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Esme Addison is a cozy mystery author best known for the “Enchanted Bay Mystery” series of novels. Like many women, she wears several hats and is an editor, technical writer and mother to three boys. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and English and a professional background in technical writing and marketing communications. As a military spouse, she has lived in many places including Virginia, New York, North Carolina and Okinawa. She blogs a lot about the many experiences she has had in her travels and writing journey on her website. After spending a lot of time moving all around the world, she currently lives in Raleigh North Carolina. She loves the beach, mountains, food, place and people and thinks it is her favorite place.

Esme Addison has always been a lover of all things science fiction and mysteries. She is a voracious reader and this is probably what led to a career in writing. However, she also does read thrillers, romance, young adult, women’s fiction and nonfiction. She also has a special place for any fiction set in the south that has some magical realism. As a huge reader, she loves discussing novels and from time to time she writes blogs about her favorite authors. When she is not writing her novels, she can often be found reading. She is also a huge foodie and on her travels can be found exploring whiskey, craft beer and wine. She also likes to visit historical sites and museums since she likes to learn about history. Unlike many people, TV is not something she does except when she wants to decompress or veg out which is when she binge watches TV. Some of her favorites include the likes of “Eureka,” “The Americans” and “Orphan Black.”
Addison’s husband is a first generation Polish immigrant and it is from his family that she gets her inspiration for her debut novel. “A Spell for Trouble” which is the first novel of the “An Enchanted Bay Mystery” series draws from the Mermaid of Warsaw Polish myth.

Esme Addison’s “A Spell for Trouble” introduces Alexandra Daniels. She was born in Bellamy Bay North Carolina but it has been two decades since she was last there. Ever since her mother died in a tragic accident, her father forbade her from visiting her cousins and aunt and this she found very strange. But then she decides to accept an invitation to go see her relatives who want her help rescuing the family business. It is an apothecary famous for its folk remedies, salves and potent teas. When she arrives in town, she does not think she will run into trouble but what she does not know is that the town is full of dark secrets. It is not long before she learns that the salacious gossip in town is all about her family. Most people believe they are magical healers who have mermaid blood. She thinks all the gossip is nonsense but then a local is a victim of poisoning and her aunt is taken in for questioning over the incident. Alexandra is so sure her aunt had nothing to do with it and is determined to find out why someone would want to frame her. Her investigation discovers some bizarre stories she believes people have desperately tried to conceal. Some of these include family rivalries, forbidden affairs and the story of her ancestry. But then the case becomes deadly as she learns that the people that hid these secrets may be willing to kill to ensure they do not get out.
In Esme Addison’s “A Hex for Danger,” a bunch of bodies have been found in the local history museum which is quite something for Bellamy Bay despite its many secrets. Alexander Daniels is a water witch who has been finding it hard to keep her supernatural secret hidden while running the herbal apothecary that is the family business. But she somehow managed to help Celeste her friend organize the annual Mermaid Festival. The beaches are full of fun seekers and Alex meets Neve Ryland, a renowned artist fill of intrigue. He is in town to install a mermaid themed mural at the local park. Her friend Celeste does not like Neve as Jasper her boyfriend who works as the director of the history museum in Bellamy Bay has been spending too much time with him. Things take an interesting turn when Neve is found dead in Jasper’s office and the reception has to be called off. The police investigation links Celeste to the murder and it is now upon Alex to try to clear his name. She seeks the help of her magically inclined cousins and aunts to try to clear her best friend’s name.

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