She never needs a mirror to know that she is hideous as her reflection is clear in the eyes of all the people she interacts with.

One year ago, her world had been destroyed by fire and now her uncle and aunt have made the decision that she needs to go back to school and become normal once again.

Ava knows that she will never be normal once again given that she will find it almost impossible to make friends as she will always be referred to as the Burned Girl.

But then Ava meets Piper, a fellow survivor, and begins to feel better as she finally has someone with whom she can face the nightmare.

Blunt and sarcastic Peiper is not afraid to push Ava his new friend out of her comfort zone. She is introduced to a boy named Asad who is a huge lover of the theater just like she is and slowly she begins to recreate her life.
But Piper is fighting her own battle and it will not be long before she has to decide if she will have to let people let her fly or slide back into her scars.

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