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Eskkar Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of Eskkar Saga Books

Dawn of Empire (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Empire Rising (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quest for Honour / Conflict of Empires (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eskkar & Trella - The Beginning (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battle for Empire (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clash of Empires (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Eskkar & Bracca Books

Rogue Warriors 1 (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Warriors 2 (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Eskkar Saga” is a series of novels written by Sam Barone that is set during the Bronze Age and follows a group of people, mainly Eskkar and Trella as they try to build the first empire that the world has ever seen. One of the novels of the series “Eskkar and Trella” tells of what happened to both the titular characters that would later bring them together at the beginning of the series. The couple come together and conspire to change civilization for the rest of time.

The series shows readers the technological breakthroughs being made at the time. These spread quickly throughout the Fertile Crescent. New tools and weapons being made, new ways to farm, and using symbols to record various goings on, not to mention numbers and letters. This was just the start of man becoming a house dweller, and evolved them to the thinking and feeling man of now.

Eskkar was once a barbarian who was thrown out and made to live amongst the farmers and villagers. He must figure a way to defend his new clan of people against his old one. He travels the Land Between Rivers that is the home of his old clan’s enemies, they fight just to stay alive. He learns skills that help form him into a warrior and a leader in battle and outside of it too.

Trella helps Eskkar with leading the men that he is supposed to protect. She knows about the people and gives Eskkar an inside look into their minds and how they feel about things.

Both of them experienced great loss in the form of their parents being murdered right before their lives. For Trella, it caused her to lose her life of luxury to be sold to be used as a slave. She must use her mind to regain her life, and manipulate the men who think that they own her.

The first novel in the series saw publication after Barone retired. The novel was published in the United States and the United Kingdom; it would later be published for more people to read, all around the world. The series was born out of Barone’s love of reading and history, and it is something that he wrote because it is something that he would enjoy reading.

“Dawn of Empire” by Sam Barone is the first novel in the “Eskkar Saga” series and was released in 2006. Three millenia before Christ was born, the world is ruled by savage tribes of barbarians who do not like anyone who tries to settle and farm the lands. Farmers are trying civilization to a dark world in the Tigris Valley. Things are slowed down considerably by the Barbarians who come in and rape and plunder and pillage and burn things down. Oraks are going to fight back, but their military leaders flee as the enemy comes on. They are left with just a lieutenant, in Eskkar. He knows them better than anyone else, as he was with them, but fled. He is given Trella, a slave for his troubles and loyalty. Trella and Eskkar become partners that is built on desire and courage; he has military experience and commanding men. She knows the minds of the townsfolk.

Fans of the novel like the entertaining story and want to read the rest of the novels in the series as a result. The characters are large, the action is well done, and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep readers interested. Some find that if you read the novel as fantasy, the novel works better, rather than reading it as a historical fiction novel. Readers found themselves reading and reading without being able to stop, things were so good in the novel.

Some did not like the clunky writing, poor research, and over gratuitous imagery in the novel. Some of events make it seem like smut than actual historical fiction. Readers found themselves laughing at the relationship that Trella and Eskkar have in the novel, for them, it does not feel like something real, but something you would read in a novel. Some things feel over explained and repetitious at times.

“Empire Rising” by Sam Barone is the second novel in the “Eskkar Saga” series and was released in 2007. There are all kinds of thieves and rapists and killers out and about at the dawn of the Bronze Age. There is also Korthac and the men that follow him, who join together with Ariamus. They go for the biggest prize that they can find, Akkad, a new city that used to be known as Orak. It is known for its riches, courage, and wisdom found in the leaders Trella and her husband Eskkar, a former barbarian. They must fight to save their new town.

Fans of the novel liked when the novel moves towards the town under siege thing, as the action really picks up at that point. Some liked the descriptions and the writing. Some are fascinated and excited while reading the novel, and think that the author is quite the storyteller. Some found that Sam Barone writes really good and unique battle sequences in these books. The novel pulls you in and will not let go until you finish the entire thing. It is a compelling look at what life was like back in the early Bronze Age. This is a series that will be followed for novels to come.

Some did not like that the novel is so inaccurate, yet considered historical fiction. Some felt that the characters were a little too progressive for being from the Bronze Age and that some things that you would find in a fantasy were not here in this novel. The novel also dragged in some parts, and it was harder to finish than the first novel. Some of the characters were a little flat in the novel, and the slow paced lost some readers along the way.;

The first and third novels in the series, “Dawn of Empire” and “Conflict of Empires”, took first place in the Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest for published fiction. The second and fourth novels in the series took second place for the same awards.

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