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Erin Summerill is an English author. She has lived around the world with her family moving from different Air Force bases between England, California, and Hawaii. Eventually, her family settled down in Utah for some time. It was there that Erin graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in English.

At first, Erin wanted to write a huge novel but the writing was more challenging than she thought it would be at first. Deterred for some time, she picked up a camera and honed her passion into photography, becoming a professional photographer and writing a few manuscripts in the process. It turned out that the scenic route of shooting beautiful weddings professionally all across America and in different countries proved to be the experience and the inspiration that she needed.

Her international and national photography travels gave her the inspiration to come up with her first book, Ever the Hunted. These days, she still shoots the wedding professionally. She also writers and loves spending time with her kids, pets, and their chickens. She has a deep love and dependence on Coke Zero as well as the addictive candy Hot Tamales.

She is the author of the Clash of Kingdoms series which features Ever the Hunted and the sequel, Ever the Brave. She is also the author of the non fiction book Clickologie: Elevating Your Photography from Beginner to Pro, published in 2014.

In Ever the Hunted, Britta Flannery is a girl who knows how to use a dagger and a bow. She is used to going out into the woods with just them on her person, and she is just seventeen years old. But Britta isn’t in the woods just to hunt squirrels or things like that. She has an unusual goal being out in those woods.

With her father, she spends her time tracking criminals. Her father is a bounty hunter for the King Malam that was known for his prowess and skill. They tracked together until the tragic day that he was killed. It doesn’t seem like it was an accident either: it seems way more like it was murder. But who would want to kill her father and why?

Britta thinks that she might have an idea who the killer is. She thinks that it might be the former apprentice who worked under her father, a man named Cohen McKay. He not only studied under him, she was once friends with him. This suspicion of someone who was so close to them makes her mind real. Not only were they friends, she fell in love with him when they were young. For a time, everything was perfect and amazing.

Then he went and broke her heart by choosing to leave. It’s safe to say that the past is complicated. Britta has been broken hearted over Cohen leaving her and although maybe she won’t admit it, it would be good to see him again. Part of her is not over what happened– after all, it was not that long ago.

Britta is an outcast after her father dies and lives alone. She has no rights to the land of her father or his inheritance. With nothing and nowhere to go, she retreats to the only place that she knows she will feel safe and will keep her in the Ever Woods. Everyone is going okay until the royal guard catches her poaching. But instead of facing the noose and a certain death by hanging, she is given a strange and exciting opportunity to gain her freedom if she finds her father’s killer.

Not only that, the King of the land is actually sick and the regent seems like they are making the calls when it comes to diplomacy or lack thereof with the nearby kingdom. This kingdom is already shunned because some of them use magic, so they’re not that popular with the regent anyway.

Determined to find the killer and be done with the entire thing in one glorious surge of justice, Britta goes on a quest that includes all number of things. Along the way, she sees kings, warring kingdoms, dark magic, and more. However, this young girl may have more power than she ever dreamed of. At this point, maybe she needs to find out what makes her unique and realize that it’s not such a weakness to tap into what makes us magical.

As Britta transforms into a greater and more powerful force than ever, the killer seems to stand less and less of a chance. But maybe Cohen isn’t the bad guy that he is supposed to be. Britta doesn’t really know anymore. Ever since her left her behind and their home too two years ago, he’s just been gone. He pledged his service as a trained bounty hunter to the king. Although he promised Britta that he would return, he never actually did ever come back.

Has Cohen ever stopped loving Britta, or did he leave because he stopped having a love for her? In Summerill’s exciting debut fantasy novel, two kingdoms are always at war. The Channelers with their magic use the elements to draw their power and weave their works. Magic is part of this world, and the battle between the powers seems always to go on. When Britta goes on her journey, she may find out more than she bargained for in the way of the truth. Pick up this book and see what happens in it for yourself!

The sequel to this book is called Ever the Brave. Britta is back in this exciting novel from Erin Summerill. The young hunter has already saved the King with her powers and now her only goal in life is to live in peace in her childhood home. But saving the king means that there is a bond and a relationship between them that makes her obligated in some way. Now the king wants to make her a noble lady– something she can’t even believe he would want to do.

Britta doesn’t really want to serve the king as a noble lady, but anyone that knows her past would know that. With people wanting to use her power for their own evil gains, she’s got to get her new-found abilities under control before it’s too late. Not just for her own sake, but for the sake of the people in the land, too. Will she protect the kingdom and herself from the powers that threaten them all? Check out this exciting novel to find out!

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