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Publication Order of Gigi Chihuahua Mystery Books

Chihuahua of the Baskervilles (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Portrait of Doreene Gray (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Jokers & Fools (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Esri Allbritten is an American author of mystery and thriller books best known for her book series Gigi Chihuahua Mystery Series. After publishing several paranormal romance books, Allbritten then decided to switch to the genre that she loved reading most but intimidated to write-mystery and this led her to publish the Chihuahua of the Baskervilles series. Beside to crafting adrenaline filled novels, a good concept premise and good marketing hooks are the most vital tools for selling your work to a publisher. She now lives in Boulder, Colorado with her loving husband, their cat, and a Chihuahua.

Chihuahua of Baskervilles

You’ll totally agree with other readers that the copy on the flap of Esri’s series debut novel, Chihuahua of the Baskervilles is an uproariously funny and one that will sure to leave you in stitches. It’s a story that features an original premise and quite a departure compared to other mystery books out there. There’s a three-person team investigating mysteries all that are fascinating characters with great potentials for the series sequels. These characters fit well, and their conversations are funny and humorous as well. There are bits of historical details, and the author does a fantastic job of detailing the historical part without appearing historical.

So the story kicks off when Charlotte Baskerville, the owner of Petey’s Closet a firm that designs clothing for small dogs suspects that she’s seen the ghost of her beloved dog named Petey, a team of investigators from Tripping Magazine is sent to Manitou Springs to investigate.

Tripping is a magazine that profiles some of the travel destinations for those who have to believe in paranormal activities, and Angus MacGregor edited the magazine. Suki Oota, a retired photographer for the National Geographic, is the ideal person to capture the shots of ghostly images while Michael Abernathy is the new writer and graphic designer. But since the magazine was actually about to “end,” this would be their final shot to revive the magazine and attract more readers.

When the team of investigators arrives in Manitou Springs, the discover Charlotte surrounded by folks who might not wish the best for her. One of the is a scheming man who lost his family, a dog trainer, a granddaughter who drinks, and a designer who’s not happy with Charlotte for using her designs and a neighbor who wants Charlotte to sponsor her dog food business.

Any of these people might be plotting to upset the older lady who hears and sees her dog. Angus and her team of investigators have an interest in protecting the old woman. But who’s in a better position to investigate a ghost that seems to leave clues and give advice than the Tripping Magazine team?

Along with Charlotte and Petey’s story, the team also finds time to cover the peculiar town of Manitou Springs with its Memorial Coffin Race, the haunted Miramont Castle, Emma Crawford Festival and a café supposedly haunted. Petey’s ghost story is one of the many in a town that would attract the avid readers of Tripping Magazine. It’s fun to watch the team of investigators explores the small town of Manitou Springs, and these additional stories contribute to the charm of the book.

Chihuahua of the Baskervilles is a fascinating and lively story. Michael, Angus, and Suki work as a team, and they approach their investigations from different angles which add humor to the story. Esri Allbritten debut novel is a solidly written mystery, and the ghost stories of Manitou Springs are actual ghost stories of the town. So there are plenty of possibilities for the Tripping team that searches for haunted destinations and ghosts. The story offers a solid mystery, a good team of investigators, ghost stories and several possibilities for future locations.

The Portrait of Doreene Gray

In this second book in Gigi Chihuahua Mystery series, Angus MacGregor and his team of investigators from Tripping Magazine, a travel magazine specialized in finding paranormal destinations are up to a task of investigating a spooky story in a town filled with secrets.

Years ago, Maureene Pinter crafted a unique portrait of her twin sister, Doreene. But in a twisted turn of events, Doreene has not aged, even though the spooky portrait has. When Doreene decides it’s time to sell the portrait, the Tripping investigators travel to her mansion in Port Townsend, a Victorian town in Washington to unravel the mysteries and get a scoop of this story.

But when mysterious strips of paper appear from nowhere in her soup, Doreene invites the investigators to stay and solve the puzzle. What does the housekeeper fear and why does Enrico Russo sit in a white Impala outside Doreene’s house?

The Tripping team of investigators does a wonderful job in solving paranormal mysteries in Port Townsend. After finding their way inside a press conference for an upcoming portrait sale, Michael, Suki, and Angus are invited to stay and figure out the cause of the strange events. What follows next is the story of a bizarre family.

The three lead characters in the story are hilarious. While Angus is truly obsessed with relating every event to a supernatural cause, Michael is the exact opposite, with his intention being finding the facts and debunking mysteries associated with supernatural events.

Esri Allbritten has beautifully managed to uniquely tie together different storylines from dead husbands coming to life after three decades to secrets of a lineage to an intricate plot to steal an artifact into one entertaining narrative. The author leaves no stone unturned, and all the questions that arise are answered.

While the book series is referred to as Chihuahua mysteries, there are no little dogs involved as either investigators and they are not involved in the paranormal aspect of the story. The series is humorous, witty, logical in the most illogical manner. The investigating team, though mismatched rise up to the occasion and deal with glowing bones, slug infestations, people returning from the dead, altered portraits and so much more. If you are looking for a mystery that’s light an funny, Chihuahua series is great to pick for you.

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