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The Collected Schizophrenias (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Esme Weijun Wang is an acclaimed author of mental illness, nonfiction and historical fiction books best known for her debut novel The Border of Paradise. As an enthusiastic author, Wang is ever motivated to give the best anytime; she sits down to write. She believes in building a reputation by ensuring that each piece she creates depicts the best level of creativity and this is very evident from the numerous awards she has received. A Prestigious Whiting Award was awarded to Esme in 2018 plus the best young American Novelist list of 21 authors under 40. Her debut novel The Border of Paradise won Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize in 2016.

Esme Weijun Wang has authored books and also contributes essays to the catapult, the believer and the inquiry. Resilience despite the presence of a chronic illness pushes the author to create extraordinary stories.

The Border of Paradise

The multigenerational novel, The Border of Paradise takes the reader into a world of an iconoclastic family in the midcentury. It is during the postwar period in Brooklyn where a famous company the Nowak piano company is on its rise. However, David, the only son to the owners has neuroses threatening its existence upon the passing of his parents.

David is a handsome and shy boy taking strongly after his mother. Life is hard for David as he struggles with a life-threatening condition, neuroses having Marianne always around for support. At age eighteen he takes over the ownership of the family business. The absence of his friend Mariane makes it challenging to run the company leaving him with the only option of selling it out and spending his time traveling the world. With his fortune, he travels to Taiwan where he meets and marries daisy, the daughter of a local madame. Together with his wife and a son they relocate to the united states and purchase an isolated country house in Polk Valley, northern California.

David is involved in an affair with Mariane, and they end up having a child. When Mariane presents the child to the family, David condition deteriorates as they deal with the burden that has already befallen them apart from his mental state. Told from multiple sides, one gets to see the struggles of a family that was once on the highest social ranks, but the decisions taken end up plugging them into considerable problems. It is a heart-wrenching story that gives the stories of people who have experienced the brutality of innocence and having to suffer for the consequences of one person.

The border of paradise studies the difference and unity, language, what unites and breaks people, the issue of womanhood and what ensues is solving the differences is impossible. Esme is an incredible storyteller.

The Collected Schizophrenias

The Whiting Award Winner and recipient of the Graywolf Press Prize present the stories of the effects of mental illnesses. The collection of stories involves living with schizoaffective disorder and later dealing with Chronic Lyme disease.

Wang gives an account of the horrific life that living with s these disorders create at the same time looking into the positive side and life that persons with the same have. She gives an insight into details of what it feels like living with the disorder providing essential lessons for the readers which can help in the treatment of the same for persons suffering from the condition. It gives an understanding, not from the point of the medic rather from the person that is living with the disease.

The author honestly develops the piece to enable the reader to get detailed insights on the issues such as stigma that come about with the disorder from all dimensions while also acting as a motivator. She tries showing that despite having a limitation, it is possible to achieve most of the things that healthy people do and even to better degrees. Its an insight into a world that is often shallowly discussed giving half-baked information to many. The nonfiction author digs deep into a world that few dares to expose yet it is there, and its consequences are adverse.

Wang articulately discusses the effects of a rare condition while trying to create a balance between the medical bit and a personal one since she also served as a researcher at Stanford University. Through the book, a lot of misconceptions are dispelled while ironing the facts connected to the health condition. An honest opinion and account which does not favor any side but lights up the disorder and everything that it comes with and how to solve the difficulties it bears.

Light Gets in: Living Well with Mental Illness

The collection of essays by Ms. Wang gives an account of life with a mental illness honestly taking the reader through her own life experiences. The moving pieces show the dark and light sides that an individual living with a mental illness. She boldly recounts the experiences such persons have while they try to cope.

It is another collection of essays that show the importance of healthy living, especially for the psychological extent through touching on the sides of professionals in charge and those who have the illnesses. The book emphasizes the aspects of love, honesty, and hope not only for the sick and also for those around. This is not a piece to bore the reader with lamentations or never-ending medical advice but instead tries to offer solutions that are motivated by love, hope, and hope. Instead of focusing on a medical point of view Wang tries to show the essence of motivation for such persons.

Unlike most articles and essays which try to give medical solutions, Ms Wang gives an account from her point of view using more of an encouragement approach. The pieces create what can be termed as a personal account yet leaving the reader to take the lessons from the same without pushing anything forcefully. Again the author has worked on the research side making her an expert on the area and thus mastering the elements that cause failure. She can avoid the drivers of failure as a medic and as a patient giving a great piece to her readers.

Esme Weijun Wang has developed a profoundly moving piece giving more of a poem yet incredibly narrated. Her writing is beautiful and very accessible. The choice of words is easy to understand and well set.

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