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Eternal Guardians Books In Order

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Publication Order of Eternal Guardians Books

Written by Elizabeth Naughton, Eternal Guardian book series is a soul-mate romance novel. Elizabeth was a former high school science teacher who traded in her pen for a laptop and research books. At the moment she writes romantic adventure and ghost-like novels as her full time career in her home in Western Oregon where she stays with her husband and their three children.

Her work has been selected for various awards like the Australian Romance Reader Awards, the prestigious RITA Awards (by Romance Writers of America) and the Golden Heart and the Golden Leaf. During her free time she can be found running, spending time with her family or dreaming up of new and exciting adventures.

Eternal Guardians is a paranormal novel series that talks about the underworld threats. It discusses how there is unrest in the Underworld and its threats, when seven well-known warriors who descended from the highest heroes in the whole of Ancient Greece could be the only hope for the mankind. This is one of the series that people have described as dangerous, captivating and addictive at the same time.

Marked—Book one

This book mainly focuses on a character called Theron. Described as dark haired and duty destined, Theron is believed to be deceitfully deadly. In this book, he is the leader of the Argonauts, who are an elite group of guardians that protects the immortal world from the threats of the underworld.

From the moment Theron set foot into the club, Casey believed that this guy was completely different. Men with qualities like him didn’t really exist in the real world—silky hair that is of shoulder-length, incredibly broad chest and a predatory modus that just portrayed dark and very dangerous. The thing that brought him there was her and she had no clue.

She was definitely the one because she had the mark. The situation here was that Casey had to die in order for Theron’s kind to live and it was his responsibility to ensure that he brought her in. Despite the fact that he was a 200 hundred year old descendant of Hercules, he could not just resist the temptations from her fathomless eyes. He didn’t have the strength to tear himself away from the heat of Casey’s body.

The war with the Underworld keeps nearing and someone has to make the most crucial sacrifice. Here we are taken through the intimate relationship that Casey and Theron have and the lies that come along with the relationship they share.

Entwined (Eternal Guardians, #2)

This is a story about Zander who is the most feared among all the Eternal Guardians. According to rumors, he can’t be killed and during fights he does it like he has nothing to lose in life. Being the most respected of all the soldiers, his group has high expectations on him during this war. But just like any other descendant of the famous hero, Achilles, he definitely has got a soft spot somewhere.

The forces of the demons have started gathering up so fast and are at the verge of breaking through the blockades of the Underworld. At this time, the people depend on the Eternal Guardians to protect them especially humans as well as the other individuals of their own origin. At the back of his mind, Zander keeps thinking about what had really gone wrong with the bewitching doctor whom he once thought of as his perfect soul mate. Despite all this, as eternity keeps stretching towards him, he can’t bear the thought of spending his life all alone without the woman who makes his life a life of roses. Well, who knows but maybe this woman is his weakness that most people in the community don’t really know.

Twisted (Eternal Guardians #7)

Here Nick is our main character and leader of half-breeds. Considered the last true hero, he is said to have spent almost his entire life fighting the dark forces that pulled him towards the gods. A pull that he currently knows that it is in a way directly interconnected to his father Kronos. He is also aware that it is somehow related to the Titan’s plan to run away from the Underworld.

Despite all this, his hidden powers are not just desired by his father alone but a lot more other people. When he gets imprisoned by Hades, Nick is forced to endure various forms of torture that can be imagined. They do this to him as a scheme of the cruel gods to break him apart. Little do they know that there is only one single thing that keeps him alive and is a woman who inspires him and gives him the power to fight the darkness that comes along with persistence.

On the other side, this woman has a very daring plan of hers but one thing that could be a problem to her is that as Nick’s power keeps grower much stronger, even her she might not have the capability to alter his own destiny. As the destiny of the world tries to get a hold of itself, Nick’s loyalty is put to test. And no one is even sure I he will be willing to fight till the end or succumb to the threatening lures of evil. Not even Nick himself.

Awakened (Eternal Guardians #8)

This book is about Damon’s story. For the past 25 years, he has been serving the gods as their puppet. Damon has no memory of his past life, making it a reasonable reason as to why the gods have been using him. He doesn’t have a particular way of knowing whether this is final fate or not, but his instincts tell him that that there is more to life than just that.

Damon’s hope for a better life presents itself in the form of the newest recruit of the Siren’s. Her name being Elysia, she is practically the most different trainee he has ever come across. One interesting thing about her is that she can remember exactly where she came from; something that was impossible because the Siren’s blocked that ability for every trainee. She also has an immediate connection to him something he has ever felt before and doesn’t understand it. After a while Damon is always more than willing to do anything for Elysia. He is more than willing to risk the wrath of the gods just to sneak her out and have all of her to himself only.

But his past is not really mysterious to everyone. Damon finds out that the connection he has with Elysia, isn’t random but was cemented long before. And there are various evil forces working against him and once his fate is revealed, it will not be safe for anyone.

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