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Publication Order of The Royals Books

Paper Princess (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Broken Prince (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisted Palace (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tarnished Crown (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fallen Heir (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cracked Kingdom (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

When It's Real (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Small Thing (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Erin Watt Coloring Books

The World of Erin Watt (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Erin Watt is the pseudonym under which two incredibly talented authors have written what has been described as the most captivating young adult romance fiction series of the century. The series, The Royals, has taken the world of young adult book lovers by storm, owing to its hypnotizing plot and the admirable development of its characters. One can only admire the work of these two exceptionally talented writers, but their fans can simply not wait for the series to be continued beyond the three books; for other characters in the series to share the limelight that Ella, the main character, has all to herself in the series.

Erin Watt- personal lives
Erin Watt comprises of the renowned writers, Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy. They both have separate careers as independent authors, but perhaps their story telling gift is better enhanced when they work together, as can be seen from the critical acclaim the series they have co- written has gotten.

Elle Kennedy is a Canadian- born author. Her books usually have recurring themes of white- hot romance, and have often been labeled as best sellers. Some of her books include Missing Mother- To- Be and Silent Watch. She has also written a number of series, such as the Paradise Series, Out Of Uniform Series, and the popular series, Off Campus.

Jen Frederick has authored an entrancing romance novel, which is also her most famous independent novel, Unrequited Love. The novel spins the tale of Winter, an elder sister who is portrayed as the ideal big sister anyone would want to have. She and her younger sister undergo terrible misfortunes that would be enough to break even the strongest of persons. The younger sister, Ivy, does actually break and fall into drug addiction, especially as she wants to numb the pain from the death of their parents. It is in such times that readers are left to admire the strength of character that Winter possesses, as she solicitously takes care of her little sister. But her greatest flaw lies in the fact that she is in love with her younger sister’s ex- boyfriend. Although she is supposed to feel guilty about it, she is surprisingly remorseless about her feelings for Finn. The novel then goes into an in-depth account of this forbidden love that gets readers glued to the book until they breathe a sigh of relief when they reach the end.

Erin Watt’s Books
The Royals is the series that Erin Watt is most known for. The series comprises of three books, namely Paper Princess, Broken Prince and Twisted Palace. It is one of the most fascinating young adult romance novels of all time as Erin Watt fans have rightly labeled it.

The protagonist in the novel is a young girl named Ella Harper. Ella has a very hard start at life. She knows no home, thanks to her mother’s constant wanderings and hoping from town to town. Despite her mother’s shortcomings, Ella loves her with every fiber of her heart; after all, she is all the family she has left. Elle is willing to do anything for her mother- she would literally go over the cliff for her. It makes no difference to her that her love is completely unreciprocated. This is easily proven by the fact that she decides to become a stripper in order to get enough money to pay her mother’s hospital bills. If that is not the largest extent that love could stretch to! But pain and misfortune dog her everywhere she goes, because her mother dies. Ella has absolutely no one to turn to, and she is crushed by her mother’s death to the very core of her existence.

Ella’s helplessness comes to an end when she meets a billionaire while in a strip club. The mogul, Callum Royal, turns out to be a friend of her father’s, and he is willing to take Ella in as her guardian. This is literally a from- rugs- to- riches- transformation for Ella. She is practically snatched straight from the claws of poverty within a blink of an eye and taken to a castle.

But even having escaped poverty, Ella still has more dragons to slay. In the mansion, she has to live together with Callum’s five sons, all of whom loathe Ella heartily. Hers is the typical Cinderella story, except that for her there is no prince charming to come to her rescue. All of these guys are exceedingly handsome, but the one who takes the prize for being the most handsome is Reed Royal, who unfortunately, is also the one who hates Ella with an even greater passion than all the rest. It is only a matter of time before Ella starts to nurse a soft spot for this cruel prince. Through all the difficulties she goes through in the mansion, Ella comes out as a strong, level- headed, strong- willed yet vulnerable young lady. Her agonies and suffering are enough to bring tears to even the strongest reader, which, in the authors’ own words, is the exact place they intend the readers to be, and many just cannot wait for the story of her redemption to unfold.

This masterpiece series has rightfully earned its place as one of the most entrancing series, which is nothing less than what is expected of the work of two devoted and talented authors. Once a reader begins reading the book, putting it down is a virtual impossibility.

Another book by Erin Watt is titled When it is real. It revolves around the story of a bad- boy rapper who hires a 17 year old girl to be his girlfriend just for show. It is also a thrilling love tale from Erin Watt and with the standard that The Royals has set, one can only imagine with great expectation what When It Is Real is all about.

Erin Watt has certainly left her mark in the literary world, a mark that even time cannot erase. Young adults and even other novel- readers of all ages continue to celebrate her work and wait, with great anticipation, for more of her work. She certainly knows how to keep a reader turning those pages!

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